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project 365 – day 33: another snow day!

26 February 2010

No work.  No school.  We got another massive snow storm!

Dude, where's my car?

This is clearly a sign that I should be out snowboarding.  I totally would! Except that the kids are all home too and no one will be able to watch them.  They’re too young to come with (plus Lil C is actually scared of the snow for the moment); and quite frankly, they don’t even have the proper snowgear yet.

The hubs is currently trying to shovel and dig out our cars.  Poor hubs!

Otherwise, I guess it’s indoors for everyone today!

I wonder if the Chinese joint will be able to deliver today? Hm….


project 365 – day 32: when something’s too good to be true..

25 February 2010

It usually is.

We’re still working on our plan to renovate our home –this means meeting with architects and contractors.  We met one company who gave us a devasting quote –devasting because it was waaay beyond our budget and means.  Then we met another one who gave us a too-good-to-be-true quote that was $75K less than the other dude!  HUGE difference (although we are mindful that these are just estimates until the actual project begins).

We are meeting with two more companies who will hopefully give us a quote somewhere in between, but the hubs and I are still amazed at that crazy price we got! 

There must be some sort of catch, right?

Well, this too-good-to-be-true quote comes with a respectable architect who has a great background (we are in the middle of checking his references) and has worked in our town (so he’s familiar with the crazy variances, etc.).  The contractor he is working with, however, is a fairly new guy with a small company.  Their time frame is longer than the other company’s, and his company is not a well-known company.  So we’ll see….

The next people we are seeing were referred to us by friends who have actually worked with them.

I’m hoping they will also give us a too-good-to-be-true quote!


project 365 – day 31: fml

24 February 2010

I’ve never heard of the term ‘FML’ until Facebook.  FML means Fuck My Life. 

On occassion, I feel that way.  Like today. 

When I’m scrambing to pay a bill and buying more time with the creditor.  Or realizing that I’m almost 34 with no savings and an almost zero checking account and praying for payday.  Or when I think about the fact that I can’t put the kids in private school (if I wanted to).

Or when I think it’s mighty sad that I can’t even treat my parents to a nice dinner (and not having to worry about how to pay it on credit).  Or the fact that I have to ask them for hand-outs!

WTF am I doing with myself?!  Why can’t I be like my other friends who have their life together and can support themselves and then some?!  I feel like I wasted a perfectly good education on something totally non-lucrative.  What a waste of my parents’ money. 

My birthday is in July and once again, I have not done shit.

Still haven’t written my manuscript.

Still haven’t paid off my bills (I’m getting there though; very close).

Still can’t afford to buy myself a new suit.

Still haven’t done a thing to improve my house.

Still whining about shit.

Same ‘ole… same ‘ole


Oooh! Someone brought in cake!


project 365 – day 30: happy birthday to you!

23 February 2010

I’m behind on posts, so here’s another one:

Happy, happy birthday Karen! One of my dearest and oldest friends –oldest not because of age, but oldest because I’ve known her since the 6th grade!

Karen and I met in Mr. Hession’s homeroom class in the 6th grade at Virgil Junior High.  We were both “fresh off the boat” and I asked her in Tagalog “Pilipino ka?” –already assuming that she was, because I knew she was!  We’ve bonded ever since.

She was a Math genius, and I was an English genius.  We studied together, ate together, laughed together, commiserated together (ah, teen angst –how strict our moms were! why wouldn’t they even let us “hang out” with other friends like normal kids were doing at our age?! We hate you! I want to die!).  Her house was the only other house my mom would let me sleep over (aside from our other friend Michelle –different story altogether).

This chick knew me and knows me still.  We didn’t get to go to high school together (my mom thought I should be in private school so I wouldn’t get into more shenanigans).  But we still remained friends as much as we could.  She was there when I first met my first boyfriend ever; acted as chaperone when we went to go see shows; and let me use her for “alibis.”

Alas during college, we didn’t keep in touch.  But we did after college, and discovered how totally similar we were in terms of the things we studied (Sociology, Filipino immigration and social theories, etc.)  We lived together in NYC and that’s how we caught up with each other’s lives again.  Not only is she part of my life again, but she’s made friends with my friends (that’s how loveable and likeable this woman is).

She may live 3,000 miles away but it really doesn’t seem like a long-distance relationship at all.

Last year, we went to Cancun together and had an awesome time (beginning from when we looked for each other at the airport for over two hours!) She’s due to visit NYC soon and I can’t wait!  We have so many more adventures together! Next up, Prague!

Happy Birthday Ms. K!  See you soon!


project 365 – day 29: off the wagon

23 February 2010

For the past month or so, I have been going to the gym on a regular basis.  Nothing crazy.  Just 2x/week (I know, stop laughing), but that’s pretty good for me.  Anyway, I fell off the wagon.  I didn’t go last week because I wasn’t feeling well and was on antibiotics.  I know it’s not an excuse, but I’m sticking to it!

I’m supposed to go back this week but I’m not very motivated.  The usual story.

But it’s still early in the week, right? 

Maybe I’ll do some Pilates DVDs or something.  Anything.


project 365 – day 28: women who wear make-up to work earn 30% more

19 February 2010

I read this in my Marie Claire magazine.  According to a study (or report?) from the American Economic Review, women who wear make-up (or I guess, make an effort to look better) earn 30% more than women “who can’t be bothered.”

Maybe it’s high time for me to start wearing foundation!

On a daily basis, I do wear make-up going to work.  My foundation is the Bare Essentuals crap (that never looks like it works except on TV or at the store), eye concealer, some rouge, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil (otherwise, I won’t have any eyebrows at all).  That’s about it.  On days that I have a trial scheduled, I do put on the “war paint” as my fellow co-workers say.  So that’s all of the above, plus eyeliner and mascara.  But even then, I usually stop putting on the works by day 4 cuz I’m just so darn tired. 

But tt’s not that I can’t be bothered.  I do care about what I look like and I do want to look professional (and not scary!)  I just feel that while make-up does make me look better (to a certain point; I know it’s not magic), people at work already know what I look like and have seen me at my most tired version.  My youth has been sapped away over the years, especially while at work! 

Damn these fine lines and wrinkles.  Even though attorneys (and defendants!) butter me up by saying “Oh! I thought you were only in your mid-twenties!” I KNOW BETTER, people!

And why is that the only guys who seem to find me attractive nowadays are the ones facing 5 to 10 years in state prison?


project 365 – day 27: happy hour!

18 February 2010

So need a drink.

‘Nuff said.