pomp and circumstance

9 June 2008

My littlest brother graduated from high school this past weekend. High. School. Can you believe it?! Class of 2008! We’re so very proud of him! He’ll be attending St. John’s University congratulations!this fall (where over 40,000 students applied this year!) and doing the whole college thing. The baby of the family is finally going to college! I still can’t believe it. To me, he’ll always be my baby brother who I took care of. I mean, we’re 15 years apart! Whenever we went out people would think he was my son! Aside: I think this is why I occasionally (by mistake!) call my own son my “baby brother” –force of habit is pretty strong!

So I feel like a parent when he graduated. I feel so excited and thrilled for him. Imagine being 17 years old again and looking at your future straight in the face! I know he’ll go on to do some amazing things!

I should write him a manual about what-not-to-do during college to avoid some of the crazy things I did! Then again, he should have his own experiences, don’t you think?

Class of 2008!

Congratulations to the Class of 2008!

Wow…this makes me realize that it’ll be around the year 2025 or so when rockstar baby graduates from high school! Egads.



  1. congratulations to your baby brother! 🙂

    Thanks so much Jet!

  2. Congrats to your brother!

    Thanks Tin!

  3. lolz… remind him instead that college fun need not be substance-inspired, so he’d steer clear of smokes, booze and drugs… 🙂

    but yeah, let him have his fun!

    But what is college without all that?! Hahha…. he’s a good kid, and he’s def. have fun!

  4. aw, maaan. way to make me feel older, too! i remember when mikey was just a kid! does he still refuse to smile for pictures?

    anyhoo, congrats to him

    Thanks! He makes me feel old too!

  5. woh, that’s a huge gap! i was actually wondering while i was reading if you just made a mistake when you wrote graduated from HS.

    kudos to your brother!

    Thanks so much Evi! And yes, we are 15 years apart! Crazy, huh?!

  6. congrats to your baby bro! 🙂 i know what you mean, my sister and i were born 10 years apart so i consider her may baby, too.

    i’m sure he’ll have a blast in college, he looks like a very smart and cool guy (mana sa ate? hehe!). good luck! 🙂

    Thanks Mee! I’ll let him know!

  7. The advice I give the youn uns?
    Three words: NO CREDIT CARDS.

    and holy hannah, class of 2008? Where’s my can of Ensure?

    I wish YOU told me that when I entered college! Those suckers park themselves right in front of the gate with free gifts to entice you! I’m still paying off shit I bought in 1995!!!

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