Schmoozing, Kalamansi Martinis and a Celeb-Sightin…

7 December 2006

Schmoozing, Kalamansi Martinis and a Celeb-Sighting

I went to a Filipino Lawyer’s gathering last night at the behest of my pops. It was held at Cendrillon –a Pan-Asian/Filipino/Fusion restaurant in Soho. I actually thought it was a cocktail reception type of thing but it turned out to be an actual dinner with a number of Filipino lawyers. My dad was the ‘most seasoned’ one there I believe, and all the rest were about twenty and thirty-somethings. I haven’t been to any networking, cultural-based shindig/meeting in a long time. The last I’ve ever done is be part of the Asian American Law Students’ Association back in law school. So it was very interesting to be part of that whole thing all over again.

I’ve been to Cendrillon a few years back, and the food was still good. They also had buko and kalamansi martinis which were very soothing and refreshing. The entrees were enjoyable and cleverly prepared, but not down-home Filipino cooking (so don’t expect that if you do go). Like I said, this is more of a Pan-Asian type of place. Cendrillon is owned by one of my dad’s old frat buddies (whom I’ve never met), but unfortunately he wasn’t there last night.

But who was there? Ms. Claire Danes of “This place smells like cockroaches” fame. A few years back, she caused a bit of controversy when she uttered that phrase (or something to that effect) about the Philippines when she was there to film Brokedown Palace. So a bunch of us whispered what she was doing in the restaurant! Hee-hee. Well I do like her as an actress even after that statement, but I no longer think of her as a refined or intelligent person. (What’s weird is I’ve actually seen her in person before in Los Angeles –they filmed an episode of her show “My So-Called Life” at my school. I didn’t see Jared Leto though! He was my crush at the time).

Schmoozing and networking is not my thing, and it’s even more uncomfortable with my dad next to me. I dunno why, but I felt I had to “mind” him for lack of a better word. He held his own though, despite the fact that he mentioned a few people he knew from back in the day that we younger folks wouldn’t have a clue about. I had a good time and met a few young attorneys I would actually like to hang out with on a normal basis. Like this guy Justin who was hilarious. There was also this guy there who apparently is my dad’s adversary in a pending case. I said out loud “is that the guy you don’t like?” Hahahah… well I only said that because my dad complained about the fact that he failed to show up in court a couple of times. I saw them talking to each other and I think they’re on cordial terms.

All in all, I had a good time and would enjoy meeting up the group again. I just wish it was more of a cocktail setting rather than an actual 3-hour dinner!


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