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all work and no play makes this a dull blog

28 May 2009

Dear blog,

Hi?  How are you?!  It’s a been a while, I know.  I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, but work’s been super busy, and at night, I have no energy to type or think!  Sometimes, I feel like I’m a hamster in a wheel, you know?  Just going through the cycle and getting off periodically to eat, sleep, work, and hang out with the kids.  But such is life!  I really have no complaints (other than tales of financial woes which will probably just bore you to tears).

On the work-front, I’m still where I am, but got re-assigned to a new team in late February, hence the busy-ness.  I had to take over another colleague’s files and do catch up work along with new work.  I normally don’t write about work, but I’ll make this an exception.  I had this long, involved robbery trial in which I LOST.  It’s a blow to the ego especially since a) this is my first “not guilty” jury verdict (which makes it more hurtful for some reason); b) the defense attorney was an asshole with zero personality; c) the odds were on my favor; and d) I just really expected a win!   I know we can’t win everything all the time, but I’m still smarting several weeks later! Gah!

To top it all off, a few minutes after I got this verdict, we all got notices of a temporary layoff!  Granted, it’s in the form of a furlough day (forced UNPAID leave of absence), but still.  That’s one day I’m not getting paid for on top of the fact that we are not getting raises, and we are now forced to take a pay cut to offset our healthcare benefits.  Bottom line: at least I still have a stable job in this economy, right?

On the kids and family-front: The hubs and kids are all good and thriving.  The hubs and I are celebrating our 8-year wedding anniversary on June 1. We don’t know what we’re doing yet (probably staying in since that actual day is a Monday); I’m pushing for a dinner somewhere but it’s really hard to just go out for a meal sans kids because we have to arrange for childcare.  But I really don’t mind ordering in and just hanging out.  I am, however, hoping to get flowers which I know is rather frou-frou, but once in a while, a girl’s gotta get flowers, right?

And the kids are doing great!  Rockstar boy is in the process of being toilet-trained.  I actually buckled down and did it last weekend and by the grace of God, he got it in just 3 days!  Now his favorite past time is peeing, I swear.  I still use ‘Pull-ups’ training pants on him, but he may be ready to take them off.  Even in the morning, his training pants are dry and the first thing he says now is “I gotta go pee!”  He’s such a precocious boy.  At three (and 4 months), he’s a very keen observer, he recognizes several letters, can count really well, forms articulate sentences, and has a strict fashion sense.  It’s really hard to get him to go to school (i.e., daycare) in the morning sometimes because he tells me: “Get out of my room mom!  I’m tired! I don’t want to talk to you yet!”  followed by minutes of battling over which clothes to wear: “I don’t want to wear that shirt!  I want my green shirt with the buttons on it!” or “I want to wear my Chucks!” (he means, his Chuck Taylors). He definitely has a strong sense of “self” and what he wants.  He’s sweet and sour at times, but in general, he’s a good kid.  The only thing I can’t stand about him right now is that it takes me HOURS to feed him.  He can feed himself, but chooses not to (he’s really just not into eating).  He has this uncanny ability to keep food in his mouth without chewing or swallowing.  I swear he can go on a full day without eating if he can get away with it!  Thus, mealtime is always a battle with him!

My Lil C, on the other hand, eats just like me (and my friends say I eat like a trucker!).  In fact, she’ll come up to you and beg you for your food even after she’s done with her meal.  The other day, she swiped her kuya’s sausages for breakfast and ate them all AFTER eating her own sausages!  At 15 and a half months, Lil C is also a precocious little chica.  She knows what her name is and says it; she can also say a variety of words like “mama,” “bubbles”, “more” (her favorite word along with “baby”), “cracker”, “kuya” (which comes out as “kaka;” it means “older brother” in Tagalog), “woof-woof” (when you ask her what a dog says), and “kack-kack” (when you ask her what a duck says).  She loves to dance (sometimes on cue), loves to eat like her momma, and loves giving people kisses.  She can be such a needy little diva though, and always wants to be held by mom –NOT dad.  I think she and dad have a love-hate relationship at this point.  It’s funny, if he touches her, she pushes his hand away UNLESS he has something she wants!

We’re taking the kids on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC this July and we’re crossing our fingers that it’ll all go well! It’s going to be a 12+ hour drive down there with stops and all!  I am also hoping to take the hubs to Mexico for his 35th birthday this November.  We just don’t know if we’re ready to leave the kids for 4 days or IF my parents are willing to take them for 4 days! We’ll see!  I feel I haven’t travelled in ages and everyone around me is travelling!  I am cursing myself for not travelling more pre-kids!

Lastly, I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to start working out.  My mom-pooch is really getting out of control –to the point that people have asked when I am due!! Grrr!! You’d think this would be a wake-up call to go to the gym, but I’m still in denial.  My main goal is to get more toned and not necessarily lose weight.  I’m a size 4 and about 112-115 lbs on a given day which is still in the normal range for a five-foot chick like me.  I accept that I can never be truly skinny.  I know I am not fat, but I am certainly flabby (which I keep repeating dear blog, I know!)  I’d love to be able to fit into this cute size 2 dress I used to wear but can no longer zip-up past my waist!  But still, it’s really hard to get my ass off the couch once the kids are asleep.  I realize though, that I will always have an excuse not to exercise, I just need to just suck it up and do it before I have to put on that bathing suit!!

All in all, that is my update!  I hope all is well with you blog and that you haven’t been too lonely.  Don’t be jealous of Facebook which I update a bit more –but that’s only because I can do it in a jiff!  You know my heart still belongs to you dear blog!

XOXO -kat



p.s. here’s a recent pics of the kiddos!