fock you, and other updates…

13 February 2008

Kids really do say the darndest things. Rockstar baby provides us with hours of amusement with his vocabulary and communication skills. About a month ago, he learned all his colors and a lot of “aminal” names.

Me: What color is this (pointing to red)?
Rockstar baby: red!
Me: Very good! What color is this (pointing to white)?
RB: hu-white!
Me: Very good! What color is this (pointing to orange)?
RB: o-gint!
Me: Orange!
RB: oh shit!

Hilarious! He’s much better at saying “orange” now. He still can’t say it quite right, but thankfully, doesn’t say “oh shit!”. I think his animal story is much better though:

Dad: What animal is this (pointing to a bear)?
RB: Bear! (he says this with a “Boston” accent for some reason and it comes out as “beer” almost)
Dad: Very good! What animal is this (pointing to a frog)?
RB: froggie!
Dad: Very good! What animal is this (pointing to a fox)?
RB: fock!
Dad: No, it’s fox.
RB: fock!

This is where the hubs and I burst out laughing. Then he looks at us like we’re odd or something.

RB: fock?
Us: Bwahahhahh!

I’m just really happy that he’s developing on track like the rest of his classmates at school. My mom and dad are convinced, however, that “he is advanced!” and that “He’s going to Harvard!” I tell them he’s not talking any more or less than the other kids in his class, but since he’s their grandkid, of course to them, he’s on the fast track. I tell them I’ll be sure to put in his college essay that he learned all his colors before he turned two.

And speaking of two… rockstar baby will be turning two years old this Sunday! Wow. Time flies. At first, we weren’t going to celebrate at all especially since I’m due any day now (and rockstar baby came out 2 weeks early and all which is around this time). But then I decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yeah, he’s probably too young to fully enjoy it, but I figure it’ll be a change of pace and it’s easy enough to organize. So we’re celebrating his birthday this Saturday. We just hope I don’t go into labor then!

I went to the doc yesterday and she said I was 2 cm dilated. This doesn’t really mean anything. However the last time around, I was 2 cm dilated and gave birth that same night! Not happening here since I am still here typing this post. But I guess it’s any day now.

I also weighed myself at the doc’s and apparently, I am 142 lbs. as of yesterday. Egads. She thinks it’s erroneous since I was only 136 lbs. about 2 weeks before that. Well I did have breakfast at IHOP yesterday morning (they were giving away free pancakes and I didn’t have work = best day ever) so maybe it was all pancake weight. She estimates that at the rate I’m going, this baby will be more than 7 lbs in 2-3 weeks (although I really don’t think I’ll make it another 2 weeks).

Final countdown….



  1. If it’s any consolation, you don’t even look 136lbs the last time i saw you. Good luck, malapit na! 🙂

    Hey Abs! It was great to see you (even though we were jealous of you eating while we were still waiting! hahah)! I really don’t think I weigh that much or look it, but I *feel* it when I waddle down the streets of Jersey City! Hahah…. And yes, malapit na!

  2. Awww, I just want to gobble Jake up, he’s so cute! I can’t believe he’ll be TWO YEARS OLD already!! Time sure does fly..

    And then baby girl will be here before you know it! How exciting!!

    Hi Kristine! How are you comig along? Yes, I can’t believe Jakey will be 2 years old! He’s such a smart little guy and I will definitely miss having my one-on-one time with him! But I think he’s excited about his baby sister just like we are!

  3. That much time couldn’t possibly have passed already…No way!

    Happy Birthday to RB…what’re you gonna nickname the #2?

    Oh look Kat there seems to be a puddle beneath your dress….

    Hey Tin! Haha…last night my mucus plug came out and actually fell on the bathroom rug (TMI! lol!). Dunno what to nickname the baby girl. Maybe just ‘baby girl’ for now! And yes, before you know it, you’ll soon be celebrating Mina’s 1st birthday! Time flies!

  4. I didn’t realize that they truly say the darnedest things until I worked with kids. Your son is adorable! This and the next are the best years to enjoy them and I can tell that you’re having so much fun. 🙂

    Time’s effin’ quick! It was just what, two months ago that I learned that you’re actually preggers, and now you’re about to pop! Oh my god, I can not wait to hear part two of your baby chronicles. Good luck on labor! *hugs*

    Thanks so much Kai! It’s definitely a lot of fun with rockstar baby, and now there’s going to be two of them! *yikes* It’ll still be fun, but now there’s going to be double trouble! I’ll keep you updated!
    p.s. I totally miss reading your posts!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jakey… and good luck with your labor and all 🙂 looking forward to the first photos of rockstar baby girl.

    Happy Valentine’s day!!


    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Shiena (and AJ!) Thanks for the greetings! I’ll def. post the baby pics as soon as she gets here! I’m getting antsy already!

  6. funny, hahaha! buti na lang kids, if ans when they say things like that, still don’t know what the fock they they just said hehe.

    hey hey hey, any day now. excited ako for you!i’ll pray that you don’t go into labor while whacking moles at chuck e. cheese’s, hehe.

    happy birthday RB! *kisses*

  7. Oh man I wish I could see J again! At least he talks. I saw some of his videos on Facebook. I am waiting for the day when Alex actually responds with something other than No! or Yes! and when he stops sounding like one of the Sims. *sigh*

    And I think Babygirl is trying to get born before J’s birthday, since she forced your plug out!

  8. Hey Kat –
    I’m in the same boat as you are. My dr also told me 2 cm and he is positioned. We just have to wait and see I guess. Good luck with your delivery if it does come early.

    Good luck to you to Jeline! Have a safe and speedy delivery!

  9. for some reason, i’m thinking of meet the fockers. hehe… he’s so adorable.

    it’s almost time for baby no. 2, kat.

  10. Hahaha cute RB stories. 😀 Like evi, I’m thinking of Meet the Fockers too! Haha!

    Woohoo baby no. 2 coming out soon!!! 🙂

  11. So I am the proud Ninang of Jakey. In 88 days, I can officially say that Jakey is advanced for his age. I deal with kids all the time, at the age of 2, they hardly recognize anything but what is on t.v. You guys are doing a good job raising the kid (or else I will take him with me to California). This entry is a bit old since you just had your baby girl. Congratulations. See you in a few weeks. Love, B, B, and Bubbles

  12. waiting for the “new” post with the “announcement”! =)

  13. Oh please please please send me an announcement if you’re making any. NO pressure, I know you’ve got your hands full! 😉

  14. I think G and Karen just made the announcement for you, Kat. 😉

  15. LOL!!! How cute… e fock nga naman yon e. 🙂

    Wow… malapit na… praying for your safe and healthy delivery Kat!

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