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it’s a holiday in atlanta!

26 September 2007

So I’m back from my quick jaunt to Atlanta. Left on Friday and came back Sunday. We definitely had a fun reunion with our friend Trish. Trish moved from NYC to Atlanta last year amd we’ve been missing her ever since. She was gracious enough to let all 5 of us (me, Girlie, Gail, Sol and her son Antonio) crash in her lovely home (as we expected her to! hee-hee). So it was fun to just talk, relax, and eat, eat, and eat! Atlanta was definitely a place to just relax and savor things –definitely not as busy as NYC, and definitely Southern.

Trish’s neighborhood is so picturesque and pristine. All the homes are gorgeous with brick faces and perfectly manicured lawns. It’s enticing really, especially since the real estate market in Atlanta is pretty darn cheap. Where else can you get a new home built in 2000, with 4 bedrooms, a basement, backyard, 2-car garage, sunroom, and the whole-9 for less than $300K? Hell, that kind of house in my little city of Fort Lee goes for more than $1M! And it would even be waaay smaller.

Trish’s lovely home:
Casa de Ferreras

Group pic at the World of Coca-Cola:
World of Coke Big Group Pic

Pecan Pancakes!
Pecan Pancakes

I also had a reunion with an old high school teacher of mine. I was in his Creative Writing class and he was also the advisor for our school paper (I was the Editor-in-Chief, natch!). We kept in touch sporadically when I went to college, but then that fizzled out. Earlier this year, he found me on Myspace of all places! Hahah…kinda odd, but kinda cool at the same time. We had a blast talking –catching up, musical critiques of today’s bands, my band, writing, life, literature! It was just like our conversations in high school.

High School Reunion

For more pics, click here.


why pregnant chicks shouldn’t go out to bars

18 September 2007

UPDATE: Since I’ve gotten some comments about this, let me clear the air: SMOKING IS ILLEGAL IN ALL NYC BARS AND RESTAURANTS. So no, I did not expose my baby-to-be or myself to second-hand smoke. I think the smell alone would nauseate me, plus I hate smelling like cigarettes. Thanks for your concern.

I had my Saturday night all planned out: dinner with good friends at a cool place in the city and then dancing/drinks at a bar with even more friends. I was really looking forward to it since I don’t go out on a normal basis (with the exception of playing gigs and watching other bands). The hubs and I don’t even go to movies or restaurants because of the kid. So it was a treat to get dolled-up and go to a chic restaurant. We went to EN Japanese Brasserie –I’ve been there before and I really like the food (try it if you’re in the area but expect to pay $$$). I went with my friends Girlie, Sol, and Ray and we had a great meal. We even got seated in a nice private room and everything.

Dinner @ EN

Afterwards, we were supposed to go to REWIND and meet up with some girlfriends for a pseudo bachelorette party. I was thinking, “hey I know the owner. We’ll sit down, have some drinks on the house (or juice for me), and chillax.” Well, traffic getting there was horrendous. Parking was even more horrendous. The Lower East Side is a madhouse on the weekends past 11 pm. So we find a questionable parking spot. Questionable because it was near a hydrant but I managed to park about 8 ft away from it. I park.

At 12:40 am, we get to the bar and everyone and their mom was there. It’s not a huge bar to begin with so everyone was packed in there like sardines. Fat chance of finding a place to sit. It took us 10 minutes to get to the middle of the bar (which is probably just over 10 feet away). Everyone was at your face and there was absolutely no elbow room. How you’re supposed to buy a drink and dance is beyond me but other non-pregnant people seemed to manage it. I was busy shielding myself with elbows out for good measure. We inch our way to the back of the bar to try to find my friends. No dice. So after about 20 minutes, I tell Girlie let’s go. As we inch our way back to the exit, we run into our friend Gail. Finally! So we weave back through the bar behind her to try to find other grils. Bad mistake. So we weave through, I get fondled by some dude and his hands go all up in my business. Meanwhile, I can’t tell who it is and I’m trying to move away but there’s really no room to move away. On the plus side, I guess it’s good to know I’m still considered…err, grope-able! Hahaha…

So we get back to the car and of course I get a parking ticket, OF. COURSE. It’s a whopping $115 that I can’t really afford seeing as to I have have over $5K in credit card debt. But what’s another $115, right? Oh joy. I should’ve just gone straight home after dinner.

So the moral of this story?

  • If you’re preggo, don’t go into a bar expecting the crowd to part the waters for you
  • If you’re preggo, don’t expect to be exempt from being groped
  • If you’re preggo, just go home when you don’t find parking so you don’t end up with a $115-dollar ticket
  • If you’re preggo, find a bigger bar to chill in if you must go out and party
  • Eh, I still haven’t learned my lesson! I’m planning on living it up this weekend when I go visit Hot-lanta with my friends. See ya when I get back!


    “skeletons in my closet”

    12 September 2007

    I was emailing my friend Karen about a wedding I went to (my brother-in-law’s) where one of the guests happened to be this guy I dated for a hot minute (yes, the hubs knows). So Karen says “how come I’ve never heard of all these guys between John (the high-school sweetheart) and Mark (the hubs)” ? Eh, it’s not like I’ve dated a whole slew of guys to begin with –and by “dated,” I mean guys I’ve had actual relationships with lasting more than 2 months and whose penises I’ve actually seen. (For the record: 5 including the hubs).

    But her question also made me think about just how little my friends probably know about the crazy shit I’ve done in my life (not that I’m a jet-set rockstar, of course). When I read other (mostly Filipino-authored) blogs, I also think about how darn wholesome they are. This is not a put-down, by any means. All I’m saying is that those other (Filipino) bloggers write cleverly and have great entries about the goings-on in their life, but there’s nary a curse-word in there, nor anything about sex, drugs, or anything inappropriate. Is this just self-inflicted censorship? Maybe. But this certainly affects my blogging in the sense that I feel I have to put some sort of restraint in my own entries (that, and I don’t want to get in trouble with work. Again).

    But when I started this blog, it was all about self-expression and free association. Also, my blog header does included “mayhem” in it, right?! So from now on, I’m going to be more open to myself and write the way I want to write.

    So today’s topic is about skeletons in the closet. Here’s a couple of bones I’d like to throw out there:

  • I’ve had sex in Central Park.
  • I don’t like eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets because sometime during college, I smoked up, got the munchies, finished a whole 20-piece nugget box with sweet-and-sour sauce (and I hate sweet-and-sour sauce) and passed out. When I woke up, the taste of the nuggets just basically stayed with me for days! UGH.
  • Ok. And that’s that. More new posts to come.


    rockstar baby’s news

    2 September 2007

    Here’s a couple of pics rockstar baby wanted to share:

    aerial view

    my goofy grin