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project 365 – day 16: architectural digest

29 January 2010

The hubs and I have always had plans to renovate our home.  We live in a small house and we have had plans to expand, renovate, and change things around especially in light of the fact that we have 2 small kids who seem to take up an extraordinary amount of space.

Right now, our plan is to consult with architects to see what they can do to maximize the space we already have.  I’m very eager to see what he/she can draft up for our existing floor plan.  Ultimately though, we have to decide whether or not it’s cost-effective to fix up the house or just simply move.  “Simply moving” of course, requires buying a new house altogether and selling the old one.  Kinda hard to do right now, but still do-able.  Renovating will require us to move out, deal with contractors, deal with unexpected costs, and be stressed out for however long the project is going to be.

Part of me wants to stay where we are.  I love our location and the school system is excellent (important to us because we plan on utilizing the public school system).  I like our neighborhood and our neighbors.  I like how it’s close to the city and close to the things we need.  I like how it’s easy for people to get to.  If we were to move, there are only a few towns we would consider moving to and they are all in more affluent parts of the state (within our county).  I also joke with the hubs that I can only move to another town as long as it has a Starbucks.   Sometimes, the hubs and I even think of just moving to a totally different area or even a different state!

When we first bought a house, I was really so dumb about it.  My priority was that I wanted it to be in an area near public transportation so that my friends can visit me (and of course, so I can commute to school/work).  I was trying to be considerate of my friends who lived in the city (i.e. NYC).  Of course, years later, those “friends” and I have lost touch for a lot of reasons.   But  bottom line, the location was the most imporant thing to us.  

In any event, I am looking forward to our new home plans.   Things won’t happen for a while, but we are definitely working towards it.


project 365 – day 15: can i make this work?

27 January 2010

In an effort to spruce up my work wardrobe, I’m trying to see if I can away with wearing more “daring” things.

Some background info:  I work in a courthouse.  You would think people would come to work in professional attire, but you should see some of our government workers.  Hello velour tracksuits.  With boots!  Or even denim!  But for the most part, it is a conservative field.  I wear mostly suits, dresses, skirt + cardigan combos, etc. 

So with that in mind…What do you think of these shoes paired with a black skirt suit?  Too “out there”?  Scandalous? Skanky? Unprofessional? Pushing the envelope? Fashionable?

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project 365 – day 14: kat’s new goal

26 January 2010

I have made the ambitious decision to NOT buy any new articles of clothing for myself until my credit card balances are ZERO. 

And I am not trying to make any exceptions.  My closet is ridiculously full of clothes that I really don’t wear anymore.  I need to weed it out, reinvent new everyday outfits, and just donate everything I don’t wear, or can’t wear anymore.  There are clothes in there that I can no longer fit into, and it’s high time that I suck it up and admit to myself that I will not fit into that size 0 dress anymore no matter how long it stays in the closet. 

I wear suits to work about 80% of the time, and I’m always after a new suit.  I am still looking for a new black, everyday suit (since my favorite has already become shiny at the sleeves from over-use), but other than that, I will NOT buy anything new for myself.  I simply don’t need it anyway.

Now, the hard part is actually doing what I just typed.


project 365 – day 13: the kids have left the building

23 January 2010

My mom and dad just drove away with the children.   I should be instantly relieved and elated that I get to have the night off with just the hubs and I.  But I am not.  I am very nervous.  My dad is driving my car (cuz it had the carseats and we didn’t want to do any switching) and not me.  So now, I’m typing with nervous energy because I can’t feel relieved until they’re all home.  I have to know that they arrived safely at my mom’s house.

Am also worried because Lil C has been sick this whole week which culminated with her getting diagnosed with bronchial infection (i.e., bronchitis).  So she’s on antibiotics, a nebulizer, and Motrin in case her fever comes back.  But today, she seemed fine and lively.  So when my folks came by and then started talking about taking them, I took the bait.

It’s not like they’ve never taken care of the kids before, but I always feel like my way is the best way.  But I think all moms feel like that, right?  I’m going to wonder if my mom will follow my schedule or feed them or bathe them at exactly the time that I told her to.  Probably not, but I will not say anything.  She did raise me and my two brothers and all.  (Of course, with the help of a yaya or two). 

Okay.  Just breathe.  They’ll be fine.  It’s only one night.

Too bad the hubs and I can’t go out and party.  We are both feeling sickly courtesy of baby girl. 

The wild thing to do tonight is get 8 hours of continuous sleep and maybe sleep in until 8 am tomorrow morning.  Yay!


project 365 – day 12: music for the masses

21 January 2010

I just discovered this site where you can create your own playlist and then share it! (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  Where have you been?!)

Anyway, take a gander and listen to what I’m listening to today.  I listen to all sorts of music (with a primary focus on rock & indie rock, with hip-hop & pop thrown in), so I think it’s a pretty eclectic mix.


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project 365 – day 11: did i ever tell you about the time i got into a fist fight on the subway?

20 January 2010

It was a fight almost worthy of the “Jersey Shore,” a fight that happened when I was an adult of 22 years, and a fight that needed the assistance of a few Wall St. brokers to stop.

I just started attending law school, so this was about the fall of 1999.  I was at the platform of the A train in Washington Heights headed towards the World Trade Center.  The train just arrived and this woman and I were angling for the doors.  I body-checked her because she was raring to go in and kept hitting my arm, and she flat-out shoved me.  I looked at her and all she said was “stop pushing me.”  I told her “whatever,” gave her a dirty look and we both jostled each other to get into the train.

And so on we travelled down.  The A train is an express train that goes all the way down the length of Manhattan.  All this time we were sitting near each other in this crowded car.  By the time it got to my stop on Chambers Street, she was still there.  And I was still fuming at the way she shoved me.  What can I say?  I hold a grudge.

So on my way out, I stomped on her foot.  She got up like lighting and proceeded to flail her arms at me.  I blocked her and swung my backpack towards her (filled with thick-ass law text books).  She lashed out and scratched my arm, and I started to go into bitch-slap mode.  Well, I never got to hit her, cuz several men in typical Wall Street-broker suit-uniforms grabbed each of us and separated us.  I got out of the train yelling profanities at her, and she stayed in the car yelling profanities at me.  It all happened super-fast that I had a hard time remembering exactly what happened.  But I do remember the huge, red scratch on my left arm.

And so, that was my morning before I got to my 9 a.m. Torts class.  How apropos.


project 365 – day 10: yes, i went to the gym

18 January 2010

And I almost didn’t get in!  I went this morning and the woman and the front desk said my membership had expired in 2007.  I told her that I renewed it over the phone and paid for it a few months ago.  She then showed me the screen –and said “well it says you haven’t been here since 2007!”  Well we went at it until she finally relented, saying that their offices were closed today for the holidays and that she’s let me use the gym only for today.

And so I did.

I did my cardio for 40 minutes, and then strength-training for another 40 minutes (this included weights, machines, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups).  I ran into my former trainer (who hasn’t trained me since 2005 probably) who said I should sign up.  I reminded her that I couldn’t afford her, especially now that I have kids.  And she “Pshaw!” -ed me. 

Her: You’re a lawyer! Of course you can afford me!

Me: I work for the government, remember?  Remind me to show you my paycheck next time I’m here.  You make more than I do.

Her: Yeah, yeah, whatever.  I don’t believe you!

Okay, this woman has a billing rate of $99 an hour –and that is with a discount!  She has at least 8 clients a day, so she earns like $800 a day!  Lowly me earns that in a week (and that is only sometimes, depending to our paycheck schedule).    Believe me, if I had the money, I’d so go for a trainer to whip me back into shape again.

I also spent the day with my girls Sol and Girlie.  We went to Sol’s house and she cooked us up some lumpia and karekare –awesome comfort food!  We played Wii, ate, ate, and ate, and talked!

Best Monday I’ve had in a while.

p.s.  I did think about posting over the weekend, but decided not to.  But here’s what I did: Saturday night I went to see The Cribs.  The Cribs is one of my new favorite bands.  I especially dig them because Johnny Marr joined them for their latest album and he totally adds even more “awesomeness” to them.  He adds that trademark “Smiths”-like guitar riffs (whether intended or not).   I was pretty close to the stage, but my pics came out crappy.  Some dude’s afro was totally in the way.   Anyway, I had fun at the show even thought I felt like I was one of the oldest people there!