project 365 – day 14: kat’s new goal

26 January 2010

I have made the ambitious decision to NOT buy any new articles of clothing for myself until my credit card balances are ZERO. 

And I am not trying to make any exceptions.  My closet is ridiculously full of clothes that I really don’t wear anymore.  I need to weed it out, reinvent new everyday outfits, and just donate everything I don’t wear, or can’t wear anymore.  There are clothes in there that I can no longer fit into, and it’s high time that I suck it up and admit to myself that I will not fit into that size 0 dress anymore no matter how long it stays in the closet. 

I wear suits to work about 80% of the time, and I’m always after a new suit.  I am still looking for a new black, everyday suit (since my favorite has already become shiny at the sleeves from over-use), but other than that, I will NOT buy anything new for myself.  I simply don’t need it anyway.

Now, the hard part is actually doing what I just typed.



  1. so the opposite of my goal which is to replace most of my clothes this year. i didn’t really do much shopping since i got pregnant – before that even – so i’m making up for it. however, i am going to try and not buy anything again until i get to rome. =)

    • Hola Ms. G… yours is a great goal. If you have the means for it, why the hell not, right? You deserve new clothes to add to your collection of great outfits. I actually have not bought a lot of clothes for myself over the past 2 years (most of the shopping is for the kids), but when I do, I notice it’s really for dumb stuff –like another shirt that I don’t need. So I’m just paring it down to essentials. Like a good new suit.

  2. i’m making good on this goal myself, so far. not a purchase since the 1st day of the year! i realized that i have the tendency to buy things i don’t need (another tunic/black top/dolman sweater???)when they’re on sale or that they look cute on the rack but after one wear, i don’t use it anymore. waste of money, right?

    i am now applying a Cost Per Wear formula for whenever i see something i like. if it’s a bit pricey but i feel i’ll be wearing for a long time, it’s a go. other than that, a $15 shirt i’ll wear only once IS an expensive purchase.

    • Abs, I do that too. I notice I buy cheap clothes as well (i.e., a $15 Target top). It’s all fine and good, but then it’s usually a shirt in a style/color I already have and it doesn’t add to my wardrobe. So I haven’t bought anything of good value (i.e., a new pair of good black pants, etc) in a while, and I’m trying not to until that darn debt has been cleared!!

  3. Good on you, Kat! I need to save!!!!! eeeppp!

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