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because moms need to “brag” sometimes

26 June 2007

You know those moms who just go on and on about their kids? They’re the type who gush and say things like “Well, Ben is so advanced for his age…etc.” or “Emily was the first in her class to start reading…” Before I became a mom, I’ve certainly rolled my eyes at some of those comments. Yes, I was interested since I love kids, but after 10 minutes of hearing it, you kinda tune that person out. So I swore that when I became a mom, I wouldn’t be like that and only offer updates when asked (unless of course, you’re the lolo or lola or a godparent ;). I told myself I wouldn’t be that kind of mom.

Now that I’m a mom, however, I’ve had a revelation! *cue angels singing* It’s definitely not about boasting or bragging. It’s simply about being proud of your child’s accomplishments! Now I understand. *lightbulb* Once in a while, you just have to let it all out! It’s like you’re bursting with all these great things you want to say about your child and you just want to share it with the world, dammit! So for me…

I’m really amazed at how much rockstar baby’s grown and learned in a matter of months. He definitely understands more of the world, is opinionated, and will even argue with you. He started walking before he was a year old, and even then, he already knew which shoes he liked to wear. Nowadays, he actually tries to put on the shoe himself! It’s so cute…he sticks his leg out and tries to put on his shoe with his outstretched hand. He’ll yell and point and say “this” or “shoes” to let you know what he wants. He also tries to dress himself and tries to put on his pants sometimes. And I’m just so happy that he’ll finally learning to talk! Here is his vocabulary so far (in alphabetical order):

  • ball <–quite possible his favorite word and points to anything resembling a ball
  • bubble
  • bye
  • dada
  • diaper (comes out as “ba-per” or “da-per” most of the time)
  • dog
  • hi (questionable)
  • mama (on the rare occassion he decides to call me this)
  • no
  • nose
  • shoes
  • teeth
  • this <–his first word
  • uh-oh <–his 2nd word and he said this mostly when he was 13 mos old; he hardly says this nowadays
  • Rockstar baby also knows most of his body parts (i.e., he’ll point to his feet, tummy, head, etc.) and loves to dance along with The Wiggles. He knows some of the sequences by heart and has his own favorite Wiggles tunes (like “Hot Potato” and “Wags the Dog.”) He also loves dogs but not when he actually sees them in person (he gets a bit scared). Once we get home, he makes a bee-line for his blue chair and he sits there and watches The Wiggles. He’ll even put his feet up on a stool (just like adults do), and then he’ll get up every few minutes to copy whatever dance they’re doing!

    It’s just a hoot to watch him. As the hubs and I say, he provides us with hours of amusement. Who knew watching a little baby try to do the “head-shoulders-knees-and-toes” dance would be so darn riveting? So even though before I became a parent and swore that I wouldn’t bore my friends with accounts of what my kid is doing, here I am doing it! hahah…..

    It’s definitely not about boasting or bragging. It’s simply about being proud of your child’s accomplishments. Like I said before, now I understand!

    And here’s more bragging!

    My band is featured on the ‘Artist Spotlight’ section of mtvU’s Best Music on Campus! We even filmed a little blurb and everything. We’ll be there this week only so please check us out!


    my new crib, my interview, and my wishlist!

    18 June 2007

    Like the new digs? Yes, this is the *new home* I was talking about! I am now a member of the Marikit community thanks to Ms. Tin Marikit! She was instrumental in creating a new home for me, doing all the hard work of importing my old entries and comments, creating a template, and answering all my annoying questions. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Tin!!

    For my official first entry, I’ll be answering some questions thrown my way by the beautiful Cat who took the time to “interview me:”

    My interview by Cat:

    1) Do you ever imagine or fantasize how Rockstar Baby would do in the future? How do you imagine his future to be?

    Of course! Parents can only hope that their children will turn out to be productive and honest members of society (and not be bums, moochers, or criminals). In a nutshell, I imagine he would go to a good university and be a good-natured, mature, intelligent, honest, and responsible person with high ambitions for himself and respect for other people. Rockstar baby would also be a…rockstar! Right now, he’s such a smart, funny, and precocious baby who loves to dance and clap along to music –I would imagine that playing a musical instrument would be one of his hobbies, if not passion! Also, it would be cool if he turned out to be a pro-snowboarder and pro-surfer with a talent for investing! Hee-hee.

    2) When you come back to the Philippines, how long will you stay? Where will you go? And what would you do? (Hmmm, this is more than 5 questions already!)

    We were planning to go to the Philippines this coming December 07, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. When I do go though, I’d like to stay for at least 2 weeks; be a tourist, and take advantage of the sites and history the Philippines has to offer. I haven’t been there since 2000, and there’s still so many places I haven’t been to, like Boracay for instance! I’d like to explore other Asian cities while I’m over there like Bangkok and Shanghai.

    3) If you could travel back in time, which era would you live in, where and why?

    What a cool question! I have a couple of answers in mind:
    a) New York or London circa the early 80’s: why? to see The Cure during their early years and The Clash perform live in front of my face! This was a great time for music because of the emergence of punk rock and then the emergence of post-punk sub-genres like Goth and New Wave. I think it would be so amazing to be part of that scene.
    b) New York city circa 1995: why? to tell my then-self not to do stupid stuff during college! hahhah… but then again, I’d probably change the course of history if I did, right? Still…if I only knew then what I do now!
    c) I’d also like to live in the Tudor period of merry olde England: why? I’m into historical fiction right now and am engrossed with the 6 wives of Henry VIII. (See my wishlist below for more evidence.) I’d love to experience life in a royal court (and perhaps influence Henry VIII not to divorce his 1st wife and change the course of history!).

    4) I love your band’s name! What’s the story behind it? From The Cure’s song “Plastic Passion.” It’s a fun, pop song that captures a bit of what we’re about.

    5) You made a turning 30 wishlist almost a year ago. Did you get any of the items on the list? Oh yes! Thanks to my generous friends, I got a lot of great items from my “turning 30” wishlist: the guitar pedal I wanted; a couple of Barnes and Noble giftcards; Jer’s chocolates (delicious!!); my Everyday Italian cookbook; the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album; Depeche Mode’s 81-85 Singles album; an H&M gift cert; a Brainy Baby DVD for rockstar baby; and a Starbucks gift card!

    And speaking of wishlists, here’s my official “thirtysomething” birthday wishlist for this year:

    My birthday wishlist (2007)

    First Row: necklace from Me & Ro; the Verizon LGVX9800 phone or the enV (VX9900); DOD Icebox Effect guitar pedal to add to my collection.

    Second Row: queen-size duvet cover and pillowcases from the Ruovikko collection at Crate and Barrel; cupcakes from the Cupcake Cafe (chocolate w/ mocha buttercream) or Billy’s or even Magnolia (which I always ask for every year but no one actually buys); cute silver star necklace with “j” initial from Jules Smith Designs
    Third Row:a new suit from Benetton; a subscription to Filter Magazine; Starbucks!

    Last Row: Hip Hop Abs!; another tattoo from NY Adorned; and tickets at National Amusements theaters to see The Transformers!!

    Here’s another thing I’d love to get for my birthday in the event that Bill Gates is reading this: Tickets to see The Cure in Japan at the Fuji Rock Festival! LOL…I have fun putting together wishlists but it’s really just for kicks more than anything else!



    14 June 2007

    So some cool and not-so-cool things have been happening to me since my last post. Here’s an example of something not-so-cool: Yesterday, I backed my new car into a pole!! #!$!@&! Gah! Gah! It’s official: I.Am.A.Total.Idiot. I’ve been driving since I was 16 years old and this has got to be a first. I was pulling out of a parking spot and heard a big *thump!* I honestly did not see the huge-ass wooden pole behind me! Now, there are a bunch of tiny white scratches on the left side of my bumper. I tried to wax it off last night, but alas, the evidence is still there. Well, on the bright side, there is no dent! *sheepish grin*

    So here’s some cool goings-on in my life since my last post:

    • The hubs and I went to movies for the first time post-baby: We went to see Spiderman 3 on IMAX no less! We had a lunch date the day after our anniversary. We went to eat at Legal Seafoods (no fancy dinner at Bouley like our first anniversary) and then caught the flick. It was a great day –the movie wasn’t an A+ but it was still entertaining to me. I can go on and on about how the storyline sucked (I’ve read my fair share of comic books), but that’s a different post altogether. I’m just happy to watch a movie with the hubs! He knows I like going to the movies and that’s something we can’t do anymore post-baby unless there’s some strategic planning involved.

    • I’m going back to Cali: San Francisco, to be precise! We’re going there for a wedding (wedding number 3 of 7!) and decided just to make a whole holiday out of it. I’ll be gone July 6 – July 10th and will be celebrating my 31st birthday over there. It should be fun! The one and only time I went to San Fran was back when I was 14 years old; the only things I remember are going to Chinatown, driving down that crooked road, and my little brother getting chicken pox. This time, I’ll definitely take advantage of what San Fran has to offer. The best part is that my friend Karen will be meeting me up there!

    • A label is interested in my band! My bandmates and I are so excited because this label “expressed interest” in our band and is inviting us to go play for them. It’s an indie label, but a label nonetheless and kind of a big deal for us! Perhaps my dream of becoming a rock star may come true after all *claps-hands-in-glee*…and if that doesn’t work…
    • We’re entering American Idol: The Band! We just recorded a show we did last night and we’ll be sending our audition tape to them. Wish us luck!

    And last but not the least…

  • I’m moving! *wink-wink* You’ll definitely find out more details in just a couple of days …so please check back here! Update: Here’s a hint…I won’t be packing any bags!
  • In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a picture:

    Why you shouldn’t let your mom cut your hair

    happy 6th anniversary!

    1 June 2007

    Today is the 6th wedding anniversary for the hubs and I. I thought I’d “rerun” this post I wrote from June 1, 2005.

    The True Story of How We Met and Other Curious Adventures: During the summer of 1997 (before the beginning of my junior year in college), my good friend Julie said “Kat, I have the perfect guy for you! His name is Mark and he’s good friends with my sister.” Julie knew full well that I was already dating someone else (but she never did like him which is why she did a plug for Mark). As it turns out, Mark was the older brother of my friend Daryl who went to school with me. By then, Mark had already graduated from NYU and was already doing the whole career thing. I thought nothing of it and then actually met Mark at a party a few months after my conversation with Julie. Eventually, Mark started calling me and we would chat. I remember our first full-length conversation. He basically bragged about himself and of how content he was in life and of how he is so sure of himself…yadda, yadda, yadda. I remember hanging up and thinking “damn, what an arrogant bastard. I sooo do not like him.” But he kept chasing me and calling me. I kept on talking to him and kept mum on the fact that I did have a boyfriend (who I was trying to get rid of –we were always on-again/off-again). I had assumed Julie told him at the very least, and to me, I just considered him to be a friend.

    The Library Incident: One night, Mark asked me to go meet up with him and his friends. I really didn’t want to go out with him, nor did I want to just straight up and say “I’m not interested in you.” Like I said, I considered Mark only as ‘friend-material.’ So I told him, “no thanks, but I really have to study. I have to go to the library.” Mark said fine. Later that evening, I went out my then-bf and we decided to go play pool. Lo and behold, who did I see at the pool hall? Mark, of course, was there. I felt like such a fool. I was blatantly caught in a lie. I mustered all my courage, acted nonchalantly and went up to Mark to say hi. He coolly replied, “oh nice to see you here.” I think I tried to save myself by saying something like “oh I finished studying already” but I don’t remember. After I got home, Mark called and we got into a heated argument over the phone. We fought as if we were already boyfriend and girlfriend. We talked and yelled at each other for more than an hour! After that incident, we didn’t talk to each other for a while.

    The You-Kissed-Me Incident (aka The Throwing Up on His Shoes Incident): Fast forward a few months later. I believe during the winter, circa 1997, Mark and I saw each other again at a club called El Flamingo’s (which no longer exists). At that time, Mark was roomies Kay, a girl I started to hang out with from work. So Kay and I were doing shots at the bar when Mark strolls up. By then, I was already quite buzzed and we decide to do another shot of tequila. So we do a shot all together and I suddenly cross the line from very buzzed to very drunk. For some reason, Mark and I then start to kiss. For the record, he kissed me! (Though we argue to this day who really kissed who. I swear he kissed me!). After the kiss, a wave of nausea just shoots through my body and I promptly throw up on Mark’s shoe. Was it the tequila or the kiss? Hehehe…. Then this big bouncer guy comes up and yells at me for throwing up. The bouncer basically drags me off and kicks me out of the club sans jacket in the middle of winter. Nice Mark felt compelled to come with me, and basically watches over me as I continue to throw up by the dumpster outside the club. Eventually, I think Mark helps me get back in the club. I spend the rest of the night sitting on the floor of a bathroom stall as the world spins around me. I don’t know what happened to Mark that night. We don’t talk for a while.

    The Matchbook Incident: Early November 1998 at (the now-defunct) Pageant Lounge. Mark’s birthday. I get there with my friend Julie and chat with our friends. Mark was there of course, and we start talking. He was still clearly very interested in me. I was too and we spend most of the night talking. As it was, I also found his other friend quite interesting as well. Funny thing was, each time I tried to talk to Mark’s friend, Mark would be at my side with a quickness! Mark and I basically flirted throughout the night as Mark gets progressively buzzed. Before I leave, I write down my number and gave it to Tony to give to the friend. I say bye to Mark as Julie and I get into a cab. Tony then shoves Mark in the cab with us and before you know it, he comes home with me. I told me, “well I’m calling your brother to come get you.” Drunk Mark does not speak. So we get to my room, Mark passes out on the floor. I keep kicking him and telling him he was not staying. I call his brother Daryl to come get him. Daryl comes over, and Mark mumbles “I can’t get up.” So Daryl asks him if he can just stay and I reluctantly agree. As soon as Daryl leaves, Mark gets up from the floor as if nothing happened, goes to the bathroom to take off his contacts, and then proceeds to sleep on my bed! I tell him, “you are not sleeping next to me!” He again pretends to fall asleep. So I wedge a pillow between us, hit the lights, and sleep. I promptly kick him out the next day. He apologizes, claims to not even remember how he got there, and then tells me he has the matchbook with my number on it. A week or so goes by and we don’t talk. He didn’t even call to apologize. For some reason, I find myself calling him (pity, maybe?). We talk. Towards the end of the conversation, I once and for all, agree to go on our first date together. The rest is history.

    For the record, this is the true account of how it all happened.

    Happy Anniversary my love!