baby on the brain!

10 November 2007

I haven’t updated in a while because of work –I’m swamped. My desk is a mess, I’m in the middle of motions and trials, and I haven’t had much downtime. It’s all good though. I just got a guilty verdict on a jury trial I had so I’m riding on that high! But when I’m not doing work, I’m thinking of the baby!

I officially have baby on the brain and I think the “I’ve having a girl!” news has finally hit me. I.Am.Going.To.Have.A.Daughter. I really can’t wait to go scouting for cool outfits (preferably not too much pink if I can help it). Most of my friends know I don’t really go for “traditional” outfits. I mean, rockstar baby has Cure, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix shirts! So I plan to dress my baby girl in similar outfits. However, I must admit that there are a lot of cute, “conventional” clothing out there. I’m also keeping track of the essentials we need for this bebe. We definitely don’t need a lot of stuff. But it’s so much fun just to look at the cool things out there.

I don’t think we’re going to have a shower since traditionally most parents are thrown only one in their life. I did set up a registry at Target just because I want to keep track of things I want/need. Also, you get a discount off most the items on your list after the due date! Hee-hee. I totally wish I registered for other things the first go round now that I know better! Like an electric breastpump. I bought a Medela one which I love –why I didn’t register for it is beyond me. I guess I didn’t think I would need it? So now, I registered for extra pump parts so that I don’t have to continuously wash the parts I have since I pumped about 5 times a day!

I’m also buying a used bassinet from craigslist. Baby girl won’t have her own crib for another 6 months or so. My plan is to have baby girl with us in our room while big brother sleeps in his crib in the nursery. At some point, we’ll have to transition rockstar baby to a toddler bed and then move baby girl to the crib. This is why I’m glad I decorated the nursey in sage and cream colors –it’s perfectly neutral. The crib bedding I have is neutral too, although I have to buy some new crib sets since my favorite one has been washed one too many times.

Here’s my top 10 list o’ things I need (okay, want!) for the new bebé (for now):

1. Diapers! You can never have too many!
2. Ditto for wipes!
3. Babylicious “Happy” Bedding Set
4. The cutest shoes from Livie and Luca! (this, she won’t need for a while but aren’t they adorable?!)
5. A Britax Boulevard convertible car seat (although we have an infant one for now).
6. A BabyBjorn carrier –never had one, but always thought it would be handy. Especially since we won’t be getting a double stroller for a while.
7. This newborn outfit in cream and brown. When rockstar baby was a newborn, I thought he’d fit into the outfits I bought for him. As it turns out, the 0-3 month old clothes were a little too big for him the first month! So I am definitely getting a few newborn pieces.
8. Halo Sleepsack Organic Set –we’re a big fan of sleep sacks and they are very handy.
9. This gorgeous blankie to keep her warm.
10. Another hamper for dirty clothes.

This is so much fun! I’m so excited about my baby girl! I’m already in a frenzy trying to clean out the house and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. There’s really never enough time to do chores… oh well!

Before I leave off, here’s a few shout-outs:

  • Happy Birthday to Noah! My friend Patricia (and her hubs) just welcomed a new addition to their family! Baby Noah was born in record time on Oct. 28th!
  • I finally met the infamous AbbyG! It was so much fun to meet you! We definitely have to meet up again –sa Hagis, di ba?
  • Have a great weekend folks!



    1. hi kat!

      well done on the guilty verdict. the shoes are so cute. 🙂

      Hi Denden! Thanks so much! The verdict was a validation of sorts and I felt like I really accomplished something! And aren’t the shoes darling?! How are you wedding plans coming along?

    2. it’s amazing how expensive kids’ stuff cost nowadays. at least you have most of the things you need from having jakey. i still can’t believe you’re having you’re having your second kid – a girl even!

      Hey ya Girlie! Actually, there’s tons of bargains out there for kids stuff. The essentials are always affordable (although they do add up), but it’s the neat and cool stuff that you don’t really need that’s pricey! Heck, you’re the one who wants a Bugaboo, right? May I suggest a Quinny when you’re ready? It unfolds itself and is actually cheaper! Man, there is a lot of oh-so-cute baby girl stuff out there….must pace myself! LOL.

    3. i don’t blame you. i’ll be excited, too. if only there’s a way to make sure that the next one will be a girl, i will definitely go for it.

      Evi! So you mean to say you’re only hesitating b/c you can’t predict the sex? Hahaha! Okay, how ’bout *I*promise you you’ll have a girl! Seth needs a sibling soon! I was an only child for 8 years until my bro came along. I was losing hope!

    4. Ooh you met Abby!? Lucky you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And I hope you get everything on your baby wishlist (and more!).

      Toni-tones! Yes, Girlie and I met up with Abby –I thought it was high time since we live in the same area! And thanks for the wishlist support! I’m pretty sure I”ll get something out of it because I know I’ll buy a few things from it myself! Lol!

    5. hala, infamous, people might think i’m more than the BS i talk about, heehee!

      Yiheee, the mom’s getting really excited for the baby girl’s coming! 🙂

      Abs, you are infamous to me! Meeting the face behind a blog I j’adore is always a treat!

    6. Those are very cute items.. i love the bedding set and the outfit in cream and brown. I’m so excited for you…
      it would be cool to see rockstar mommy and rockstar bebe girl wearing the same shirt during a stroll 🙂

    7. uuuy excited.:D but i can’t blame you! when i had ninna, i had outfits of hers planned until she’s seventeen, hehehe! there’s just a lot of cute and cool stuff out there for baby girls (sadly, more than for baby boys) and, fortunately, not all of them are in pink hehe.

      congrats about the guilty verdict, that’s one scum off the streets thanks to you. 🙂

    8. excited for you too.. rockstar bb girl coming! you will enjoy every moment of scouting for cool stuffs for baby girls, im sure.

    9. Seems like I missed a lot! Congratulations, Kat! I look forward to reading about your Rockstar family – mom, baby boy and now a baby girl! Wow. 🙂

    10. i can feel the excitement from here!! i’m sure you’ll have a grand time shopping!

    11. with my 2nd girl, aside from the hand me downs from her Ate, I would also prefer non-pink stuff–i’m still for traditional girly outfits–but would like them in the hues of purple, green and yellow.

      happy shopping Kat!

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