because moms need to “brag” sometimes

26 June 2007

You know those moms who just go on and on about their kids? They’re the type who gush and say things like “Well, Ben is so advanced for his age…etc.” or “Emily was the first in her class to start reading…” Before I became a mom, I’ve certainly rolled my eyes at some of those comments. Yes, I was interested since I love kids, but after 10 minutes of hearing it, you kinda tune that person out. So I swore that when I became a mom, I wouldn’t be like that and only offer updates when asked (unless of course, you’re the lolo or lola or a godparent ;). I told myself I wouldn’t be that kind of mom.

Now that I’m a mom, however, I’ve had a revelation! *cue angels singing* It’s definitely not about boasting or bragging. It’s simply about being proud of your child’s accomplishments! Now I understand. *lightbulb* Once in a while, you just have to let it all out! It’s like you’re bursting with all these great things you want to say about your child and you just want to share it with the world, dammit! So for me…

I’m really amazed at how much rockstar baby’s grown and learned in a matter of months. He definitely understands more of the world, is opinionated, and will even argue with you. He started walking before he was a year old, and even then, he already knew which shoes he liked to wear. Nowadays, he actually tries to put on the shoe himself! It’s so cute…he sticks his leg out and tries to put on his shoe with his outstretched hand. He’ll yell and point and say “this” or “shoes” to let you know what he wants. He also tries to dress himself and tries to put on his pants sometimes. And I’m just so happy that he’ll finally learning to talk! Here is his vocabulary so far (in alphabetical order):

  • ball <–quite possible his favorite word and points to anything resembling a ball
  • bubble
  • bye
  • dada
  • diaper (comes out as “ba-per” or “da-per” most of the time)
  • dog
  • hi (questionable)
  • mama (on the rare occassion he decides to call me this)
  • no
  • nose
  • shoes
  • teeth
  • this <–his first word
  • uh-oh <–his 2nd word and he said this mostly when he was 13 mos old; he hardly says this nowadays
  • Rockstar baby also knows most of his body parts (i.e., he’ll point to his feet, tummy, head, etc.) and loves to dance along with The Wiggles. He knows some of the sequences by heart and has his own favorite Wiggles tunes (like “Hot Potato” and “Wags the Dog.”) He also loves dogs but not when he actually sees them in person (he gets a bit scared). Once we get home, he makes a bee-line for his blue chair and he sits there and watches The Wiggles. He’ll even put his feet up on a stool (just like adults do), and then he’ll get up every few minutes to copy whatever dance they’re doing!

    It’s just a hoot to watch him. As the hubs and I say, he provides us with hours of amusement. Who knew watching a little baby try to do the “head-shoulders-knees-and-toes” dance would be so darn riveting? So even though before I became a parent and swore that I wouldn’t bore my friends with accounts of what my kid is doing, here I am doing it! hahah…..

    It’s definitely not about boasting or bragging. It’s simply about being proud of your child’s accomplishments. Like I said before, now I understand!

    And here’s more bragging!

    My band is featured on the ‘Artist Spotlight’ section of mtvU’s Best Music on Campus! We even filmed a little blurb and everything. We’ll be there this week only so please check us out!



    1. kat! alam mo, i felt the same way before about moms who bragged about their kids… stage mother moments, eww! pero now, i have a newfound respect for anabel rama! i’d brag about MY unica hija’s accomplishments to anybody who cares (or even if they don’t, hahah!) to listen. ooohh, just wait until rsb starts to really (try to) talk, then it’ll reaallyy get fun! 🙂

      welcome to the marikit family, kat! 🙂

      Meeya my kapit-bahay! Oh good I’m not the only one! Hahha..I don’t want to be a stage-mother type, but now I just want talk about what RSB can do to anyone who cares! And yes, I’m really looking forward to when he really starts talking! Can’t wait for him to say crazy things…

    2. I hear you about just bursting with baby stories sometimes! Even if we don’t want to brag and we don’t think our kids are smarter than other kids their age, each achievement feels so momentous to us moms just because it’s *OUR* kid who reaches this milestone 🙂

      Ang daming alam na words ni RSB! Ang anak ko naman baliktad, she calls *everyone* Mamma. If we say “kiss Pappa” or “give the ball to Mamma” she does the right action to the right person, but she seldom says Pappa, it’s always Mamma this and Mamma that 😀

      I’m listening to your mtvU music right now, astig! But why aren’t there any videos?

      Hi Christianne! Thanks for stopping by our mtvU page! No videos yet, but we’re tying to make one soon. And I totally agree with you –of course it feels momentous when it comes to OUR kid, di ba? But I’m still waiting for him to say Mama to me! And I’m hoping he starts feeding himself like your Bochie! The best he can do is feed himself his snacks…but he’s still learning to use his spoon (and we know how messy that is!)

    3. wow! he’s not even two and he already knows many words. i love to hear stories about your son and never thought of it as bragging. my son loves the wiggles, too.

      hooray to Plastiq Passion!

      Hi Evi! Thanks! He knows a lot of words (and understands a lot), but he doesn’t say them all the time. And I’m still waiting for him to say “mama” with regularity! LOL… How cool that Axel likes The Wiggles too! Has he been to a concert? We’re thinking of bringing Jakey to one…

    4. ngek, is that bragging? you mean to say i brag about louna all the time too? hehehe…

      wait till rsb starts constructing phrases..

      Ana! Of course you’re not bragging! I’m not bragging either! Is Louna doing phrases now? She is such a cute and chic little Frenchie! I only wish Jakey gets her appetite and appreciation for travel!

    5. Hello … I am the godmother and I have the right to know everything and anything about RSB. I need it so that when he moves to California to be with ninang, I am prepared. The boy is going to Stanford or UCLA. I am very happy he can say “bubble”!!!! RSB and Bubbles will get along just fine!!

      See you guys in a week!

      Ninang Karen! Can’t wait to see you guys! But I’m warning you…Jakey is a handful! We can’t even eat in a restaurant with him (we have to take turns eating)… he just wants to run around all day long. Nakakapagod.

    6. Aww, I love hearing about Jake’s adventures! They really are important things that should be shared with everyone! And fortunately all of your readers are always itching to hear about the new thing Jake’s done or accomplished ;D Say hello to him for me!

      P.S. Congrats on the mtvU’s Artist Spotlight!! You guys rock

      Hey Kristine! Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for the well-wishes! I just gave Jakey a big kiss for you!

    7. MtvU?? WOW!! It’s actually one of the two channels on our school TVs, so I’ll definitely be watching out for you. That’s SO rad, Kat!!

      Hi Kai! Thanks! Try to catch us this week since I think the Artist Spotlight is good for this week only!

    8. Oh Kat! I guess its a mom’s right to brag about her kid.. hahaha! I know I do. Every time AJ had a new milestone worth sharing, as soon as I arrive at the office, my first remark would always be “Alam mo ba si AJ..blah blah blah!” and I don’t care if the person who’s listening to me is interested or not.. I just want to share it to the world.. And if I’m lucky to have catch it on my video phone, I’ll show it to everyone as well.

      Hi Shiena! Great to hear from you! I know exactly what you mean! At least I always have the grandparents as a constant audience if I have no one else to share my rockstar baby news with! LOL…

    9. Kat! totally unrelated but have you heard the new Interpol and Editors albums??!! The Editors’ album is EXCELLENT, but really amazing… I mean, I wasn’t so sure that they could beat their first record but they totally did. Interpol’s record was a bit disappointing though. Maybe even a bit boring. Anyway, can’t wait to hear your feedback! But oh, the editors roooockkkkk!!!! (I’m sure you’ll adore The Racing Rats song!)

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