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10 things about me

29 November 2007

I know I haven’t updated, but it’s hard to find the energy or the time to do so. It’s actually not the easiest thing in the world to be pregnant, have a full-time job that requires you to be on your feet, take care of an almost-two-year-old, and juggle all your daily chores all at the same time. There is really not enough hours in the day to do everything you want. But I’m really not complaining. Really. I like being pregnant now almost as much as I did the first time. I don’t have any major problems save for the fact that I feel the baby’s coming out at the end of the day! Heck, yesterday, I got monitored by the doctor because I climbed 6 flights of stairs (what can I say, our elevators work only when they want to) and started to cramp (and spot!) So to be on the safe side, she asked to see me. All was well. .

So as an update, here’s 10 things that are going on in my life (in no particular order):

1. I am 3/4ths done with my Christmas shopping! I usually like to wait till the last minute (better sales), but I went shopping the Saturday after Thanksgiving and got a lot of gifts. I love giving gifts and would spend $$$ on my family and friends if I could! But alas, I am currently living on $37.61 in my bank account until next payday (which is not until Dec. 7th!) because I used up what little I had.

2. My momma took me shopping! At Neiman Marcus! A store I hardly go in because I always walk out sad and empty-handed. But thanks to her generosity, I am now the proud owner of a cool Marc Jacobs top, a gorgeous silk Theory top, and a beautiful silk Theory dress! And they fit now AND after I give birth because they are normal size! Yay! My mom rocks!

3. I have started to wear make-up to work just because I feel old and busted most of the time. I’ve been using Bare Escentuals for a few years now ever since I saw their infomerical circa 2002. I swear I look the same with or without it and no one’s ever made a comment about it. But recently, I go for the whole nine and do all 4 steps of it (and not just the first powder topped with Warmth). Still no difference. But now I’m using eyeliner AND mascara too! Alas, no one has made a comment either. Pshaw!

4. I hate the fact that I am not photogenic. It’s true, even the hubs says so. When I was preggo the first time around though, I suddenly became photogenic and got that “glow” everyone talks about. Not so this time around! Just look at this photo my friend took. I look old and tired in this pic. I’m starting to get fine lines under my eyes! Egads! No crow’s feet, but still! Fine lines. Under my eyes! This is also why I started wearing make-up.

5. I found a new perfume that does not make me gag. My perfume of choice has always been Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll, but I haven’t worn this in a while (even though I still like it). They tell new moms not to wear perfume or use scented soaps around their baby, and I’ve followed this even now that rockstar baby’s almost 2 years old. I hate it when I pick up Jakey and he smells like some other person’s perfume. I mean, it just makes sense not to wear over-powering stuff when you’re around babies, right? But my new favorite scent is Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. I had their lotion and bath gel years ago and forgot all about it. I rediscovered it over the weekend and now I go crazy trying to layer scent. It smells like baby cologne and is oh-so-refreshing! I highly recommend it!

6. I now weigh 126 pounds. At this point, the recommended weight gain for pregnant moms is about 1 pound a week which is 4 pounds a month. Last month, I gained 8 pounds apparently. But I actually don’t care; I’m trying to fatten up the kid although I should do it in a more healthy way and stop eating sundaes every night! And Popeyes!

7. I am in nesting mode and I’m trying to organize and clean the house constantly (although the hubs would probably says he doesn’t see a difference!). A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out some boxes in the garage; and this weekend, I’m trying to put together a bookcase so I can put some stray books away. I have waay too many books. My next goal is to unearth Jakey’s old baby clothes to get them ready.

8. I really want to just go out with the hubs and have dinner and see a movie. One of these days. *sigh*

9. I’m thinking of quitting the band. I hardly have energy now, and I’m sure I won’t have energy when I have two kids to take care of! I’m currently “training” my replacement right now although she doesn’t need any training. She’s only 19 years old, plays by ear, picks up licks in a second, and has been playing for 7 years! She rocks! I guess I’ll have to decide later…

10. I’m really worried about how we’re going to survive while I’m on maternity leave. With generous parents, I’m sure we won’t go hungry; but it really sucks to have to rely on them to help me with my car payments when I’m out-of-work and unpaid for 6 months. This is why I really need to find a higher-paying job whether I want to or not. Talk about crossroads.

There’ll be another 10-things-about-me soon enough.


baby on the brain!

10 November 2007

I haven’t updated in a while because of work –I’m swamped. My desk is a mess, I’m in the middle of motions and trials, and I haven’t had much downtime. It’s all good though. I just got a guilty verdict on a jury trial I had so I’m riding on that high! But when I’m not doing work, I’m thinking of the baby!

I officially have baby on the brain and I think the “I’ve having a girl!” news has finally hit me. I.Am.Going.To.Have.A.Daughter. I really can’t wait to go scouting for cool outfits (preferably not too much pink if I can help it). Most of my friends know I don’t really go for “traditional” outfits. I mean, rockstar baby has Cure, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix shirts! So I plan to dress my baby girl in similar outfits. However, I must admit that there are a lot of cute, “conventional” clothing out there. I’m also keeping track of the essentials we need for this bebe. We definitely don’t need a lot of stuff. But it’s so much fun just to look at the cool things out there.

I don’t think we’re going to have a shower since traditionally most parents are thrown only one in their life. I did set up a registry at Target just because I want to keep track of things I want/need. Also, you get a discount off most the items on your list after the due date! Hee-hee. I totally wish I registered for other things the first go round now that I know better! Like an electric breastpump. I bought a Medela one which I love –why I didn’t register for it is beyond me. I guess I didn’t think I would need it? So now, I registered for extra pump parts so that I don’t have to continuously wash the parts I have since I pumped about 5 times a day!

I’m also buying a used bassinet from craigslist. Baby girl won’t have her own crib for another 6 months or so. My plan is to have baby girl with us in our room while big brother sleeps in his crib in the nursery. At some point, we’ll have to transition rockstar baby to a toddler bed and then move baby girl to the crib. This is why I’m glad I decorated the nursey in sage and cream colors –it’s perfectly neutral. The crib bedding I have is neutral too, although I have to buy some new crib sets since my favorite one has been washed one too many times.

Here’s my top 10 list o’ things I need (okay, want!) for the new bebĂ© (for now):

1. Diapers! You can never have too many!
2. Ditto for wipes!
3. Babylicious “Happy” Bedding Set
4. The cutest shoes from Livie and Luca! (this, she won’t need for a while but aren’t they adorable?!)
5. A Britax Boulevard convertible car seat (although we have an infant one for now).
6. A BabyBjorn carrier –never had one, but always thought it would be handy. Especially since we won’t be getting a double stroller for a while.
7. This newborn outfit in cream and brown. When rockstar baby was a newborn, I thought he’d fit into the outfits I bought for him. As it turns out, the 0-3 month old clothes were a little too big for him the first month! So I am definitely getting a few newborn pieces.
8. Halo Sleepsack Organic Set –we’re a big fan of sleep sacks and they are very handy.
9. This gorgeous blankie to keep her warm.
10. Another hamper for dirty clothes.

This is so much fun! I’m so excited about my baby girl! I’m already in a frenzy trying to clean out the house and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. There’s really never enough time to do chores… oh well!

Before I leave off, here’s a few shout-outs:

  • Happy Birthday to Noah! My friend Patricia (and her hubs) just welcomed a new addition to their family! Baby Noah was born in record time on Oct. 28th!
  • I finally met the infamous AbbyG! It was so much fun to meet you! We definitely have to meet up again –sa Hagis, di ba?
  • Have a great weekend folks!