go shorty, it’s your birthday…(in a couple of weeks)

24 June 2009

July is just around the freaking corner and this means…I will soon be another year older.  Yikes!  Still haven’t done stuff I want to do, but overall, my life rocks, I must say.  Life’s short, so I’m choosing to look at the good stuff that I got going on! Like…

  • I’m going to be 33 years old, but I like to think that I can still pass for a “twenty-something.”   I may not get carded anymore, but people usually think I’m only 28 or so!  AND I recently got in for free at a club in NYC –maybe not out of “hotness” (more of a feeling of “sorryness”), but it sure beats paying the $25 cover charge! 
  • I may have fine lines  and dark circles under my eyes, but I have minimal crow’s feet in the eye corners (I have to squint A LOT before I see them). 
  • I may not be in the best of shape, but I’m actually getting active again whether it be popping in a workout DVD, or walking, or playing in the park with the kiddos.   And I can always go for the fall back: I did give birth to 2 children after all.
  • I may not have a lucrative job, but I have a job!  And it’s a job I enjoy, AND one that actually serves the public interest, AND is family-friendly!
  • I may not be able to splurge on the kiddos as much as I want, but I do have great parents and in-laws who do the splurging for us!

For my birthday, I’m treating myself to a trip to Mexico with my oldest and dearest friend in the world (going in August).  Prior to that, I’m a doing a family holiday with hubs and the kids.  Summer will be awesome!  And then the hubs and I will go to Costa Rica in November!  Rock!

But of course, even a girl who has everything still wants something, right?  Here’s my wishlist:

  • An 8GB iPOD Nano in Black (the IPOD I have is 1st Gen…1st!!)
  • An iTunes gift card to go with my new iPod Nano (if I get one, that is!)
  • The Sims 3 (quite possibly the best game in the world..yet a game I haven’t played since giving birth to Rockstar Boy!)
  • Starbucks gift card –to feed my addiction to their Iced Mochas
  • A LeCreuset 5 qt French Oven in Green
  • My house renovated!!!


  1. Yea focus on our blessings, right? thanks for the reminder and advanced happy birthday.

    Those trips sounds like bliss. Who are you going on your trip with? Karen? (God, that lady was a hoot)

  2. Wee! Happy birthday soon! 😀 I hope you get all the stuff in your wishlist 😉

  3. Going to Mexico and Costa Rico? Life is definitely good for you! Wish I can do trips this year too…

  4. Happy early birthday to you!!! awesome trips coming up soon…so lucky!!! btw – i got a dutch oven (french oven) for my bday too…weird that i asked for one…even weirder that i got it!!

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