best 2 nights . ever.

23 June 2008

Oh be still, my heart!  Two days later, I’m still swooning over them… and envisioning thoughts of one day meeting my favorite band in the world.  Ah, but no one understands how I feel…*sigh*

The Cure @ MSG 6.20.2008

The Cure @ Madison Square Garden – June 20, 2008

The Cure @ Radio City Music Hall - 6.21.2008

The Cure @ Radio City Music Hall – June 21, 2008



  1. i’m really diggin’ the pic you took at radio city. it came out really well!

    glad you had fun!

  2. wow, great shots, kat!

  3. cool shots, kat! love the last one!

  4. I do understand …

  5. The Cure! They still play together?!? OMG. I remember this girl at school who just LOVED Robert Smith, she used to do her hair just like him. Who can forget that wonderful song Boys Don’t Cry? I mean, was Robert Smith not angst and emo personified or what? He was the O.G. Emo dude really…

  6. I understand. Fully.

  7. funny…i too been listening to
    the Cure lately…whaz up wit dat?

  8. They rule? Maybe that’s whaz up?

    Kat, I just found some old demo’s of my band in ’89.. I can’t believe how much we sounded like the Cure! I gotta send you some. 🙂

  9. would you happen to have larger copies of these? they rock. email me at andythecurefan@gmail.com if you do. thanks.

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