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little c: a birth story

27 February 2008

Calla (aka Lil Chick or Lil C) was born on February 15, 2008 at 10 am on the dot. She was born on a Friday just like her big brother, and came right after I turned 37 weeks (big brother was born at 38 weeks)!

Her delivery was so fast it seemed so surreal –almost as if I was just watching one of those “A Baby Story” shows on TLC or something! It all started when I felt my water trickle a little before 4 am. My first thoughts: oh shit, I think my water is leaking… Hm..should I tell the hubs? I wonder if I can still go to work for a little bit and then go the hospital? Yeah. Who thinks about work when their water breaks, right? But I go back to bed and lie there for a while before I tell the hubs. After he was officially put on notice, I call the doc who tells me to go to the hospital. Before we go the hospital though, I call my parents to come over, cleaned up our room (yes, I tidied up a bit), gathered all my stuff, and wrote emails to my supervisor, and an email to cancel Rockstar Baby’s party at Chuck E. Cheese.

We get to the hospital and I’m in a delivery bed by 6 am. I only had minimal contractions so I tell the hubs I think I’ll probably be there the whole day or even the next! We chill, and I even read a book while waiting around. Then the doc comes, orders pitocin (to induce labor and contractions), pulls out the rest of my “bag of waters,” and says “don’t worry, the contractions will be gradual.” What.A.Lie. I think 15 minutes after she left, the contractions came like lightning. Epidural. Please!! I think the longest part was just writhing there until the epidural lady came. They even turned off the pitocin because the contractions were just too much (although in hindsight, they were not nearly as bad as the first time around).

So after I get the epidural, I got to somewhat rest for about 10 minutes. But all of a sudden, it seemed everyone was suddenly poised for action. More nurses came, there was a flurry of activity, and I was being told to start pushing! Hell, I just got the darn epidural so I felt as if everything has happening so fast; I couldn’t even feel my legs! I pushed but didn’t even feel a thing which made it so surreal. My little Calla came out after only about 15 minutes of pushing! (As it turned out, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and that’s why everyone acted so fast).

Everything went well and smoothly. The only snag was that the Lil Chick developed jaundice (like her big brother), and wasn’t discharged from the hospital until Monday night! Otherwise, we would have had a very nice homecoming on Sunday.

I had/am having a speedy recovery and was up and about the very next day. The thing with having a toddler is that you’re forced to be up and about even if you don’t want to! So when the hubs and rockstar baby came to visit, I was already running after him and carrying him even though I wasn’t really supposed to. We also celebrated Rockstar Baby’s 2nd birthday (Feb. 17th) at the hospital since his party was cancelled.

Happy Birthday my little guy!
birthday cake

Post-delivery, the hubs took the week off last week to help me out. For the rest of the time, however, it’ll be me, rockstar baby, and the little chickie! Let me just say, it’s only Day 2 and I’ve already run out of patience. It’s pretty hard to breastfeed with a meddlesome toddler hovering over your shoulder! He’s been a great brother though –always trying to kiss her, soothing her when she cries, and trying to carry her all the time.

So far, so good.

Li’l C in her homecoming outfit…


our baby girl is here!

22 February 2008

our baby girl!

She’s the spitting image of her big brother. I really think they could be twins.

More details on her birth story in a bit! We’re still adjusting and it doesn’t help that we are living in the “House of Phlegm” at the moment –dad, big brother, and mom are all sick!

But we’re definitely thrilled at her early arrival! Can you believe she’s already one week old today?!


fock you, and other updates…

13 February 2008

Kids really do say the darndest things. Rockstar baby provides us with hours of amusement with his vocabulary and communication skills. About a month ago, he learned all his colors and a lot of “aminal” names.

Me: What color is this (pointing to red)?
Rockstar baby: red!
Me: Very good! What color is this (pointing to white)?
RB: hu-white!
Me: Very good! What color is this (pointing to orange)?
RB: o-gint!
Me: Orange!
RB: oh shit!

Hilarious! He’s much better at saying “orange” now. He still can’t say it quite right, but thankfully, doesn’t say “oh shit!”. I think his animal story is much better though:

Dad: What animal is this (pointing to a bear)?
RB: Bear! (he says this with a “Boston” accent for some reason and it comes out as “beer” almost)
Dad: Very good! What animal is this (pointing to a frog)?
RB: froggie!
Dad: Very good! What animal is this (pointing to a fox)?
RB: fock!
Dad: No, it’s fox.
RB: fock!

This is where the hubs and I burst out laughing. Then he looks at us like we’re odd or something.

RB: fock?
Us: Bwahahhahh!

I’m just really happy that he’s developing on track like the rest of his classmates at school. My mom and dad are convinced, however, that “he is advanced!” and that “He’s going to Harvard!” I tell them he’s not talking any more or less than the other kids in his class, but since he’s their grandkid, of course to them, he’s on the fast track. I tell them I’ll be sure to put in his college essay that he learned all his colors before he turned two.

And speaking of two… rockstar baby will be turning two years old this Sunday! Wow. Time flies. At first, we weren’t going to celebrate at all especially since I’m due any day now (and rockstar baby came out 2 weeks early and all which is around this time). But then I decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yeah, he’s probably too young to fully enjoy it, but I figure it’ll be a change of pace and it’s easy enough to organize. So we’re celebrating his birthday this Saturday. We just hope I don’t go into labor then!

I went to the doc yesterday and she said I was 2 cm dilated. This doesn’t really mean anything. However the last time around, I was 2 cm dilated and gave birth that same night! Not happening here since I am still here typing this post. But I guess it’s any day now.

I also weighed myself at the doc’s and apparently, I am 142 lbs. as of yesterday. Egads. She thinks it’s erroneous since I was only 136 lbs. about 2 weeks before that. Well I did have breakfast at IHOP yesterday morning (they were giving away free pancakes and I didn’t have work = best day ever) so maybe it was all pancake weight. She estimates that at the rate I’m going, this baby will be more than 7 lbs in 2-3 weeks (although I really don’t think I’ll make it another 2 weeks).

Final countdown….