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’cause pictures (and videos) are worth a thousand words

24 July 2008

Lil’ C was baptized this past Sunday. Lil C was well behaved during the ceremony but got a bit hungry. Of course the minute I busted out my boob was the very moment the priest called her name first to go get baptized! After the ceremony, we had a small reception with family and a few close friends at this local indian joint –which had very little air conditioning! Indian food plus 95+ degree weather does not really go well. I was sweating the whole time and was consequently a bit cranky. So thanks to everyone who braved the reception. We didn’t even get a chance to take photos with the guests. Hopefully, people had a good time!

la familia

la familia

lil c in her baptismal gown (the same gown her big brother and uncles wore!)

lil c in her baptismal gown (the same gown her big brother and uncles wore!)

For more pics from her baptism, click here.

And now I leave you with a very hilarious video here.


much ado about nothing

17 July 2008

Warning: this is basically just a long train of thought…

Of all the things I’d be doing on my birthday, I didn’t think cleaning the fridge, doing 3 loads of laundry,  cooking dinner, and packing would be it.  But that’s what I did last Wednesday on my birthday.  Thursday, however, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia with my friends Sol and G to visit our friend Trish.  I considered the trip to be my birthday present to myself.  I had fun and all that jazz, but the return flight pretty much killed the “fun-ness” of the trip.   We were supposed to depart at 10 am and be back here at 12:20 pm.  We were stuck on the runway for almost 5 hours waiting for take-off! Lovely, huh?  So when I came back home, I vowed never to fly again! Well, for at least a year or so!  Not that I can afford to go anywhere anyway!…

During the weekend, my friend G made a comment not only once, but twice!, about meeting my goal.  She was talking about the goal I set for myself to be fit which I wrote about here.  The fact that she brought it up pretty much says she didn’t think I looked good!  LOL!  I think she was expecting me to be skinny like her when I set that goal (I kid, I kid! I know she loves me *prays-G-doesn’t-get-hormonal-on-her*).  I may not look it, but I’m back to my pre-baby weight of 113 lbs!  And yes, this is despite not working out and eating ice cream everyday because breastfeeding rocks!  But it’s not about weight.  My main goal was to be able to fit into my old clothes again, which I do.  So by last month, I was able fit back into the clothes I care most about: my size 27 Seven jeans and my size 4 suits for work.  Also, the size 6 jeans I had to buy post-baby is now very loose on me!  Yehey!  Don’t get me wrong though.  I’m far from being skinny, and I’m flabby as hell, but at least I don’t have to buy new clothes or anything! I would like to work on getting toned though… even rockstar baby says “mommy tummy is big!”  So here’s an after pic taken very early in the morning before any sort of food was consumed! Hahaha… As you can see, the mom pooch is there, and it becomes even bigger once I eat something.

But this whole thing got me thinking, now that I’m a mom-of-two, it doesn’t really bother me that I haven’t made time to workout or tried to make myself super-thin.   It reminded me of what a co-worker said to me the other day: you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself.  Do I wish I had a six-pack?  Of course, who doesn’t?  But I’m actually content with what I look like right now.  It’s not like I was ever a twig to begin with, so of course I’m not going to be a twig post-partum.  I just have to take it day by day.  I also know that with every child, it gets exponentially harder to lose weight.  It’s a well-known fact.  One kid = hard to lose the baby weight.  Two kids= twice as hard to lose the baby weight…and so on.  It’s true.  I said so.

My friend Karen sent me the coolest birthday card ever (second only to a guitar bday card my friend Alina once gave me) that had cakes and cupcakes on it.  She said I got two kids, an understanding hubby, a house, and what more can I ask for?  She’s right.  She always puts things in perspective.  So even though I whine and shit, I know what I’ve got back home.

Li’l C turned 5 months old yesterday!  She’s getting baptized this Sunday.  She’s growing up.  *Sigh*  I’m glad I had some alone time with her when I took her to   Atlanta with me.  She was a very good traveler and only cried very briefly (like 2 minutes).  I think she could tell she wasn’t home though –she kept waking up in the middle of the night!  But she had fun.  She had her first plane ride and her first dip in the pool!  Fun times.

sunbathing cutie!

Special thanks to Chloe who I had the pleasure of meeting!  Thank you so much for the kids’ presents!


the older we grow the more we know the less we show…

2 July 2008

Seven days from now, I will be one year older.  Thirty two years old.  Thismuch closer to thirty-five and this-much closer to 40!

When I was in my mid-teens, I thought 30 was old and that everyone had to start listening to lite FM music.  I thought that once you hit 30, this magical switch would turn off in your head and *boom* –you suddenly became an adult.  Well I definitely know better.  You’re only as old as you feel and no one can tell you how to act just because you’re a certain age.

So I’m going to be thirty two.  I may have two kids, but I still start sentences off with “when I grow up…”  I’m far from acting like a grown-up and I don’t think I look thirty-two.  Do I?  Eh, if I do, so what?  I am the mother of two kids after all, so I have bags under my eyes and look frumpy.  I’ve definitely earned the laugh lines around my mouth, and the fine lines that have started to creep under my eyes.  Still no crows-feet though! Oh yeah!

At first I thought I’d do a birthday complete with going to some chi-chi club.  But who am I kidding?  I won’t even have the energy to stay out past 1 am (unless it’s a concert ;), and besides, that’s not my style anymore.  What I really want to do was eat sweetbreads! I watch this show called Eat Out NYC and they featured sweetbreads.  Despite the fact that it’s actually quite gross if you think about it, I’ve been obsessed about trying them ever since.  So I arranged to have dinner this Sunday with a few friends (sans the kids) for a hearty meal.  Alas, the restaurant I really wanted to go to is actually closed for 4th of July weekend, so I’m going to Blue Ribbon instead –which is just as good.  So that, my folks, is how I’m going to celebrate my birthday.  And did I mention I’m going to Atlanta as well?  Girl’s trip! So it’s going to be a great birthday!

My Frivolous Birthday Wishlist:

  • A subscription to a trashy magazine like Us Weekly or People.  I heart celeb gossip!
  • A facial from Salon 5
  • Movie passes! Free tix to AMC or National Amusements theaters are always good!
  • Lessons for sword martial arts!  Don’t laugh, but I always pass by this studio called Kumdo near my house and I’ve always wanted to try it!
  • New clothes –still haven’t bought any.  In the end of the year, I’m going to do a spree at H&M!
  • A new copy of The Cure’s Disintegration album (mine is just too scratched up already)
  • Starbucks! And of course…
  • Cupcakes!! I heart chocolate cupcakes with mocha buttercream frosting from Cupcake Cafe or Red Velvet cupcakes from Magnolia or chocolate ones from Billy’s –but I always end up getting these for myself every year!  (which I don’t mind at all)

And that is all for now….

p.s. the title is from a Cure song (just in case you were wondering).