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I’m One Stomach Flu Away From My Ideal Weight!

29 January 2007

Okay, this facetious remark was not made by me, but rather by the brilliant Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada. But I totally know what she means (and a few women at work even remarked how they wished they got the stomach virus!!) Remember how I battled a stomach virus not too long ago? Well the good thing about it is that I lost a couple of pounds. In fact, I was able to wear a pair of size 0 pants that I’ve long ago shelved to the back of my closet. Also, my stomach actually looked flat for the first time post-partum! Check it out!

my tummy

Okay, that only lasted a few days and I’m back to having the mom-pooch (and can’t wear those pants again). And really, I’ve stopped obsessing about weight ever since I became a mom. Sure I complain about the flabby arms and jiggly thighs, but I’m otherwise ok with how I look. For the past 6 years I’ve hovered around 110-115 pounds. But I’ve never been the type to look skinny. That’s just not my body type. I was a lot heavier in college (after gaining the infamous freshman fifteen) and was downright chubby (and I have pictures to prove it see below).

L-R: Trish, Girlie, Sol, and Me (the dark clothes hide the chubbiness)
blast from the past

At my heaviest, I weighed 125-130 pounds which really did show on me considering I’m only 5 feet tall. So how did I lose all the weight? Being happy and content is my secret. Naks naman. 😉
When I started dating the hubs, I was still in my chubby stage. As time passed, I became slimmer and the pounds came off without even trying. Then sometime in 1999, I actually joined a gym and started getting regular exercise. More pounds came off. By the time I got married in 2001, I weighed about 108 pounds and was toned. But it wasn’t like I went to the gym religiously (I went about 3x a week max) nor did I stop eating crappy foods. So I chalk it up to being content with my myself, with the hubs, and with my life.

Fast forward now: I still weigh around 110-115 pounds and lost all the baby weight I gained (about 25 pounds) without even trying. I haven’t been to the gym since June 2005 and I look the way I looked before. Of course, my body fat percentage is probably off the charts, but at least I look normal. The secret? Again, being happy and content. (And yes ladies, breastfeeding works wonders!). I love being a mom, taking care of rockstar baby, and being giddy over the fact that I have my own little family. I think if you’re at peace with yourself, you won’t obsess (too much) about the weight gain. (Of course, being fit and getting regular exercise if a whole other story).


Projectile Vomiting and Poop — Part Deux

22 January 2007

The good news is that rockstar baby is 99% recovered! Yehey! His poops are almost solid again (because you needed to know that) and he’s eating (yes the BRAT diet of bananas, rice, apples, and toast without the toast part). The bad news is that the hubs and I got sick along with him! I woke up Saturday morning around 5 am and made a beeline for the bathroom. Here’s some TMI: projectile vomit and poop as well! Ew, right? Basically the hubs and I fell ill. We had fevers and everything and it sucks trying to take care of a sick kid when you are sick yourself. Our own parents stopped by with some Gatorade, soup, and bananas for us. I don’t care about being sick as long as the baby is better.

But we are pulling through. It’s Monday; the hubs and I are home on the last leg of this damn stomach virus; and rockstar baby is running circles around us trying to get us to play with him! You should see him patting my head when I was lying on the couch shivering and trying to get the room to stop spinning. So cute!

Everyone is on the road to recovery!


Projectile Vomiting and Poop

19 January 2007

Did that catch your attention? Well the past 24 hours have been hellacious (is that a word?) Rockstar baby has a stomach virus and has been projectile vomiting and poo-ing for the past 24 hours. It all started last night at around 9:40-something in the evening when he woke up in a pool of his own vomit. Then it started to come out of the other end at around 2 am –once at the same time! Here’s some stats from the past 24 hours and counting:

  • 9: # of clothing changes he’s had
  • 10: # of times he vomited
  • 0: # of bottles he’s kept down
  • 6: # of ounces of Pedialyte he’s kept down
  • 1: # of jars of food he’s eaten
  • 22: # of diapers I’ve changed (although at this point, I really think there’s more since he poos and sharts every 30 minutes or so)
  • 3: # of baths he’s taken
  • 2: # of times he got vomit on his hair
  • 1: # of times he got vomit on my hair
  • 4: # of times he got vomit on my clothes
  • 3: # of times his crib sheets were changed
  • 3: # of hours I’ve slept thus far (I’m beginning to have that crazed, super-energized feeling you get right before you’re ready to snap)
  • 4: # of consecutive hours he’s slept
  • 2: # of sick days I’ll be taking because of this experience, possibly 3.
  • 17: # number of pounds he currently weighs. He’s lost about 2 pounds so far –in just 24 hours!

I feel so, so bad for my poor rockstar baby. He looks like some emaciated, Cambodian refugee awaiting adoption! I am not kidding. His little belly is now gone, and his ribs are sticking out. I hope he pulls out of this soon. I am not used to a sickly, crying rockstar baby. I feel so helpless for his situation, but unfortunately there is no magic pill for this virus. You just have to let it run its course. Having a sick baby is definitely one of the negatives of parenthood. I hate seeing him suffer.

Another major negative? Washing poop and vomit off clothes. And oh yeah. The lack of sleep.


Pardon the Interruption

16 January 2007

As you can see, I’ve changed the template up a bit. It’s still under construction so please bear with me. All your old comments are still with Haloscan, but I am now using Blogger’s commenting system.

I decided to utilize all the cool new gadgets that Blogger had to offer, rather than move to WordPress (since CSS is a whole new animal for me to learn). I love their new labeling feature and I’m trying to take adventage of their other new widgets!

So pardon the interruption while I work on this template…


Step by Step: A Recap in 7 Steps 1) Rockstar baby…

15 January 2007

Step by Step: A Recap in 7 Steps

1) Rockstar baby took his first steps! We are so excited! He took two tentative steps on January 10th, and then over the weekend, he took a few more! The most he took over the weekend was about 6 steps and it’s so cool to watch him do it. He stands on his tippy-toes with this cheerful, determined look on his face! I must say, there is nothing like watching your child grow up right in front of your eyes. Being a mom rocks! Here’s a quick little video of rockstar baby (we’ll replace it with a better one when we get a better shot!).

2) You know what else rocks? Entourage. I got hooked on this show last weekend when I TiVoed about 6 episodes. Adrian Grenier is the new hotness! I love this show. I love Ari. I love this show! Can’t wait for the new season.

3) Celeb sighting: Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at OUR gig!! My band Plastiq Passion played at the Parkside Lounge this past Saturday. Of course, she didn’t actually watch us play, but she was definitely having a drink there! Hehehe… we gave her our CD, but she didn’t look too enthused. What can you do?

4) A special thank you shout-out to Ms. Pinayhekmi. Do you know what this lady did? She sent me a Starbucks gift card just because she knew it was something I wanted and needed! What a great and unexpected gift! Tin rocks! *Hugs* you are the best! You’re going to be a wonderful momma!

5) Today, we also discovered that rockstar baby has three more teeth coming out! No wonder he’s been biting my face and teething like crazy! He has 4 teeth out now (two on the bottom, two on top), and he’s got three more starting to come down on the top! Craziness!

My guitar pajamas

5) I’m thinking of changing the blog up a bit. I’m toying with the idea of moving to WordPress –because I dig the fact that you can categorize your posts. I also want to make my entries zippier –that is to say, write straight from the hip, expletives and all. So be warned! This blog will soon be needing parental guidance!

6) My latest book review is up boys and girls! Please take a look HERE! Once in a Promised Land is excellent and I give it a 2 thumbs up (in Z formation ;).

And that’s all (for now) folks!


Happy New Year Folks! This is my first official p…

9 January 2007
Happy New Year Folks!

This is my first official post of 2007. And of course I have to start out with some New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Eat oatmeal everyday. This would actually require me to wake up a bit earlier so I can prepare myself a bowl and eat it (and feed and dress rockstar baby in the morning). Let’s hope this happens.
  2. Wash my face every night and do that whole night-cream regimen thing. Ick. I am so lazy. I’m just lucky my face hasn’t erupted in zits! I was a lot more stringent with facial care when I was in high school then I am now!
  3. Let go off people who don’t add anything positive to my life. I’m tired of being the thoughtful one all the fucking time. No more. Unless you take the initiative, then you won’t be hearing from me anymore.
  4. Whine less.
  5. Start exercising again. My goal is to hit the gym at least 2x a week. It shouldn’t be that hard right?
  6. Take the stairs to work as opposed to the elevator (6 flights). I used to do it all the time, and I can certainly start doing it again.
  7. Limit fast food to 3x a month. My weaknesses are White Castles and Popeye’s Fried Chicken. No more! Be gone!
  8. Lower my cholesterol by 26 points! I’ll give myself 6 months and see where I am. This is where the oatmeal is supposed to kick in.
  9. Cook more meals. Contrary to what my parents think, I can cook and I’m pretty good at creating meals from scratch. I strive to cook 3x/week.
  10. Eat more vegetables. I probably consume about 2,500 calories a day and hardly any of that comes from veggies!
  11. Clean up the house more and get rid of clutter the minute they enter my house!
  12. Avoid the mall like the plague.
  13. Improve this blog.
  14. Start a budget and stick to it.
  15. Live way below my means and stop buying things I can’t afford. Here’s a little video we can all learn from. Hilarious, but true!

Hello world!

2 January 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!