project 365 – day 3: the everyday latte

9 January 2010

For Christmas, the hubs gave me a Tassimo beverage-maker.  It was one of the 3 things I asked him for Christmas (if I didn’t ask him, I’m not sure what he would’ve given me –I’ll never know!). 

I totally heart it!  Because of my Tassimo, I now wake up an extra fifteen minutes early to ensure that I have enough time to make my morning latte.  It feels so decadent to drive to work sipping a delicious latte during the week.  Before Tassimo, my lattes/mochas were restricted to weekends only (where I actually go to Starbucks) since I can’t drop $3+ everyday on java.   I would just have regular coffee during the week (which I can never make properly on my coffeemaker).

After Tassimo, I can have a latte or mocha everyday!

By the way, check out that awesome mug that my friend Patricia sent me for Christmas!

Tassimo, you should sponsor me to be your poster child!


  1. Haha…I’ve never heard of Tassimo, but they should absolutely put you in their ads!

  2. Hi Kat! I was looking at this Tassimo model on Amazon for weeks now and it’s had mixed reviews so wasn’t really sure if I should get it or not. Now I think I’m going to get it. Woot!

    • C, what do you want most about the machine? I like it b/c it makes espresso drinks and I can do that with a touch of a button (like I wrote in my reply to Karen) without having to froth milk, etc… Here’s in the US, it comes with a $50 rebate so it was worth the price. And there is no clean-up! Just throw away the disc and go!

      • I wonder though if I can buy the discs here in NZ…you know naman where I live….bundok and so remote! haha

      • C, hmm…I’m sure you can! They also have a direct delivery service, I believe.

  3. don’t you love it??!!! we got the keurig…and it’s seriously changed our lives…well, changed raul’s life more since he doesn’t have to get up early to start brewing the java 🙂

    • Karen, I think it rocks because I just pop the disc in and then throw it away once I’m done. The main reason I bought Tassimo (over Keurig) was because I love cappucinos/espressos/lattes, etc. and it makes that with one button! (I was never good w/ the hand-held espresso machines).

  4. That is an awesome mug!

  5. That’s a luxury! And that mug? ROCKS!

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