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my friend K

20 March 2008

Thank you for being a friend
Travel down the road and back again…

I’m sure most of you know that theme song from Golden Girls (a precursor to today’s Sex in the City, I always say!). I love that show because of the characters and their deep friendships. It always reminds me of my own good friends –friends that I know I’ll grow old with. This post is about my friend Karen because I know she and I will still be friends when we’re old, hair gray and patchy. Karen and I met each other way back in junior high when we were F.O.Bs –two chicks “fresh off the boat” so to speak, plucked from Manila and plopped down in the middle of an inner-city public school in Los Angeles. We were in the same homeroom class (hello, Mr. Hession!) and I asked her “Pilipina ka?” or something similar to that. We became friends right after, and that was back in 1988 (’89?). She was my first best friend here in the U.S.

We became very close partly because of our shared circumstances. We were both the oldest in our respective families, and we both bore the brunt of our parents’ strictness. We couldn’t go out and do normal things like go to the movies without asking our moms a few weeks in advance; boys were a BIG no-no; etc. But we also became friends because we complemented each other in many different ways. She’s funny and loud and blunt; I’m a bit more “serious,” and not quite as gregarious as her. She was a whiz at math and I did her book reports for English class. She drew people to her because of her great, outgoing personality and I’m more of an introvert. I consider her to be my first best friend that I made in the U.S. Along with her, we hung out with other kids who were also recent immigrants. There were five of us at school and we dubbed our little gang “KKMSH” which stood for our initials.

Well the “MSH” part no longer exists (I’ve since lost track of them), but the “KK” is here to stay. Although we lost touch partly during high school (we went to separate schools) and college (which I think is a darn shame since she and I were both into the same educational interests), I’m glad we reconnected after we graduated. She moved to NYC right when I started law school and we shared an apartment together. She moved in to our place sight unseen and was taken aback at our little hovel in Spanish Harlem. She said she could only pay $500 a month (which is unheard of in NYC where studio apartments go for $2k/month!) So I persevered and found our tiny hovel which we would call home for about 3 years.

Those 3 years was a great experience. We didn’t miss a beat and got back to the groove of things. We went through a lot of life changes in those 3 years. We renewed our friendship, grew up, “found ourselves,” and explored the city. We both found our respective others and got married, and we continue to be close even though she chose to move back to Los Angeles.

It’s now 2008 and our friendship is still pretty solid. She’ll always be a part of my past, present, and future and will always be near and dear to my heart. She’s the godmother to rockstar baby and she makes sure to fly to NYC at least once a year, and we keep in touch all the time. We don’t chat on the phone anymore like we used to for hours back in junior high, but when we do talk, we always have an instant connection.

She came to visit just a few weekends ago along with her hubs and as usual, we had a great time catching up. She had the chance to hang out with rockstar baby and like any mom, she thinks he’s gifted! Hehehe… It was a short visit and I always end up feeling sad when they leave! Wah! But there will be other visits! Thanks for coming Karen and Babs! See you in July! Love you!

with Ninang K


poop and circumstance

5 March 2008

Random updates (not all mom-related, I swear!):

  • The little chick poops about 15 times a day, I swear. She poops after every feeding and sharts in between! And they are loud sharts, I must say. You can hear ’em clear across a room –loud noises for someone who isn’t even 7 pounds yet!
  • Between changing Lil C’s and Rockstar baby’s diapers, my poor hands are positively ravaged. They feel like sandpaper, boo hoo hoo!
  • Rockstar baby is going back to daycare starting today! Yehey! He’s only go
    ing for about 2 days a week but we both need the break. He gets cabin fever cooped up with me the whole week, and by the end of the day, we’re snapping at each other. Hell, the other day, I lost my temper and smacked him on the leg because he was whining. Not my best moment and I totally felt so guilty afterwards. It’s just hard to take care of two kids at the same time in terms of balancing their immediate needs. In any case, having him in daycare for a couple of days will do us both good. I don’t care about other people’s opinions about daycare are; to me, they’re a great way to provide care to your kids PLUS they get to learn and socialize with other kids on a daily basis.
  • Congratulations to my cousin Zooey and her engagement! She’s getting married next year!
  • My album reviews are up and running at Sentimentalist Magazine! Please check them out by clicking here, here, and here! I’m especially thrilled I got a sneak peek at The Big Sleep’s latest album! Such are the perks of being a music reviewer 😉
  • I’m contemplating on watching The Other Boleyn Girl with my new best friend Lil C. I’ve read on a lot of parenting sites and mags that new moms should definitely go out to the movies with a newborn because they stay quiet and don’t make a fuss. I definitely like the idea but I’m just worried that it may be too loud. I really want to see the film though!
  • Rockstar baby’s Ninang Karen (and Uncle Babs) is flying in from Los Angeles this Thursday! We are very excited!
  • Another person up for a visit to the NYC area is Kala! I’m looking forward to meeting this infamous woman in person! I’d so love to watch a band with her –hopefully I’ll feel up and about by then!
  • I just wanted to give a special shout-out to Ms. Meeya! I heart this woman and I haven’t even met her yet! She very kindly send us a lovely baby present for Lil C! Thank you so much!
  • More later…nursing duty calls!