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go shorty, it’s your birthday…(in a couple of weeks)

24 June 2009

July is just around the freaking corner and this means…I will soon be another year older.  Yikes!  Still haven’t done stuff I want to do, but overall, my life rocks, I must say.  Life’s short, so I’m choosing to look at the good stuff that I got going on! Like…

  • I’m going to be 33 years old, but I like to think that I can still pass for a “twenty-something.”   I may not get carded anymore, but people usually think I’m only 28 or so!  AND I recently got in for free at a club in NYC –maybe not out of “hotness” (more of a feeling of “sorryness”), but it sure beats paying the $25 cover charge! 
  • I may have fine lines  and dark circles under my eyes, but I have minimal crow’s feet in the eye corners (I have to squint A LOT before I see them). 
  • I may not be in the best of shape, but I’m actually getting active again whether it be popping in a workout DVD, or walking, or playing in the park with the kiddos.   And I can always go for the fall back: I did give birth to 2 children after all.
  • I may not have a lucrative job, but I have a job!  And it’s a job I enjoy, AND one that actually serves the public interest, AND is family-friendly!
  • I may not be able to splurge on the kiddos as much as I want, but I do have great parents and in-laws who do the splurging for us!

For my birthday, I’m treating myself to a trip to Mexico with my oldest and dearest friend in the world (going in August).  Prior to that, I’m a doing a family holiday with hubs and the kids.  Summer will be awesome!  And then the hubs and I will go to Costa Rica in November!  Rock!

But of course, even a girl who has everything still wants something, right?  Here’s my wishlist:

  • An 8GB iPOD Nano in Black (the IPOD I have is 1st Gen…1st!!)
  • An iTunes gift card to go with my new iPod Nano (if I get one, that is!)
  • The Sims 3 (quite possibly the best game in the world..yet a game I haven’t played since giving birth to Rockstar Boy!)
  • Starbucks gift card –to feed my addiction to their Iced Mochas
  • A LeCreuset 5 qt French Oven in Green
  • My house renovated!!!