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the (new) kids are alright

27 May 2008

(c) nkotbofficialAccording to my mom, I committed a capital offense when I told my Tita Baby that I didn’t like her Christmas gift. This was Christmas 1991, and my aunt had given me a New Kids on the Block video. Didn’t she know that I was a Goth?! That I liked alternative music (quite a new genre then), and that I loathed pop?! I mean c’mon! Didn’t the black nail polish, heavy black eyeliner, and all black clothes give her a clue?! So I looked at the video and protested silently. No, it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful for the gift. I just wanted her to know who I was, that I didn’t like that kind of music, and that I had better taste than that! So after much deliberation, I went up to her and told her point blank that I didn’t like New Kids on the Block, thank you very much.

My mom caught wind of it, yanked me aside, and told me to apologize. Which I did. But I took the video home and promptly threw it in a donation bin the first chance I got.

I was reminded of that Christmas so long ago when my friend Sol emailed me recently asking if I wanted to go with her and see NKOTB in concert. Yeah I literally laughed out loud just remembering.   I was so damn adamant about not liking them and being a music snob back in the day. It’s comical really. But hey, when you’re young, you often define your sense of self by your likes and dislikes.  So what can I say? I loathed NKOTB then because they made cheesy pop music and clearly had no musical merit! Hee-hee.

But now, I think the kids are alright. I think of them with nostalgia because I’m a child of the 80’s and early 90’s after all. I lived through the NKOTB craze and remember their heydey. And as much as I hate to admit it, who can forget their popular anthems? Hangin’ Tough? Or Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh…The Right Stuff?! You got the right stuff, baby! I love the way you turn me on!

So welcome back, NKOTB! I may not be watching you in concert and elbowing all the other middle-aged women out of the way, but I give you guys props.


fresh ink

17 May 2008

Check out the new hotness! I got my latest tattoo this past Tuesday. My mom-in-law was supposed to         watch Lil’ C while I got it done but couldn’t at the last minute. So…I ended up bringing her to the tattoo joint! Yeah, what kind of mom brings her baby to get a tat done? Well, that kind of mom is *me.* I looked a bit sheepish but then no one said anything and everyone was chill about it. I’m sure they’ve seen all sorts of characters walk through their doors. Additionally, one of the tattoo artists actually brought his 4-year old daughter with him to work that day so I made friends with her and we drew pictures while waiting for my tattoo artist to get ready. See, it wasn’t all bad.

Lil Ms. C slept through the whole thing. The next time I bring her with me to a tattoo joint though, she’ll be the one getting inked. 😉

For more details about the tattoo, click on the picture!


what i really want for mother’s day

9 May 2008

May is a mom’s month for me because it’s also my mom and my mom-in-law’s birthday this month. I don’t really celebrate mom’s day for me because it’s all about the other 2 moms in my life.

I told the hubs all I wanted was to see the new Indiana Jones flick and to buy me a new tattoo. Well I’m not getting that. He said since Indy’s not coming out until May 22nd, he’ll take me to see Iron Man and take me out to eat. Okay, I guess that’s fine, I just hope I get to sleep in too!

I think a lot of moms out there would love to spend Mother’s Day exactly the way they want. Which is not to be woken up early and to sleep in as much as they want; go out for brunch without the kids causing a ruckus; maybe spend some quality time with their partner; go to a spa or something; or just plain lie around and do absolutely nothing without feeling the guilt of having to do this and that! Heck, I know I can go for a round of not doing anything!

But here’s a few (mostly realistic) things that I really want for Mother’s Day:

  • Chocolate chip pancakes from IHOP
  • Three new tats –this one I will actually get next week, so stay tuned!</li
  • Li’l C to start drinking from a bottle like a normal baby
  • Rockstar baby to sit down for a meal at a restaurant and actually behave and not yell “I’m stuck! I’m stuck! Walk around!” every 10 minutes
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant and movie with the hubs (I’ll get the movie part)
  • A new haircut and color
  • Be able to play guitar at top volume at some point
  • Have the hubs take over the daily ‘care’ of the kids –i.e., prepare their meals, feeding, entertaining, etc.
  • and…

  • A vacay in Greece (not happening until 2012!)
  • Ok, I can go on and on, but I won’t; I’m already a lucky mom (albeit a tired one most of the time). I’m cool with the movie and spending time with the hubs. I just hope he remembers to get me the pancakes at least!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! May you all get the rest and relaxation that you deserve!

    I leave you with this video of my Li’l C, hope you enjoy!