the (new) kids are alright

27 May 2008

(c) nkotbofficialAccording to my mom, I committed a capital offense when I told my Tita Baby that I didn’t like her Christmas gift. This was Christmas 1991, and my aunt had given me a New Kids on the Block video. Didn’t she know that I was a Goth?! That I liked alternative music (quite a new genre then), and that I loathed pop?! I mean c’mon! Didn’t the black nail polish, heavy black eyeliner, and all black clothes give her a clue?! So I looked at the video and protested silently. No, it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful for the gift. I just wanted her to know who I was, that I didn’t like that kind of music, and that I had better taste than that! So after much deliberation, I went up to her and told her point blank that I didn’t like New Kids on the Block, thank you very much.

My mom caught wind of it, yanked me aside, and told me to apologize. Which I did. But I took the video home and promptly threw it in a donation bin the first chance I got.

I was reminded of that Christmas so long ago when my friend Sol emailed me recently asking if I wanted to go with her and see NKOTB in concert. Yeah I literally laughed out loud just remembering.   I was so damn adamant about not liking them and being a music snob back in the day. It’s comical really. But hey, when you’re young, you often define your sense of self by your likes and dislikes.  So what can I say? I loathed NKOTB then because they made cheesy pop music and clearly had no musical merit! Hee-hee.

But now, I think the kids are alright. I think of them with nostalgia because I’m a child of the 80’s and early 90’s after all. I lived through the NKOTB craze and remember their heydey. And as much as I hate to admit it, who can forget their popular anthems? Hangin’ Tough? Or Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh…The Right Stuff?! You got the right stuff, baby! I love the way you turn me on!

So welcome back, NKOTB! I may not be watching you in concert and elbowing all the other middle-aged women out of the way, but I give you guys props.



  1. i’m not a fan, too.

    Right on Evi!

  2. give them props?
    they should have grown up by now.

    Girlie, they have grown up! Hahah…don’t you think they look old?

  3. Hehe…I just read an article on msnbc.com with the tagline, “Must every band reunite?”. Funny you wrote about them. 🙂

    Trish, I was actually inspired to write about them because of Diablo Cody’s article in Entertainment Weekly –of how she loved them and was super-excited about their reunion. Fantastic piece. And it reminded me of this incident.

  4. I’m so clueless. I don’t think I’ve heard a single song from them. Or if I did, I didn’t know it was them. 😦

    Really Jet?! Hm…maybe they were only popular here in the U.S.? As much as I didn’t like them, I couldn’t avoid their songs because they played them all the time! Their videos too…

  5. Well I was seriously planning to attend the spice girls reunion…if its any consolation.lol.never been an nkotb fan though but yes they’re not as bad as the spice girlsssss

    Hey Mao! Thanks for the comment! I think I should be the one consoling you since you *ahem* you actually want to watch the spice girls (and I don’t want to see NKOTB!) LOL…

  6. not a fan of nkotb either. during their heydey, i was going the gnr, metallica route naman, haha! anyway, yun nga, eventhough i didn’t like them, you can’t really escape them and their soppy songs.

    i think they will need the props, literally to prop them up! kasi naman, can these grandads’ hips and knees take it still? hehe. (mean!)

    Hahha…Meeya you are so mean! You can’t blame ’em for trying. It seems everyone’s trying to make a comeback! And I can’t see you as a metalhead –so cool though!

  7. i was so not a musical rebel. i was a full on crazed, button buying from Spencer’s at the mall, nkotb fan.
    i was soo donnie’s bitch. i think its only amusing that they’re back because it reminds of the time when the only thing i ever had to worry about was when i was going to get the new Bop magazine so i can hang more stupid posters on my wall. haha!

    Oh I so know what you mean Elaine…that’s why I can’t hate them! They are a blast from the past and it’s always fun to reminisce. Bop rules! I used to read it all the time! Btw, your comments are wicked funny! Keep ’em coming!

  8. Hehe Bop and Big Bopper… I used to collect them too, and I remember giving the Jonathan Brandis posters to my friend so that she’d give me the NKOTB posters in return! And yes I was a fan… pero ang tanda na nga nila ngayon, I don’t know what they were thinking.

  9. haha just for the record, i WAS a huge NKOTB fan..along with GNR and madonna and tribe called quest! haha and funny i saw this note of yours kat cuz i AM going to the concert with my cousins in october!
    “oh oh o o o..oh oh o o…THE RIGHT STUFF!”

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