Projectile Vomiting and Poop — Part Deux

22 January 2007

The good news is that rockstar baby is 99% recovered! Yehey! His poops are almost solid again (because you needed to know that) and he’s eating (yes the BRAT diet of bananas, rice, apples, and toast without the toast part). The bad news is that the hubs and I got sick along with him! I woke up Saturday morning around 5 am and made a beeline for the bathroom. Here’s some TMI: projectile vomit and poop as well! Ew, right? Basically the hubs and I fell ill. We had fevers and everything and it sucks trying to take care of a sick kid when you are sick yourself. Our own parents stopped by with some Gatorade, soup, and bananas for us. I don’t care about being sick as long as the baby is better.

But we are pulling through. It’s Monday; the hubs and I are home on the last leg of this damn stomach virus; and rockstar baby is running circles around us trying to get us to play with him! You should see him patting my head when I was lying on the couch shivering and trying to get the room to stop spinning. So cute!

Everyone is on the road to recovery!



  1. Glad Rockstar Baby is fully recovered now. Hope u and hubs get well soon.

    Take care and drink lots of water!

  2. i’m glad rockstar baby is feeling much better. hope you and your hubs feel the same way soon. my husband went through it 2 weeks ago and it was terrible. i’m just glad it stopped with him.

    feel better hun!!

  3. glad to hear the RSB is feeling better. get well to you and your husband, too!

  4. I had a bad bout of stomach flu in 2005. I remember it vividly. my advice is to avoid the red gatorade…and drinks lots of pedialyte…even though on the bottle it recommends adults only drink like 1/2 cup every 1/2 hour or something you can drink the whole thing in 10 minutes and you’ll still live..and don’t go into work until you’re fully recovered…there’s nothing more unpleasant than having a stomach at work! feel better. I’m glad Jakey has pulled out of it.

  5. yay, so it’s a family affair now.. glad that rockstar baby’s almost over it.. get well soon kat.

  6. im glad everyone’s ok esp. rockstar baby!

  7. sorry to hear you and mark got sick! oh noo.. but happy to hear jake’s doing fine. =) get lots of rest!

  8. that is nice that he is well now. Been gone for so long and I am sorry if i wasnt able to visit. Anyway, i like the new look of you blog!

  9. Hope you guys are feeling better now!

    – Steve

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