Happy 10-Month Birthday to my Rockstar Baby! Rock…

18 December 2006

Happy 10-Month Birthday to my Rockstar Baby!

Rockstar baby turned 10 months old yesterday! He has officially entered the double-digits stage and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. I haven’t really been good at chronicling all his milestones, but I do remember in my head some of the cool things he’s done:

  • Around September, at about 8 months old, rockstar baby learned to creep around (aka doing this awkward one-arm scooting thing). I dubbed him Gollum (of LOTR fame) because you get that picture when you see him crawling around on his belly, using his arms (of course rockstar baby is definitely way cuter than Gollum). He also discovered the art of clapping and pretty much clapped like there was no tomorrow. He also discovered gravity and realized that his toys fall when he drops them from his high chair. By the end of his 8th month, he began to stand alone and balance himself for a minute here-and-there. He also did a lot of babbling –mostly da-da-da’s, ba-ba-ba’s, and the occasional ‘ma-ma-mumm.’

  • By his 9th month, he learned to go into a sitting position all by himself (without us propping him into a sitting position). He also began to pull himself up to a standing position. He mastered that pretty quickly and now he can also pull himself up to standing position with ease and sit himself back down (although he forgets to bend his knees sometimes and just takes a flying face-plant onto the floor). He does all this with a quickness and can stand up by just using my knee, a box, a toy –or any object he can hang onto and stand for several minutes by himself. It’s quite cool to watch him do it. But it’s positively heart-attack inducing whenever he falls and I’m not there quick enough to catch him. He also began to forgo the Gollum creep and has been crawling for the last couple of weeks. He’s also started to string together his syllables and babble out ‘da-ba-pa’ and ‘na-na-ba.’

  • Now at 10 months, he crawls with speed and just a few days ago, started to “cruise” and take a few steps by himself while hanging onto furniture! He successfully maneuvered himself from his favorite hangout (which is the TiVo stand), to our chaise lounge which was about 4 feet away. He also has four teeth (two on the bottom, and two big bunny ones on top), and is starting to eat adult foods.

He’s beginning to become more and more of an actual person each and every day. He can voice his frustrations and anger (“BAAaaaa!”) and knows his likes and dislikes (likes banging the TV screen with a golf ball, dislikes it when we take the golf ball away), and interacts with us in so many ways. It’s just the coolest thing! I’m expecting him to start walking before his 1st birthday; I just feel that he’s growing way too fast already! Wah!

Unfortunately, though, rockstar baby has been quite sick. He’s been suffering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) aka bronchiolitis – a respiratory virus, as well as an ear infection (brought on by bronchiolitis –the 2nd ear infection he’s gotten). He’s a very easy-going baby, but these past 2 days have taken a toll on him. Yesterday, he was super-cranky and didn’t want to play by himself as he normally does. He’s also feeding very poorly on account that he has coughing fits every 2 minutes which means he will lose some weight (and he’s already a skinny baby). The pediatrician says this virus usually takes about 3 weeks to run its course. So rockstar baby will be sick during his first Christmas. My poor, poor, bear!


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