project 365 – day 17: do you ride hard or hardly ride?

1 February 2010

I used to snowboard with regularity pre-kids.  Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t snowboard, but I just haven’t had the chance these past few winters.  For one, they don’t make maternity snowboarding pants –and I was pregnant for 2 winters.  And secondly, we weren’t used to just leaving the kids for a weekend to go up VT or even upstate NY –they were just too young (and we were just too nervous as parents!)

But I was watching the Winter X Games over the weekend and have been bit by the riding bug.  Even when winter first started, I told myself (and the hubs) that I’m going snowboarding this winter at least once!

I used to be quite competent.  I did tricks (or at least attempted to), and can pretty much ride really fast (at least until I fell really hard that one time and now ride with a lot of caution). 

So when I go riding again, I will definitely need to do a lot of practice runs before I can get into the swing of things.  But I want to do at least one rail before the mountain! 

The first thing I have to do is dust off my gear, wax and sharpen the board, and make sure I have all my snowboarding equipment.  I will be doing that this weekend!

And next winter season, I think I’ll be taking Rockstar Boy with me!  I have hopes that he’ll be the next Shaun White ;).


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