party like a rockstar weekend…

2 October 2007

Why is it the one time I’m actually treated like a rockstar and offered unlimited free booze, I happen to be pregnant and not able to partake in any? Eh. At least I still got to experience it.
My band plastiq passion played at REBEL this past Saturday with UK punk legends The Vibrators. We were invited to be the opening act by Rebel bookie Melody (such a sweetie, by the way), and we were happy to accept!

Rebel is a darn cool place to play. It’s a three-level nightclub and it’s quite swanky. The bands actually got a “dressing room” type place to chill, and there was a spread of free food (snacks galore!), drinks, and booze all for us to enjoy! I was quite pleased.

We got on at 7:30 pm and despite it being an early time slot, the place was already filling up with fans. A lot of folks were there not only for the Vibrators, but also for the second-act: glam-band Semi-Precious Weapons. We were well-received, I must say. A few people came up to us, and a couple of photographers grabbed our shots! It was a sweet night, even though I didn’t actually stay for the headliners (I was tired, what can I say? I can party like a rockstar, but only until 10 pm! hahhaha).

Plastiq Passion as Couch Potatoes
couch potatoes
Photo by Chris Frump
the band doing its thing
The Vibrators! (photo by Chris Frump)
The Vibrators at Rebel!

More photos here. We met Frump, this cool photographer who took loads of pics of us in campy poses! We’re waiting for the full set, but you can find a few if you click the link.

The rest of the weekend was spent moping around the house (long story). But I did try to make myself feel better! Check out my shiny new toy:

I got myself some bling! (yes, I know the word ‘bling’ is passe…but I still use it!)
my shiny new toy
More next week… I’ve got 2 trials coming up at work which will take up my time…wish me luck!



  1. ahhh…i should have been there…

  2. congrats on the show, good luck with your trials (i was on a jury recently, and i saw first hand how lawyers must be on their toes!) and love your new bling ;P

  3. Wow, great pics!

    I know what you mean about missing alcohol. I sure want to imbibe nowadays but worry how it’ll affect the breastmilk. I swear I’m only gonna breastfeed this baby until 6 mos…am I bad mom for wanting the nursing to be over with???

    And now I’m curious as to the cause of the moping. πŸ™‚

  4. wow, great photos! what a great gig to front for the vibrators! πŸ™‚ good luck on your trials! πŸ™‚

  5. nice bling. like your skull sneakers.

  6. how ironic..you get unlimited free booze but you’re pregnant 😦 But glad you were not tempted. And congrats to your band.. those these exposures are baby steps to stardom!

    take care!! and kisses to rockstar kuya:) oh btw, how many months are you?

  7. hi kat! nice shoes and bling. πŸ™‚ goodluck with the trials. πŸ™‚

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