project 365 – day 10: yes, i went to the gym

18 January 2010

And I almost didn’t get in!  I went this morning and the woman and the front desk said my membership had expired in 2007.  I told her that I renewed it over the phone and paid for it a few months ago.  She then showed me the screen –and said “well it says you haven’t been here since 2007!”  Well we went at it until she finally relented, saying that their offices were closed today for the holidays and that she’s let me use the gym only for today.

And so I did.

I did my cardio for 40 minutes, and then strength-training for another 40 minutes (this included weights, machines, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups).  I ran into my former trainer (who hasn’t trained me since 2005 probably) who said I should sign up.  I reminded her that I couldn’t afford her, especially now that I have kids.  And she “Pshaw!” -ed me. 

Her: You’re a lawyer! Of course you can afford me!

Me: I work for the government, remember?  Remind me to show you my paycheck next time I’m here.  You make more than I do.

Her: Yeah, yeah, whatever.  I don’t believe you!

Okay, this woman has a billing rate of $99 an hour –and that is with a discount!  She has at least 8 clients a day, so she earns like $800 a day!  Lowly me earns that in a week (and that is only sometimes, depending to our paycheck schedule).    Believe me, if I had the money, I’d so go for a trainer to whip me back into shape again.

I also spent the day with my girls Sol and Girlie.  We went to Sol’s house and she cooked us up some lumpia and karekare –awesome comfort food!  We played Wii, ate, ate, and ate, and talked!

Best Monday I’ve had in a while.

p.s.  I did think about posting over the weekend, but decided not to.  But here’s what I did: Saturday night I went to see The Cribs.  The Cribs is one of my new favorite bands.  I especially dig them because Johnny Marr joined them for their latest album and he totally adds even more “awesomeness” to them.  He adds that trademark “Smiths”-like guitar riffs (whether intended or not).   I was pretty close to the stage, but my pics came out crappy.  Some dude’s afro was totally in the way.   Anyway, I had fun at the show even thought I felt like I was one of the oldest people there!


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