project 365 – day 6: kid songs

12 January 2010

My kids amuse me to no end.  And I am especially amused (and thrilled) that they’re developing their musical tastes at such an early age.  This is, of course, with my help and er..influence (after all, I do control the radio and CD player).  I always put on music when I drive, and I love when start bopping their head to the beat.  For the past 6 months though, they’ve been giving me their 2-cents on the music I play.

If I put on a punk album or a  Jay-Z CD, Lil C will pipe up:

Lil C: No like it! No!  Want “Best Friend!”  “Best Friend!”

Translation:  She wants Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down” (the song starts off with: I’m, taking a ride with my best friend).  She can totally sing along too.  I always try to record her, but of course, kids stop their tricks once the camera is on!

My rockstar boy will have his special request, but he knows song titles and bands, so I know exactly what he wants.

Rockstar boy: I want “Boys Don’t Cry”.  (Aside: he knows who Robert Smith is, and knows who mom’s favorite band is). 

So I play it.  Afterwards, I try to get them used to new music.  In reality, it’s like I’m asking them for permission to play my music in my car!

Me: Okay guys, this is a new CD.  It’s a band called Phoenix.

Rockstar boy: What’s this song called?

Me: Lisztomania.

Rockstar boy: I like it!  Play it again!

After the song…

Me: Did you like it?

Rockstar boy: Yes!  I like it!

Lil C: No! Paparazzi!

Translation: She wants Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi.

Rockstar boy: Me too! I want Paparazzi!

Both kids start singing along.  I do too.

*Sigh*  Pretty soon, I’ll be taking Rockstar Boy (no longer a baby) to shows with me!  I think I’ll wait until he’s at least 7 –which is just 3 years from now since he’ll be 4 in February!  Ye.Gods.  Four years old.  When did that happen?!



  1. This is SOOOO cool!!!

    H & I are so excited when Timmy’ll do the same thing — start requesting songs to be played in the car. We’re big ’80s music fans so let’s see if Timmy’ll get into that too. Haha!

    • Toni, I’m sure! And I’m sure he’ll start bopping his head to the music even before he talks!

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