So I Bought a Car! After much deliberation, resea…

12 December 2006

So I Bought a Car!

After much deliberation, research, and pulling of hair, I finally buckled down and bought me my first car! Yehey! The hubs and I went to the dealer this past Saturday, and four hours later, I drove home with a brand new 2007 Toyota Highlander in Bluestone Metallic:

Check out the new hotness:

Up until the last minute, I was still considering the both the Rav4 and the Highlander. The Rav4 was definitely more fun to drive and a lot faster (more horsepower), but the Highlander to me felt a lot more substantial. Plus I figured I drive fast enough as it is (my mom says I’m a kaskasera); I knew that with the Rav4, I’d just be tempted to fly. The Highlander felt much more stable, smoother, and was a quieter ride. It also didn’t hurt that they were offering a $1K rebate!

I bought the car for about $5K less than MSRP Price with the options. I got the car for under $30K even though the sticker price was close to $35K, and the price I got was hardly $1K over invoice price so I think I got a darn good deal considering all the options I got with it. We’re talking 4WD with a V6 engine, heated leather seats, premium JBL 6-CD stereo with 8 speakers, power driver’s seat, a third row, etc… I pretty much got a Limited Highlander for the price of a base model.

Let me just say though, signing all those papers was like signing my life away. It’s pretty much signing on for a 5-year debt (the financing term I picked out). It’s quite disconcerting, which is why I can’t fully celebrate the whole new car thing. The whole ordeal was exhausting. We were there from 1:30 to about 4:30 pm! Poor rockstar baby was there and was bored out of his mind. Who can blame him? I don’t know why buying a car has to take such a big chunk of your life away. Thank goodness I already had my price (care of Carsdirect); all I asked was can you meet this price and if the dealer had said no, I would’ve walked.

I still haven’t taken my car out for a full drive yet since I’m a bit scared to drive it. When I drove it home though, I could already tell that a Toyota just isn’t the same as a BMW. Then again, you can’t compare apples and oranges, right? Maybe one day, I’ll get to buy a pre-owned BMW…one day.

But here’s some more news: Dumb-ass me already put a scratch on the back bumper! ARGHHHH!! I came home today and parked my old car behind the new car; I was inching forward a bit and gauged the distance incorrectly and BAM! Hit the new car. I.Am.Officially.An.Idiot. *hits-self-on-head*

Just a little update: The scratch is miniscule, really. You can hardly see it unless I point it out to you. But it’s still there! Do’h!


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