my new crib, my interview, and my wishlist!

18 June 2007

Like the new digs? Yes, this is the *new home* I was talking about! I am now a member of the Marikit community thanks to Ms. Tin Marikit! She was instrumental in creating a new home for me, doing all the hard work of importing my old entries and comments, creating a template, and answering all my annoying questions. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Tin!!

For my official first entry, I’ll be answering some questions thrown my way by the beautiful Cat who took the time to “interview me:”

My interview by Cat:

1) Do you ever imagine or fantasize how Rockstar Baby would do in the future? How do you imagine his future to be?

Of course! Parents can only hope that their children will turn out to be productive and honest members of society (and not be bums, moochers, or criminals). In a nutshell, I imagine he would go to a good university and be a good-natured, mature, intelligent, honest, and responsible person with high ambitions for himself and respect for other people. Rockstar baby would also be a…rockstar! Right now, he’s such a smart, funny, and precocious baby who loves to dance and clap along to music –I would imagine that playing a musical instrument would be one of his hobbies, if not passion! Also, it would be cool if he turned out to be a pro-snowboarder and pro-surfer with a talent for investing! Hee-hee.

2) When you come back to the Philippines, how long will you stay? Where will you go? And what would you do? (Hmmm, this is more than 5 questions already!)

We were planning to go to the Philippines this coming December 07, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. When I do go though, I’d like to stay for at least 2 weeks; be a tourist, and take advantage of the sites and history the Philippines has to offer. I haven’t been there since 2000, and there’s still so many places I haven’t been to, like Boracay for instance! I’d like to explore other Asian cities while I’m over there like Bangkok and Shanghai.

3) If you could travel back in time, which era would you live in, where and why?

What a cool question! I have a couple of answers in mind:
a) New York or London circa the early 80’s: why? to see The Cure during their early years and The Clash perform live in front of my face! This was a great time for music because of the emergence of punk rock and then the emergence of post-punk sub-genres like Goth and New Wave. I think it would be so amazing to be part of that scene.
b) New York city circa 1995: why? to tell my then-self not to do stupid stuff during college! hahhah… but then again, I’d probably change the course of history if I did, right? Still…if I only knew then what I do now!
c) I’d also like to live in the Tudor period of merry olde England: why? I’m into historical fiction right now and am engrossed with the 6 wives of Henry VIII. (See my wishlist below for more evidence.) I’d love to experience life in a royal court (and perhaps influence Henry VIII not to divorce his 1st wife and change the course of history!).

4) I love your band’s name! What’s the story behind it? From The Cure’s song “Plastic Passion.” It’s a fun, pop song that captures a bit of what we’re about.

5) You made a turning 30 wishlist almost a year ago. Did you get any of the items on the list? Oh yes! Thanks to my generous friends, I got a lot of great items from my “turning 30” wishlist: the guitar pedal I wanted; a couple of Barnes and Noble giftcards; Jer’s chocolates (delicious!!); my Everyday Italian cookbook; the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album; Depeche Mode’s 81-85 Singles album; an H&M gift cert; a Brainy Baby DVD for rockstar baby; and a Starbucks gift card!

And speaking of wishlists, here’s my official “thirtysomething” birthday wishlist for this year:

My birthday wishlist (2007)

First Row: necklace from Me & Ro; the Verizon LGVX9800 phone or the enV (VX9900); DOD Icebox Effect guitar pedal to add to my collection.

Second Row: queen-size duvet cover and pillowcases from the Ruovikko collection at Crate and Barrel; cupcakes from the Cupcake Cafe (chocolate w/ mocha buttercream) or Billy’s or even Magnolia (which I always ask for every year but no one actually buys); cute silver star necklace with “j” initial from Jules Smith Designs
Third Row:a new suit from Benetton; a subscription to Filter Magazine; Starbucks!

Last Row: Hip Hop Abs!; another tattoo from NY Adorned; and tickets at National Amusements theaters to see The Transformers!!

Here’s another thing I’d love to get for my birthday in the event that Bill Gates is reading this: Tickets to see The Cure in Japan at the Fuji Rock Festival! LOL…I have fun putting together wishlists but it’s really just for kicks more than anything else!



  1. Nice new digs!

    Those cupcakes look yummy. (Stomach growls)

    Thanks Tin! I’ll buy you a cupcake (or 2 or 3) when you visit here with the new bebe! How are you doing?

  2. Congratulation on your new home. Now you are joining the wordpress family. This is soooo fab!

    Chase my dear! Yes, wordpress rocks! I’m learning as I go by, so I may have to ask you for tips in the future, ok?

  3. hey kat!

    thanks for answering the interview!

    the era i would like to live in is England’s Regency era (similar to the tudor era except set in the 1800s). i guess i was influenced by judith mcnaught!

    by the way, do you watch the tv show, the tudors? i chanced upon it while surfing and im wondering if it’s any good. should i download it? (i doubt they’re gonna show it here or if they will, i’ll never get to watch it).

    anyhoo, i was looking at your wishlist (before reading the explanation of each) and i saw hiphop abs. at first, i thought you just wanted the abs so i thought, “who’s gonna give her that?!” :p good thing, i read the description of each! hope your wishes come true!

    Hi Cat! I soo want to watch The Tudors but we don’t have the Showtime Channel (rather, don’t want to pay for it since we already get HBO). I hear it’s really good and I’ll be renting the DVDs once Season I comes out. And I guess we’re both into English royals! I’ll check out McNaught, so thanks for the tip!

  4. i’m sure rockstar baby’s going to turn out ok having parents like you and growing up in a great city (or near a great city).

    it’s good that you’ve moved to marikit. tintin’s been a good friend. jet and i have really been fortunate to have hooked up with them (ron and now amelie) in singapore. we’ve been to a lot of places as a pinoy group in singapore and have eaten a lot of food together.

    their friendship is really a blessing.

    Batjay! thanks for visiting my new site. Yes, I’m lucky that Tin was kind enough to offer me a new home and helped me with the move. I do hope to meet her (and cutie Amelie) soon, and definitely over some good food!

  5. hmmm.. i think there’s something wrong with your comment feature. when i left one this morning there were atleast two others and now there’s nothing in your queue…?

    Girlie…all solved! User error! LOL…j/k

  6. your wishlist looks really yummy. hope you get all of them.

    Dexie: thanks! i hope so too! =D

  7. fab new site! now once you go wordpress, you won’t go back…

    Char! How are you?! thanks for stopping by. I am loving wordpress, but it’ll take me some time to get familiar with everything!

  8. your new home rocks!!! and your wishlist is AWESOME, but seems like you will be able to have all that is in it. good luck.

    SexyMom: thanks so much! i don’t think I’ll get ALL, but i will probably end up buying myself the phone off ebay!

  9. Oooh I was convinced I wanted an iPhone but after seeing the phone on your wishlist I’m not so sure!

    Congrats on your new home 🙂

    Christianne: the iPhone looks amazing! but i don’t need all those cool features though… this LG phone would be enough for me! thanks for checking out my new home! how’s Bochie?

  10. so… this is it. you joined marikit.net

    i love UCB and i also want to have that hip hop abs video.

    Evi: I like Benetton’s suits because they look modern and fit me without tons of alteration; and have you seen the informercial for HipHop Abs! Makes you want to dance!

  11. Congrats on your new home! WordPress is the bomb, and you can do a helluva lot with it. Do you have a Loopstation yet?!

    Thanks Kala! no Loopstation yet…heck, I don’t even know what that is! lol… I’m not quite as tech-savy as you my dear.

  12. Hey Kat! nice new crib 🙂 been busy with some special projects for work so I have been neglecting my blog and visiting other blogs.. but I’m back 🙂 Take care! hugs to Jakey!

  13. You have all the bragging rights to your kid. Brag about him all you want and I will listen. They don’t remain to be babies.

    Congratulations on the move.

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