“skeletons in my closet”

12 September 2007

I was emailing my friend Karen about a wedding I went to (my brother-in-law’s) where one of the guests happened to be this guy I dated for a hot minute (yes, the hubs knows). So Karen says “how come I’ve never heard of all these guys between John (the high-school sweetheart) and Mark (the hubs)” ? Eh, it’s not like I’ve dated a whole slew of guys to begin with –and by “dated,” I mean guys I’ve had actual relationships with lasting more than 2 months and whose penises I’ve actually seen. (For the record: 5 including the hubs).

But her question also made me think about just how little my friends probably know about the crazy shit I’ve done in my life (not that I’m a jet-set rockstar, of course). When I read other (mostly Filipino-authored) blogs, I also think about how darn wholesome they are. This is not a put-down, by any means. All I’m saying is that those other (Filipino) bloggers write cleverly and have great entries about the goings-on in their life, but there’s nary a curse-word in there, nor anything about sex, drugs, or anything inappropriate. Is this just self-inflicted censorship? Maybe. But this certainly affects my blogging in the sense that I feel I have to put some sort of restraint in my own entries (that, and I don’t want to get in trouble with work. Again).

But when I started this blog, it was all about self-expression and free association. Also, my blog header does included “mayhem” in it, right?! So from now on, I’m going to be more open to myself and write the way I want to write.

So today’s topic is about skeletons in the closet. Here’s a couple of bones I’d like to throw out there:

  • I’ve had sex in Central Park.
  • I don’t like eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets because sometime during college, I smoked up, got the munchies, finished a whole 20-piece nugget box with sweet-and-sour sauce (and I hate sweet-and-sour sauce) and passed out. When I woke up, the taste of the nuggets just basically stayed with me for days! UGH.
  • Ok. And that’s that. More new posts to come.



    1. go kat! 😀 don’t mind my goody-two-shoes blog, i just don’t have anything like, uh, your central park jaunt to write in there, hehe.

      and you’re right, this is your space so just write whatever you want. i promise, i’ll try not to cringe in my prim undies. 😀

      Hahah…Meeya you are hilarious! Well my life will never be TMZ material, but I will be more open when I write in general, subject matter be damned!

    2. For me its just self-inflicted censorship and somethings should be kept in private..hehehe! But of course I have my own skeletons too, I’m just afraid to admit them in public.

      Shenski, I totally agree with you on the fact that some things should be kept private –I guess each person differs on what that “thing” is, huh? I’m not an extrovert to begin with, so I’m never going to suddenly talk like some trashy person just because that’s not me. But I will try to write more openly in general and if it’s a subject matter that may be taboo, then so be it!

    3. i agree with you, with very few exceptions, most blogs are wholesome–most of what i’ve read are by Pinoys, and by that we tend to more discreet about our private lives. but our blogs being our personal space, i do agree that we should be more expressive and honest. heck, i’ve been wanting to write about daydreaming about having Wentworth Miller’s naked body in my living room!!!

      Jojo, Wentworth Miller is yummy! I’m so with you on that daydream! Hahah…. Thanks for your comment. I do think us Pinoys are more discreet and I’m all for not blasting your dirty laundry out there. I just think that on occasion, it would be cool and completely normal to just write what you’re feeling and express it the way you want to without having to worry about censoring yourself.

    4. Yea, I know what you mean about the self-censorship. Believe me, I ain’t as wholesome as I look. A lot of people are shocked to hear me cuss for example…if they only knew. I’m so freakin’ weird I usually wait until I think the person is open-minded enough to reveal my other layers.

      My confession: I’ve had sex in an AMC theatre bathroom. Hahah!

      Tin, *gasp* You have?! Your daring girl you! Hahah… I’m glad you shared this bit about yourself (the being not so wholesome!). It’s funny because what we read about is what that person decides to share, so it is weird to know things that seem so out-of-character, di ba? Like you cursing? I think I’d have to hear it first! But I too wait to reveal my “weirdness” until the appropriate time.

    5. I love drugs!!! 😀

      Kala! Hahha…oh great! Another thing to share when you visit NYC aside from going to shows! Hahah…

    6. Is this a challenge? Let me see, arr, err, umm.. nope, I am really a goody-two shoes! Just kidding. I will share it with you when we see each other again. Let’s just say that married men are better kissers. hahaha

      Drugs – ummm, one time I was so hungry, I ate cold rice with patis.

      Karen…so hungry because of weed? Or just hungry? hahah…. I like your tidbit. Would love to hear more about it!

    7. good for you mama kat and a great entry too, BTW. i used to censor myself during the first year or so of my blogging. then one day i just said, WTF, i’ll just let it all out.

      Batjay! It’s always a treat when you stop by! Thanks for the words of encouragement! I wish to write more like you –shoot from the hip with no inhibitions!

    8. all, hail the girl who actually owned up to the digit(s) of men she’s been with. 😀

      i’m with you on this, kat. though sometimes i also feel like im holding back when all i want to curse my brains out. but on those occasions when i do lash out, damn it felt so right (for me at least).

      Abby, now it’s your turn! Hee-hee! I hear yah on holding back. I mean in my head, I don’t talk “proper” all the time and I do pepper my conversations with the occasional expletive. When I write, I try to write in perfect grammar, but my goal is to just let it out when the occasion calls for it!

    9. i’ve heard about the central park stint. but, where in CP?

      doood, let’s fly to LA and hang out with karen and talk about shit like this.

      Girlie, you have? Wasn’t sure. Dunno where but it’s near where they have concerts/dances in Summer Stage. I’ll fly to L.A. anytime before January –my only problem is cash! =P

    10. Haha you are braver than I. I think I could only admit to certain things about my life when I’m like…88 or so. Hell, it was hard enough to admit that my kid needed “professional help” for something! Anyway, I like my self-censorship. I figure it’ll save me from something horrible when I’m famous. (Yeah, right!) haha…

      Hmm…now I’m more intrigued about you Trish! So my goal in ATL is to have you divulge at least one secret! Hahah… Well I’m just trying to write more openly in general. This doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to start talking trash for the hell of it.

    11. very bold indeed! i admire you for sharing intimate secrets in your blog… a blog is there for us to write whatever we want to, right? so just be yourself.

      hopping from Evi.

      Hey Jo! Thanks for stopping by! I’m trying to write more openly about things, but of course, there are always some things that should be kept secret! Hee-hee!

    12. I agree with G – all of you – fly to LA! We’ll have one night of just sharing, drugs, and making out with each other – but I have to be in bed by 10am (I am getting old).

      Plus – LA has that nasty Pinkberry (yogurt) stuff is so hot right now – no offense, but it’s nasty! I will buy all of you guys a scoop.

      Karen, I’d so love to go to L.A and just chillax! If I can squeeze in a couple of days before January I’ll let you know! But it’s highly unlikely since I can barely afford to cover our electricity bill! Ugh. I see Pinkberry on The Hills and it doesn’t look good to me at all. But I’m, game to check out out Urth Cafe!

    13. Kat, I don’t think it’s self-censorship, for me at least. I think it’s more to do with no-one-needs-to-know-since-it’s-my-life kinda thing and a need-to-know basis. Hmm… now I see memes a-coming! 🙂

      Char, you are so right. I’m not really that kind of person that can talk intimate details (ala the girls of Sex and the City, etc..). I am definitely and introvert, but I will try to share stories about myself and write the way I talk in my head (makes sense?) We’ll see how it goes!

    14. Central Park?? Look at the cajones on you! ;D I love skeletons ;P

      I used to overrrshare and now I feel like I undershare. I can’t find a happy medium! Maybe I’ll take a cue from you and see where I end up.. 😉 Thanks for sharing–you’re my hero-ine!

      Kristine, it wasn’t a big deal. Hardly memorable except for the ‘where it was’ part. LOL…. I say share only what you feel like sharing! I’m not a big talker myself, but I figure some funny stories are worth sharing.

    15. Kat – it is me again, sorry. I just have one story to share. Yesterday, I went on an interview (same company, different department). The guy that interviewed me is also in my graduate program, just a year ahead of me. Anyway, he googled me before my interview and read everything about my poop! I was so red, I forgot about my blog and how everyone in the world can read it.

      Karen! Hahah…well you do have your full name out there! How did he even bring it up? That’s so funny. Some companies don’t mind the blogging as long as they are not involved in it. But watch out. You are definitely Google-able!

    16. Woohoo! I dropped by just in time then
      You made me think there for a bit. I had to ask myself if I have been censoring myself, but I don’t think so. I did post about stress-related sex-problems back in June-July (i think)

      But compared to sex in Central Park, my post is indeed demure hehe

      I always wanted to try risky places but the most I got near was a romp on a isolated hill, I guess that doesn’t count – no one goes there at midnight.

      Auee, it’s definitely good to be carefl about what you say out in the internet. I’m sure my own words will come back to haunt me! Thanks for sharing! I like what you shared about the hill! I say go for it again especially if no one’s there!

    17. Interesting blog, Kat!… You’re even spunkier than I thought hehehe (Not like you weren’t already… but you get my point). I’m all for speaking out if it floats your boat and you can handle whatever may come of it….

      Note: I used to be the same way…. but somewhere along the aging timeline, I’ve done that self-inflicting censorship thing. For me, being vocal and “out there” was fun and intriguing for my first 30 years of life… But then one day it came back to slap me in the face, and then I chose to become a bit more private.

      More power to you for being able to put yourself out there for the world to see your skeletons – That takes guts. =)

      Sol, well as I get older, I tend to be more inhibited of course and don’t do half the shit I used to do. So I figure, I can at least write about my past adventures! Yes, I know my words will probably come back to haunt me, but it’s about me and I’m not dragging anyone else’s name into it so it should be all good. I hope! And this no way means I’m suddenly going to be an extrovert –this is on a case-by-case basis only!

    18. Did Karen say POOP???? oooh… now I wanna go read her blog hahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      … What POOP!??? What POOP!!???? Where?! Where?!

      Sol check out her blog at: http://www.karensaysay.blogspot.com

    19. Being preggo is even worse in prison haha. Well at least there is equality?
      Anyway no I’m not related to exene cervenka but I do admire that she once with that lord of the rings guy.

      Hey Exene, thanks for stopping by! Yeah Exene is cool and I like her band X (that and Viggo of course!)

    20. go kat! and hey, how did you do it in CP?.. people are everywhere!

      Analyse…you got to have some skills! Hahah…it also doesn’t hurt to wear a skirt 😉

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