Older, Wiser, Hooters… So I am at home today recu…

6 November 2006

Older, Wiser, Hooters…

So I am at home today recuperating. I had oral surgery this past Friday and got 4 teeth removed –two extra molars that never aligned with the rest of my bottom teeth, a wisdom tooth that was growing sideways, and a canine that never descended (and was stuck beneath my nose). They put me under general anesthesia and needless to say, I felt like a truck hit me after it was all over.

I’m still pretty nauseated from the surgery and my gums are very sore. I wasn’t allowed to have any food past midnight after Thursday, and I have really eaten a full meal since Thursday night! I was pretty much debiliated on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been living off soft foods for the past few days and it sucks. Although having milkshakes do ease the pain (and nausea) a bit. I’m on antibiotics and Vicodin, but taking the painkillers made me throw up so I gave that up! Blech…

But on to happy news: Happy Birthday to my hubs! His birthday was on November 4th and we celebrated it yesterday by going to Hooters with his friends! Hooters, of course, is well known for its yummy….wings. The hubs hasn’t really been hanging out much with his friends post-baby and I thought throwing him a lunch with his friends would be enjoyable for him and great way for them to meet rockstar baby.

We had blast a Hooters (even though I couldn’t eat a single wing). We ordered more than 150 wings and then some! Win, one of the hubs’ friends, is a big-eater (although he doesn’t even look it) and ate 50+ wings and a whole burger! Damn.

Rockstar baby had a great time hanging out with the gang. He was like one of the guys and was a hit with the ladies. Fun times!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubs!

The Guys
mark's bday
The Gals
mark's bday
Rockstar Baby and an Admirer
mark's bday

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