Happy New Year Folks! This is my first official p…

9 January 2007
Happy New Year Folks!

This is my first official post of 2007. And of course I have to start out with some New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Eat oatmeal everyday. This would actually require me to wake up a bit earlier so I can prepare myself a bowl and eat it (and feed and dress rockstar baby in the morning). Let’s hope this happens.
  2. Wash my face every night and do that whole night-cream regimen thing. Ick. I am so lazy. I’m just lucky my face hasn’t erupted in zits! I was a lot more stringent with facial care when I was in high school then I am now!
  3. Let go off people who don’t add anything positive to my life. I’m tired of being the thoughtful one all the fucking time. No more. Unless you take the initiative, then you won’t be hearing from me anymore.
  4. Whine less.
  5. Start exercising again. My goal is to hit the gym at least 2x a week. It shouldn’t be that hard right?
  6. Take the stairs to work as opposed to the elevator (6 flights). I used to do it all the time, and I can certainly start doing it again.
  7. Limit fast food to 3x a month. My weaknesses are White Castles and Popeye’s Fried Chicken. No more! Be gone!
  8. Lower my cholesterol by 26 points! I’ll give myself 6 months and see where I am. This is where the oatmeal is supposed to kick in.
  9. Cook more meals. Contrary to what my parents think, I can cook and I’m pretty good at creating meals from scratch. I strive to cook 3x/week.
  10. Eat more vegetables. I probably consume about 2,500 calories a day and hardly any of that comes from veggies!
  11. Clean up the house more and get rid of clutter the minute they enter my house!
  12. Avoid the mall like the plague.
  13. Improve this blog.
  14. Start a budget and stick to it.
  15. Live way below my means and stop buying things I can’t afford. Here’s a little video we can all learn from. Hilarious, but true!

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