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Music, Mommyhood and Mohawks –Oh My! A Rockstar …

29 August 2006

Music, Mommyhood and Mohawks –Oh My!

A Rockstar Moment: My band Plastiq Passion played 2 shows within a week. Last Monday, we played at the Iron Monkey in Jersey City, NJ. The Iron Monkey was a very cool venue since we played at their rooftop bar. Tons of Jesica’s friends came out (but none of mine! then again I don’t expect them to come all the way to JC) and it was packed! We played with our friend Kilsy who is such the rockstar!

At the Iron Monkey – photo by Stacy Moore
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And then on Sunday, we played at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn as part of the “Pussy Rock” show –featuring bands with female frontmen and female members. The Trash Bar was another cool venue and I had a blast despite the fact that we got bumped to a midnight slot! (Heck, I didn’t get home until 2 am and had to wake up at 6 am because the baby woke up early). I was so sleepy while waiting to go on, but got all energized again once we got on stage. Our set was smooth and I felt we played a very good show. Some guys even came up to me and said “great performance!” Little compliments like that mean a lot to us because they come from perfect strangers and I feel they are genuine. I t’s always a plus to hear positive feedback. So if you’d like to give us some feedback, please check out some of our tracks HERE. We are currently working on our EP and these are just the (unmastered) instrumental versions. But please let me know what you think!

We have a very cool gig lined up this coming September 16 as part of the Film Music Fashion & Babes Festival (as well as celebrating the end of FASHION WEEK!!) We hope for a good turn out for this show, so if you are in the area, please stop by!

At Trash Bar with:
Matt – bass; Jes – vocals/guitars; Cil – drums; and Me – guitars/vocals
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I Miss My Little Guy: So rockstar baby started daycare last week. On his first day (Aug. 21st), I dropped him off around 9 am and stuck around for only 10 minutes or so. I swear, I felt my heart breaking into a million pieces when I left him, but at least none of us cried. He’s a pretty friendly and easy-going guy so when I left him, he was playing away and didn’t even miss me! When I picked him up, he was all smiles and gave me a huge grin! Everyone says that daycare is a lot harder on the parents than it is on the child. It’s all so true! But I worry so much about him –whether he’s napping enough, or getting enough stimulation or eating properly. All these things run through your head! Gah! And how am I supposed to concentrate on work when I start next week?! I suppose you get used to it. At least his daycare gives you a little ‘report card’ of sorts at the end of the day chronicling how much he ate, when his diapers were changed, how many times he poopied, napped, etc. But it’s not the same as being with him! *sniff*

First Day of School
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Rockstar Baby got a Mohawk: The hubs decided to shave rockstar baby’s head last night. We’ve been meaning to give him a little trim since his hair got long (again), and we’ve always talked about giving him a mohawk. So after his dinner (of green beans) last night, we gave him a buzz. Bad mistake since he was really sleepy and cranky. He was just not cooperating as his dad shaved his head. It took us a while to finish this very messy endeavor since he wailed, howled, and was just mad at the world and his mean parents. In the end, his hair sort of looks like a mohawk but we still need to trim the sides and the top. Otherwise, it’s not too bad looking. I’m sure it would look even cooler with some hair gel! But no products for him yet!

Frontal View
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Side View
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I Love the 90’s: 1992 My parents’ house is in sha…

21 August 2006
I Love the 90’s: 1992

My parents’ house is in shambles at the moment. Our house is old (circa early 1900’s), and the pipes have never been replaced. A few weeks ago, a pipe burst on the second floor and flooded our kitchen with water, as well as the basement. We’re talking major damage here –complete with mold, massive structural damage, etc. Everything needs to be fixed, and my parents want to start from scratch. Our whole house has to be cleaned out and be put into storage so the remodeling can begin.

But I digress.
The whole point of this entry is to say that my dad dropped off about 6 boxes of my stuff that’s been sitting in our house since I can remember. These boxes are full of my crap –tons of books, memorabilia, and other things I’ve been hanging onto since the dawn of time. This includes my high school yearbooks. I went to a tiny private school in Los Angeles called Pilgrim School (we had a graduating class of 19 seniors when I left in 1995!). I started there in 1991, having gone to a huge inner-city junior high. All my friends went to other high schools, so when I got to Pilgrim, I didn’t know a single soul and I was freaking miserable. When I started there though, I already had my own identity and my own views of the world. My life was outside Pilgrim, but everyone in school had been going there for years and the kids there were all sort of the same. It was a close-knit community, and I stuck out because I was new, plus I wasn’t like everyone else.

Looking through these yearbooks made me all wistful and nostalgic about the past. High school wasn’t bad at all, and I actually loved that time in my life. It’s funny, I think I was so much more sure of myself back then versus my early twenties. And it’s quite amusing to read the little notes that people sign in the back of your yearbook! It’s so funny to read them now, more than 10 years later! It shows you how people viewed me back then.

Here’s some blurbs:

“You are a very special person. Thanx for your friendship…I will always remember you…The girl in black…You’re very cool…and your individuality and
creativity gains my utmost admiration…”

“That’s a fresh piece of writing there! Even though we never started that
band, I still wanna jam with you sometimes. It’s been cool knowing you. It’s great to know someone who loves to wear black as much as me…”

“Well I’ll always remember the trademark black clothes. English was bullshit but we got some laughs…Your stories are fucking weird but I like them. They’re DEEP. Komkrit is forever on your jock but I guess you’re used to it! Have a summer.”

“Every guys desire. The girl in black. The one that wrote “The Girl.” The girl that likes The Cure. All of these sayings were just for you. You have a different personality and an unusual opinion of the world.”

My yearbook pic – 1992

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Can you just picture what I looked and who I was back then? And check out those huge-arse glasses! But let me just say, that some things never change. So what people wrote about me in 1992 can still apply today! Like the fact that I still love The Cure, that I write stories, and that I love live music. It just took me a while to get back to my roots.

Happy Half-Birthday to My Rockstar Baby! I can’t …

17 August 2006

Happy Half-Birthday to My Rockstar Baby!

I can’t believe my little critter is 6 months old already! They were right –babies do grow fast! I can’t imagine that he used to be half his size! He used to be such a teeny little thing. Now, he’s on his way to becoming a toddler and is already acting like one. *sniff*

Rockstar baby @ 1 Month Old
-Here, he was still in his wrinkly and prune-y stage.
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Rockstar baby @ 6 Months Old
-Now, he’s filled out and looks all grown up.
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Motherhood and other Musings (as always) D-Day Ap…

12 August 2006

Motherhood and other Musings (as always)

D-Day Approaches: D-Day is on August 21 and that’s when rockstar baby starts his daycare program. WAAAHHH! I started looking for a day care center around April and settled on one near our house (so it would central to both the hubs and I). Rockstar baby was supposed to start the same time I went back to work (first week of September), but a spot opened up earlier than expected and we had to take it or lose it. I just know I’m going to cry my eyes out when he starts. Heck, how are people supposed to work all day and not think about their babies?!! At least I’ll have a 2-week ‘grace period’ in the event that I suffer from a nervous breakdown and just have to go check up on him. As they say, it’s actually harder on the parent that it is on the child.

The ‘shrieks’ come out at night: Here’s rockstar baby in video! He gets shrieky fits and it’s so funny. You just say any word and he’ll act like you’ve said the most hilarious thing!

The Yaya Sisterhood: Unlike in the Philippines, having a yaya is not very common here (unless you can afford it). Some bloggers from the Philippines)have talked about how they go here and there with their nannies. I don’t have that kind of luxury and I sometimes think that it would be cool to have someone help you schlep your baby around. I think a nanny would definitely come in handy if you have more than one kid! At the same time though, I like doing things by myself. People always ask if my mom or mom-in-law helped me during the first few months –they didn’t. It was just the hubs and I, and I liked it that way. Having a personal chef and housekeeper on the other hand, would be the new hotness.

The Curse of the Frump! Once they become moms, some women fall victim to ‘the curse of the frump.’ You’ve seen it, I’m sure. Extreme versions include the soccer mom haircut, the unflattering mom jeans or lived-in sweatpants, the haggard-looking face. Milder versions include the tendency to wear the same thing over and over again and forgetting to shower on occasion. I told myself that I wouldn’t be that kind of mom and always look presentable whenever I go out. Well I got the curse for a month or so after giving birth –when you are running on 3 hours of sleep on a non-consecutive basis, putting on lipstick and finding a flattering outfit are just not top priority. Once I got the hang of the ‘new mom’ thing though, I straightened up. But no matter how tired I am, I always have and always will take a shower everyday no fail.

Baby Clothes! One of the many perks of being a mom is buying adorable (yet sometimes atrociously expensive) outfits for your baby. I went to town the other day buying rockstar baby clothes for the fall season. My favorite store for baby clothes is Old Navy, hands down! The outfits are uber-cute, affordable (even when not on sale), and very versatile. This season’s collection even has a ‘Li’l Rockstar’ line! I was in heaven when I saw it! But unfortunately, some shirts I wanted sold out in mere days that they even took it off their website!! They had shirts saying: Mommy is a Rockstar. And I couldn’t even buy it!! Gah! Argh! So I bought other stuff instead, and also bought some outfits from Baby Gap and The Children’s Place. How cute are these?!

The jacket says: I heart rock!

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Check out the cute elbow patches on the sweater, and cool kicks!

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Here’s some pics as well! Enjoy!

Look mom, no hands!

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I Heart my rockstar baby…(the guitar is bigger than him!)

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P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Trish and Rol on their new baby Annika!