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30 January 2008

So I told the hubs the other day that I’m considering getting my “tubes tied” as they say. The first thing he brought up was “well what if I died and you got remarried and your new husband wants kids?” Puh-lease. If that ever happened *heaven forbid*, I would certainly NOT remarry and just play the scene. And if I did remarry, too darn bad; the new guy would get me the way I am. So I ask him again, “what do you think about getting my tubes tied?” He thinks it’s too drastic and unecessary, but I don’t see him volunteering to get his snipped off!

Here’s the scenario though: The hubs says he’s done with the 2 kids (and he would’ve only considered a 3rd child had the first two been both girls). As for me? I’m not really sure. I think I would be down to have another child. But then I’m reminded of how darn tiring it is to care for small children (yes, even though I do know they grow up eventually). Plus, our house is small and we’d have to move out to a bigger place or renovate (something we’re considering regardless). At this point, I think having 2 kids is just right for us right now. The only other reason I wouldn’t get my tubes tied is that I would consider being a surrogate mother. Really. Don’t ask me at this point, but later on when I’ve recovered. But I’m just thinking out loud right now (and sharing it with the internet =).

So I thought I’d toss out this question for your consideration. Half of the people I talk to say yes, and half say “no, it’s too drastic.” I would just like to say for the record that I’m sick of being on the pill (or some sort of birth control) for about half my life now. I really don’t want to take any more hormones! So this is why I’m considering a tubal ligation or Essure. The other option I’m contemplating at this point is using Mirena. I don’t actually know any women who’ve used it, but the literature I’m reading is pretty informative and positive.

If you ask me right now, I can’t imagine being pregnant again. This pregnancy is definitely more tiring that the first. Yes, it’s because I already have a toddler to take care of, but it’s also because of work (trying cases while you’re pregnant is very, very draining) and just dealing with everyday stuff. I feel so much heavier than the first time and I really feel like the baby is coming out any minute now! I won’t even tell you have the stuff I have to deal with that I didn’t deal with the first time! Let me just say, I’m considering a scheduled-C just to avoid worsening the damage! 😉

Then again, I’ve always loved children and always considered the possibility of having a big family. The only thing stopping me is reality. Right now, I know we can’t support more than 2 kids and still enjoy and maintain the lifestyle we want for ourselves. We know our limits and we don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin. Others do bring up the point “well about down the line in a few years when maybe your circumstances have changed?”

Well, I still got time to think about it, I suppose.


a baby shower for ma fille de bébé!

21 January 2008

I haven’t updated in a while. Work’s been kicking my arse lately. With trials literally back-to-back, I haven’t had any downtime whatsoever. I haven’t been able to do anything fun worth blogging about –until this weekend that is! First off, I actually went out and watched a band (2 bands actually)! I saw Hot Hot Heat and The Editors on Thursday night with my friend Girlie; and then on Saturday, Girlie also threw me a surprise mini-shower! It definitely made my week!

Ms. G organized a ladies-only shower for me at Payard, this lovely French patisserie on the Upper East Side. She knows how much I like high-tea and the cool little sandwiches and cakes you get with it, so methinks this is why she held it there. (I would have been equally happy even it were in a little hole-in-the-wall dive, though). So being the great friend that she is, she gathered up my good friends (the ones she had contact info!), my mom, and my cousin, and organized a shower for me. She got me there under the pretext of inviting me to her surprise anniversary party (she said she was throwing it for her hubs). We enjoyed their tea service, and Girlie added some extras like champagne and caviar (I can’t even remember the last time I had caviar). And yes, I had a flute of champagne.

I was mostly surprised. (I say mostly because there were a few red flags here and there. Like for instance, things kept being bought off my registry within a matter of days when there had been zero action for the past 3 months. Or that she asked for the email addresses of 2 friends). Of course, I couldn’t be too sure and I was just fine with attending a party! Imagine my delight when I realized the party was actually for me! With the exception of my momma, she’s the only person who’s ever organized a shindig for me (surprise, or otherwise that I didn’t actively participate in)! And she did all this even before I asked her to be ninang to my baby girl!

I’m pretty darn thrilled to get a second shower. It’s not the norm to get another one after your first, and I feel absolutely lucky to have some good friends who are kind enough to shower me with much-needed gifts for our baby girl (just like they did the first time around for rockstar baby)! I got a big-ass gift basket filled with necessities like newborn diapers, wipes, portable crib sheets, and diaper cream. I also got some baby girl clothing (with a cupcake motif cuz I heart cupcakes), and a Target gift card that we can definitely use towards more necessities!

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in planning this all out G! And thank you to Sol, Gail, Julie, Jill, Trish, Abby, Rupal, Annie, Zooey, Jes, and Mao for your generosity (some of them weren’t able to make it, but were definitely there in spirit!)

Some pics:

me, my mom, and my cousin mao

tower of goodness

with Ms. G!

For more pictures, please click HERE!


top 8 for 2008!

4 January 2008

8 things to be happy about 2008 (so far)

1. Everyone I love and care about is healthy and happy
2. I do not have gestational diabetes! I passed my 3rd glucose test! Yay!
3. My pregnancy is going really well
4. Rockstar baby is growing up, chatting up a storm, and learning more and more skills. (Where did the time go?!)
5. The hubs and I had a (very) brief respite from being parents and partied for a bit in Orlando, FL for a weekend wedding.
Here we are actually dressed up!
we like to dress up

6. I got a kick-arse new camera from my parents. Granted, I don’t know how to use it yet, but I’m hoping to master it once I go on maternity leave *crosses fingers.* As if taking care of two kids won’t be enough.
7. I got a new writing gig reviewing albums for Sentimentalist Magazine. Rock!
8. I got some really wonderful gifts for Christmas from my family and friends. Rockstar baby also got some amazing gifts from very generous friends. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

8 goals for 2008 (that I’m really, really going to try to maintain)

1. Be the best person I can be (which includes being less snarky to my mom, being more patient, having less road rage, being less judgmental, you name it!)
2. Make healthier eating choices.
3. Get my cholesterol level down ASAP.
4. Haul ass and exercise at least 3x a week (post-baby, of course).
5. Let go of any envy, hurts, regrets, etc. Must move on.
6. Really clean out my closet and my house in general.
7. Find time for things that I care about outside of being a mom (e.g., music, writing, cooking, etc.) and find a good balance that works for me.
8. Don’t sweat the small stuff I can’t really control.

8 things i’m looking forward to in 2008

1. The birth of our baby girl in 8 weeks! (give or take a few).
2. Rockstar baby will be turning 2 in February! (Where did the time go?!)
3. LOST is back! Oh yeah!
4. The Other Boleyn Girl starring Natalie Portman comes out in February! I have to watch this in the theaters!
5. My friend Karen is coming to visit in March! And possibly June or July!
6. THE CURE! In June! *crosses fingers*
7. Weddings, baptisms, and other celebrations this year.
8. A few life and lifestyle changes which will hopefully produce a happier, fitter, healthier, wealthier ME!

Hope this new year brings everyone health, wealth, and happiness!


the last post of the year!

1 January 2008

Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with hope, happiness, health, wealth, many blessings, and fun adventures! Have a great 2008!