music and lyrics…and a PLEA FOR YOUR VOTE!

31 July 2007

So my weekend was all about music. Music in Brooklyn to be precise. My band played at the Luna Lounge in Williamsburg last Friday. The whole point of that show was so this indie label (who we’ve been communicating with) could come and watch us play at the venue they picked. Well, it didn’t turn out so well. Mainly because they didn’t show up. Bloody bastards! They emailed us Friday afternoon saying due to unforseen circumstances, they couldn’t come up from wherever they were. Whatever. Things happen. So we play anyway. Aside from the fact that our bass player came 15 minutes late for our set, it was all good. We had fun as usual.

Then Saturday, I got to see Sonic Youth! I haven’t been to a show in ages (aside from the ones where I play), so I was super-excited to see Sonic Youth at McCarren Park Pool. Oh, and did I mention I saw them for FREE?! Yep. Courtesy of my cousin Junior. They’re doing the Daydream Nation tour (classic, classic SY album) and played all the songs from that album. They also did a super-long encore featuring more current songs. They were excellent as usual. This is probably the 5th time I’ve seen them, and they are amazing live. (Aside: I also had a celeb-sighting while at the show and saw Chloe Sevigny –she’s much, much prettier in person). Even though I was close to the stage, I couldn’t take cool pictures with my rinky-dink camera. So here’s a few from Forklift which are just gorgeous:

Sonic Youth

Kim Gordon

Thurston Moore

All photos by Forklift.

Lastly, here’s a music plea for you. My band is one of 6 semi-finalists at the Biore GenArt Competition. We need your vote! All you have to do is click HERE, go to the MUSIC section, and vote for Plastiq Passion (under Jessica Chaos…dunno why it’s just her name now). The winners get a $20,000 grant! Thanks in advance for your help!



  1. voted! 🙂

    Tin! Thank you!

  2. Just voted for you! Good luck hun!

    Thanks Tintin! Appreciate the support!

  3. there…i just voted for you. goodluck!!!

    Thanks so much Jojo!

  4. done! (i made my hubby vote, too! hehe!) good luck 😀

    Meeya! Thanks so much! And thanks for making the hubs vote too! Hahah…

  5. You saw Chloe Sevigny?! I watch Big Love, and though her character is a bit.. rough, she can be hilarious and I love her! Very cool you saw her. =) And I voted for ya gals, good luck!

    Hey Ms. Lindo! I also watch Big Love, and I’ve liked Chloe since she first appeared in a Sonic Youth video! I have a love/hate relationship w/ her character Nikki. I thought she’d be taller, but I’m guesstimating she was only about 5’5 tops? Anyway, thanks for your vote!

  6. plastiq passion all the way! best of luck to your band!

    Thanks so much Evi!

  7. Am desperately trying to open the site on my snail-like dial-up… is it a flash site? Is there a link to an html version? I have to vote! It isn’t opening yet. But I’ll vote for you, whatever happens. And of course, as soon as the window opens.

    Oh, btw, lucky you! I can’t believe you’ve seen SY FIVE TIMES!!! NY is the place to be, oh man oh man I’m so envious of you! Lovely photos you’ve posted. Thurston Moore still looks like a cutie. And Kim Gordon is, as always, the Queen of Cool…

    Kala!! It’s always great to hear from you! Thanks so much for voting! And you def. have to come to NY just for the music scene! There’s always free shows (saw SY 2x free), and all the bands come through here at some point! Thurston and Kim will always the epitome of cool to me…

  8. ok, after half and hour of waiting for it to open it suddenly loads and i’ve already voted 🙂

  9. Congrats for being in the top 6! I’ll definitely vote for your band. 🙂

    KC: thanks so much!

  10. ey kat, goodluck to you and your band! I’ve made my vote already 🙂 Can’t seem to download fast enough to hear the songs 😦

    Hi Shiena!! Thanks so much for the vote!

  11. voted! best of luck to your band 🙂

    Thanks so much Ate Marie!

  12. Wow Sonic Youth! soooo envious!

    Voted! 😀

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