project 365 – day 4: i’m going to Prague!!!**

10 January 2010

Yup.  Flight is booked and everything! 

I am scheduled to go to Prague in late September, with an overnight stay in Zurich just to check out the scene.  **So I am going to Prague AND Zurich!  (emphasis added for Girlie’s sake :).

That totally takes care of my New Year’s resolution to go on a trip at least once a year.


I’ll definitely blog more about it as it comes up!



  1. good luck to your project 365. it’s a big one but i know you can do this bcause you have the drive to excel.

    a new country to explore is always exciting and interesting.

  2. PRAGUE! Ooooh take many pictures!!!

  3. wowowow! i’m so jealous! Prague is one of my dream destinations…..in time, I will go there…in time! 🙂

  4. i’m going to make Prague my next euro trip, even if it kills me. Yarrr!

    sounds like fun, i’m sure you can’t wait! we’re going somewhere this spring as well and if i could push the time forward i would, just for this trip.

  5. Actually… we’re staying 1.5 days in Zurich. So, you’re going to Prague AND Zurich! =)

    Emailing the itinerary now.

    • Girlie, I did put Zurich. Read it again woman!

  6. ***Blows raspberry at Kat at G.***

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