a wrinkle in time

14 January 2009

Right now, I’m having a hard time managing…well, my time.  As a full-time working mom of two very young kids, my hours are all accounted for (almost down to the last minute).  Here’s a glimpse of an average 24-hour day for me and you tell me where I can be more productive.  Yes, it looks long and boring, but bear with me.

6.40 am – Lil C starts stirring about to let us know she’s awake.

6.45 – alarm goes off

6.50 – I get out off bed and hit the showers

7.05 – I start dressing up and amuse Lil C (who is of course, fully awake but behaving in her crib which happens to be in our room because she still wakes up at least once a night)

7.10 – Rockstar kid’s door opens and he starts his day by yelling “mommy! i want to go to your room!”  We let him in. Then it’s the hubs’ turn to hit the showers.

7.15 – I dress up and dress up Lil C at the same time

7.30 – If the hubs hasn’t started, then I dress up the rockstar kid.  We all hurry downstairs.

7.30 to 7.45 – I get the kids’ school stuff ready, and my own shit ready (which is always partially ready from the night before); the hubs puts on the kids’ winter gear and puts Lil C in her car seat.

7.50 to 8 am – We shuffle to the car; strap in kids, and I head off to drop the kids off to school (aka daycare); the hubs goes to work.  If we’re good, we sometimes make it to the car by 7:45 am! It takes me about 5 minutes to get to school.

8 – 8.15 – Morning drop-off; settle the kids to school.  Then I head to work.

8.45 – park car; stop by McDonald’s to get coffee and breakfast burrito (the $1 kind), walk a blocks to work.

8.50 – at desk, dump stuff, put on make-up, go up to court.  If I get to work early, I eat at my desk.

9 am – sip coffee, sneak bites of burrito in jury room, shoot the shit. Work.

9.15 to 12.30 pm – work (Mondays, Wed-Fri are my really busy days)

12.30 to 1.30 – lunch (recently, I’ve been going to physical therapy during this time which takes about 15 minutes).  On non-busy days and I don’t have to go back to court, I go to Target and/or run errands, or go out to eat with co-workers.  I bring my lunch at least 3x a week.

1.30 to 3.30 – back in court (usually, I’m done by 3.30.  Sometimes, I’m there until 4, 4.30)

3.30 to 4.45  – work on files, socialize, snack, surf.

4.45 to 5 pm – I bounce!

5.30 to 5.45  – I pick up the kids. The hubs and I take turns although I usually do Mon, Wed, and Fri pick-ups.  On the nights I don’t have to pick them up, I go home and start on dinner.

5.45 to 6 pm – we are home! Mad scramble begins because I usually try have rockstar kid’s dinner ready by 6-6.15 pm.  If I’m lucky, Lil C is asleep from the ride home; we wash up, then we start eating.  Eating takes place in the living room.  In front of the TV.  *sigh*

6 to 7 pm – dinner time for everyone; sometimes I let Lil C sleep until 7 pm, then I feed her afterwards.  But I usually wake her up at 6:30 if she’s still snoozing.

7 to 7.30 pm – playtime.  Lately I’ve been using this time to wash dishes if I can.

7.30 – bathtime for Lil C, then bedtime by 8 pm (on a good night).  Lil C’s bath/bed routine is done by moi.

8 pm – bathtime for Rockstar kid. Then begins the long, laborious process of getting him to actually sleep (ritual includes the reading of 5 books!) -this is done by the hubs, although on occasion, I will have to get involved.

9 to 9.30  – the kids are down for the night!!  I wash dishes and clean up. Prepare tomorrow’s lunches.  Try to tidy up.  Sometimes this runs late.  Sometimes, I skip washing the dishes although I am trying not to.

9.30 to 10.45/11 pm – I watch TV, go on the comp, read or whatnot.  This time is actually meant for me to do exercise (so far, I’ve only done HipHop Abs once at 10 pm)

11 pm – lights out for me and the hubs

sometime around 3, or 4 or 5 am, Lil C will wake up and thus, so will I.  I give her a bottle, then go back to sleep.  Cycle begins all over again.


Okay, you still with me?  I know, I know.  So boring, but that is basically my average 24-hour day.  Your job is to help me identify a good time to squeeze in exercise!  My goal this year is to get fit, remember?  So I was thinking that I can start jogging/walking in the morning IF I wake up at 6 am (once Spring hits, of course.  Not when it’s like 10 degrees outside like today).   Or squeeze in a DVD around 8:30 pm and just cut-out any ‘me’ time.  What do you think?   I had also hoped to actually start going to the gym after I put Lil C down, but I don’t think that’s realistic.  I will reserve actual gym time for the weekends.

I also am getting the Nintendo Wii (scheduled to ship on January 23! Yay!) in the hopes that I can use it for exercise!  I heard it actually works and will get you moving.  

My goal is to also do more chores during the week so that I don’t have to do them on the weekends.  So on occasion, I’ll do a load of laundry and fold it after the kids are asleep.

And incidentally, if you’re wondering what the hubs does at night (aside from bathing the boy), he’s in charge of feeding the boy, taking the trash/recyling out, shovelling, picking up dinner if need be, and will occasionally wash the dishes.

It gets better on the weekends.  We actually get to play more with the kids, and we actually go out too!  The hubs usually goes out Friday nights, and I usually do brunch/lunch/dinner with my friends on either Saturday or Sunday.  We also do family playdates with other families or kid-friendly friends. 

But hot damn, being a full-time working parent is totally demanding.



  1. I probably missed something but what are you doing PT for?

  2. Hey Kat! dont think Im much help we could have subsituted joe for rockstar and Stephen for Lil C and we would have the same lfe..its amazing. I think your gonna have to do like me, before everyone wakes or wheneveryone else goes to sleep. The only thing I can suggest is that I joined the gym right by work and instead of eating lunch on my lunch hour I go to the gym for lunch..i eat lunch at my desk at 1250 then change for gym and go to gym from 1-2..thats lunch at my courthouse! If someone gives you a better suggestion pass it on to me..i need help too

  3. wow…you go girl. that schedule is making my head spin…although i do end up doing exactly that at least twice a month (perks of being able to work from home). i would suggest trying to wake up early to do stuff…but since lil c is still waking up in the middle of the night…you getting your zzz’s is more important. the suggestion about exercising during lunch is probably your best bet. although…the Jillian Michaels DVD (the shred) that i’ve been using is pretty quick..in total about 25 minutes of your time…so if you can squeeze that in somewhere then maybe you don’t need the gym 🙂 also, i usually have a schedule of when i’m going to be doing things like laundry, vacuuming, cooking (eat out at least once a week and have leftovers at least 2 times a week). cleaning is just a constant thing…but a little bit here a little bit there will keep things satisfactory. i also find that having a get together or something at the house is a great motivator to cleaning up REAL quick!!! anyway – besides adding a few more hours to the day, i think that if it’s working for you guys, then that’s all you can ask for…right??? please say yes!!! haha.

  4. I would hire a housekeeper to do the dishes in the morning and prepare breakfast or what not so you don’t have to…oh wait, that costs money.

    Seriously, you’re painting a very realistic picture of what it’s like to have two kids on a budget.

    What I would do is change our heels into walking shoes during lunch, and walk around about 2-3x/wk. You can sneak in your lunch at the desk, eat in 15, then walk around for 30-45 min.

    The Wii fit sounds promising too.

    Good luck! (I will hold off on that 2nd baby now ^_^).

    • Thanks for the tips, Tin! I don’t know how realistic it would be more me to try walking during my lunch break. But I’ll try to maybe do that 1x/week once it gets warmer over here. The Wii is promising too! But I think I really have to get my ass up earlier and do it in the morning!

      I wish I had a housekeeper to do all the chore though! Or yayas and helpers while we’re at it!

      And I think you are very lucky in that you have your parents who help you with childcare! I think they’re def help you out with kid #2!

  5. i want to cry over the parallelism of our lives, hehee! only i have one kid, and even though i’m working from home, it’s tremendously hard to focus without the baby cooing so i have to do the extra effort of making sure that my work doesn’t suffer.

    i got the wii in the hopes of doing a fun exercise in between. though, you have to keep at it to reap the rewards. i gave up and bought a treadmill recently. nonetheless, you and the kids are gonna love it!!

    le sigh. time has become such a luxury for us.

    • Abs I envy you in that you can work from home which I can never do! So at least you don’t have to schlepp your kid to school and save money!

      Thanks for your input on the Wii. I’m really going to make a concentrated effort to set aside time in the morning to do some sort of routine (and have fun with the kids too!). I would love to get a treadmill except we have no space and I have no $$$! LOL

  6. see? this is why i wonder how other moms can afford to go out so often when kids are in the picture… i mean, i’m sure your sched is similar to other working mom’s scheds yet there are working (or even non-working) mothers who go out more than you and me (pre-baby) combined!

    • G: I think most parents can start to have more fun and go out once their kids are little older (like maybe 3 and up) and are more self-sufficient. Also, if there’s something I want to do, then I’ll definitely make arrangements to do it (i.e., have lunch with friends, etc.) –I’m actually less busy than some of my friends who don’t even have kids!

      And I think some parents are just lucky in that they have a great network of family and friends that they can trade-off with so they get still go out!

  7. grabe kat, napagod ako just reading about your daily sked, hehe! i feel a wee bit guilty tuloy – i stay at home pero i still can’t manage my time very well and don’t even set aside time to exercise! i’m thinking that, perhaps, if i were living with a time crunch like you, maybe i’d manage my time better (instead of slacking off, thinking i’d have time to do other stuff later). 😛

    i also agree that it gets better once the kids grow older and become more self-sufficient. yun nga lang you also have to live with a kid who is now able to complain and argue and butt heads with you. 😛 it never ends, haha!

  8. what about a dishwashing machine so you can slash at least by two the number of utensils to wash? and errr, the kids take a bath every other day, that gives me more time ‘every other day’, lol. i guess we’re lucky that we have a canteen at work, no need to prepare lunch for the next day. I bet that’s time consuming! and hey, discipline yourself, make TV time your exercise time (look who’s talking! i cant even do it myself, lol!)

    reading your sched made me realize how lucky i am.. i wake up 7:15am! not because the kids claim me, it’s because alarm clock rings. louna and kyla wakes up at 8-8:30am. louna eats her breakfast while kyla plays (she’s taking her first bottle at 9:30am)… but well, my mom’s here at the moment so everything seems to be easier. come march and everything will go back to normal, i dread the day!

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