i’m easy!

26 November 2008

No, this isn’t a post about my bedroom shenanigans ;). More like I’m bored, I haven’t posted in ages, and I thought this title would catch your attention! Did it?!

There’s been a lot of goings-on in my life –some I can’t really share here (although I’d love to), and some that I do want to share. Life’s been good. Like I said, I’m easy and I’ve been more or less content. Work and the kids keep me busy. The kids especially are a hoot. I can spend hours gushing about them, but no, I’m not the kind of mom who can only talk about her kids and nothing else. I do want to share some of their cool tricks:

Rockstar baby (or rather, rockstar boy):

  • After turning 2.5 years old in the summer, he can do a 20-piece puzzle by himself!
  • He likes picking out his own clothes and shoes (although I feel he’s been doing that already)
  • He likes singing along to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” –especially the “oh-oh-ohs” and the “put a ring on it” part.
  • Once, when I threatened him with a time-out, he actually said “So?” back to me!
  • He can identify the letters: O, X, and J!
  • Lil C (aka, the Bean):

  • Lil C has been very busy. She started standing (using props) at about 7.5 months!
  • She can now stand by herself without any aids and can use a walker and take steps!
  • She can wave goodbye, claps her hands, shake her head to refuse something, and is very high-maintenance.
  • No one can make her laugh like her kuya!
  • She’s learning to pick up food and trying to put it in her mouth.
  • What else is new? Well I got into a car accident last week. Not fun, but I wasn’t seriously injured and the kids weren’t in the car thank goodness. I was rear-ended by a car going about 30 mph. The other car’s airbags deployed and everything and had to be towed away. This is probably the biggest accident I’ve gotten into. I have back and neck pain galore (I’m actually standing while typing this because sitting is not comfy), and will be going to physical therapy. But other than that…I’m taking it easy –especially since the holidays are coming.

    Speaking of holidays, I’m easy to shop for! Hee-hee. Gift cards from Starbucks, Target, Toys R Us (for the children’s use), Amazon or Sephora are always good. Nothing fancy. Like I said, I’m easy!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone!

    P.S. I’ll start posting on a regular basis again!



    1. wow physical therapy is like serious! but…thanks for your present list but I already got your something that is not in the gift card category! [thought I should take a hiatus from getting you gift cards]…by the way I knew Jakey was picky abou this clothes which is why I’m afraid to buy him clothes now in case he should hate it and not wear it!

    2. the title sure caught my attention, lol. glad nothing really serious happened during the accident, ingat lagi.

    3. yes, the title caught my attention :)… and on what terms does regular become regular? hehe. just kidding.

      looks like you had it good in 2008. wishing you a 2009 just like it or even better if that’s possible. happy new year!

      Hi Ate Jet! I’m working on REGULAR!! Really!! Hahha…Happy new year to you too!

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