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welcome to miami, bienvenido a miami…

23 February 2007
I’m off on holiday! We’re taking rockstar baby on his first vacation to sunny Miami. We’re leaving tomorrow and coming back on Tuesday, Feb 27th. I’m really looking forward to the sunny weather (it’s a predicted 81-degrees over there versus 32-degrees over here), eating out every day, and hopefully getting a tan since I’ve been looking rather pasty. What I’m not looking forward to the plane trip and lugging the baby’s stuff (i.e., the stroller, carseat, etc.) Since it’s rockstar baby’s first plane ride, we have no idea how he’ll behave. Everyone’s told us to just give him some Benadryl to knock him out –and they weren’t kidding! But we’ll see how it goes… Wish us luck! Have a good weekend folks!

happy 1st birthday, my rockstar baby!

17 February 2007

first birthday cake!
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I can’t believe you’re already a year old! It was a year ago today that you were born. It seems just like yesterday when dad and I brought you home from the hospital. You were such a tiny thing –like a little kitten complete with teeny mewing sounds. I remember being so scared during the drive home. We were carrying such precious cargo and I told dad to drive slower –even though he was only going 40 mph on the highway!

Watching you grow was and is amazing. Each day was totally different from the next and the first three months was like a blur! I remember putting you on your tummy at 2 weeks old and you surprised me by being able to hold your head up and move it from one side to another! I also remember your very first smile at 6 weeks old! And no, it wasn’t gas! =) You were recognizing your surroundings! At three months, we were already propping you up everywhere and you liked being able to see the world around you! At four months, you started to sleep through the night (reassuring both dad and I that yes, we were going to sleep like normal people again).

During your fifth month, you were baptized! It was a sweet and lovely ceremony and you looked very happy in your baptismal gown. That month, we also started to feed you solids starting with cereal –you really liked it after getting used to it! Soon after, we gave you your first ever haircut (that you didn’t enjoy!) By your sixth month you already seemed like your own little person! After this month, everything you did was like a blur! You sat up, started crawling, started pulling yourself up to standing position, and did everything independently! I can’t even keep track what happened when!

But I do know this: It’s been such an amazing experience just watching you grow and hitting all those milestones! Watching you take your first little steps before you turned 11 months was just so darn cool! Soon after that, you just started walking all over the place! Now, we can hardly remember the time when you couldn’t even roll over!! Time really does fly like they all say! Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating your 10th birthday!

Dad and I are just amazed with every little thing you learned to do and continue to learn to do! We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you. Even though we’ve only been parents for literally 365 days, we can hardly remember life without you, our rockstar baby. You’ve enriched us in so many ways, and words cannot express the love we feel for you! You are our blessing!

Happy First Birthday my love! I know you won’t even be able to remember this day, but mom and dad will certainly remember it for you!

Happy First Birthday!
birthday family pic

Rockstar baby – a year ago today
rockstar baby - 1 day old!

Rockstar baby – a year later!
i'm one!!

More party pics to come…!


Saturday Night Fever

13 February 2007
So even though rockstar baby had a 103.7-degree fever on Friday night, I still went out on Saturday night. Rockstar baby woke up around 10-ish on Friday night with a crazy fever! I called the doctor and she said not to worry, give him some Tylenol or Motrin and the fever would go down. Well, we did give him some medicine and the fever did go down in less than an hour. On Saturday morning, I took him to the doctor’s for a check-up and we found out he had an ear infection. His third one before his first birthday! Ear infections are quite common, and since he had them before, we knew the drill: antibiotics for 10 days (or sometimes, until the medication runs out).

But like I said, I went out Saturday night because it was my friend Rupal’s 30th birthday. I met my friend Rupal in law school, as well as my other friends Alina and Annie. All of us chicas were born on the 9th –what a cool coincidence, huh? Alina was born on January 9th (as was her sister Laurie!), Rupal was born on February 9th, my birthday is on July 9th, and Annie was born on November 9th.

Happy Birthday Roops!
And Yay! We were all born on the 9th!
reunion at roops' bday party!
a birthday partyRupal held had her party at 3 Steps –this cool joint on 2nd Avenue and 19th Street. She had a 2-hour open bar and her own signature drink! I had a lot of fun, met this cool (gay) guy named Gavin, and had a great time with my friends. The best part of the evening? The music!! I mean what bar nowadays plays songs from The Clash, The Smiths, The Strokes, and Blondie all in a row?! Loved it!

The conversations were cool too:

Gavin: (staring at a guest) Plaid is such a commitment, don’t you think?
Me: (following his gaze and seeing a guest wearing an orange plaid short-sleeve shirt) Oh yes.
Gavin: Especially in orange. With short sleeves. In February. Gawd, what is he thinking?!

With Jamie and Gavin, my new best friend
fun at roops bday party!

Rupal: I can only be a lesbian from the waist up *motions from waist up*
Us: *laughter*
Rupal: I’m serious. Kissing is kissing. Whatevs. But no way down there. I’m sorry.
Me: Yeah. I know what you mean. I don’t know where they’ve been.
Rupal: I know, right?!


Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

6 February 2007

My mom organized a surprise 60th “Roast and Toast” birthday party for my dad this past Saturday, February 3rd. My mom did a great job pulling it off considering she only got the idea for it right after Christmas and invitations weren’t sent out until mid-January! For such a short planning time, my mom was able to book a room at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in Flushing, Queens; hire a great DJ; invite 108 friends and family members (some of whom flew in from California and Virginia); and keep it all from my dad!

My uncle Ben was a key conspirator in getting my dad to come to his own party –he told my dad he wanted him to meet his girlfriend’s parents. Lo and behold…when he entered the room, we greeted him with a big SURPRISE! Considering his actual birthday isn’t until this coming Thursday, he said he was really surprised and pleased!

I think he had a great time. His old classmates from Ateneo and U.P. were there, his good friends were there, and his family were all there. My mom even arranged for his friends from the Philippines to do a birthday greeting for him and played it on a projector which he really enjoyed. All in all, it was a very nice tribute. Happy birthday dad!

Some pics (all pics courtesy of Ms. Girlie):

With my mom and the birthday boy
another pic with mom and dad

So who’s cutting the cake?
there's always room for cake...
With my friends Girlie and Sol
with girlie and sol

Rockstar Baby with his Lolo
another pic with the birthday boy