project 365 – day 19: not a daddy’s girl, not anyone’s girl!

4 February 2010

The Lil Chick (aka Lil C) is so not a daddy’s girl.  At least not yet.  I thought all daughters were daddy’s little girls, no?  My baby girl just started to like the hubs.  Prior to this month, she had a love/hate relationship with him and we have no idea why.  (Well, I secretly think it’s because I breastfed her too long and he didn’t get to feed her during her first 6 months of life, but that’s just me…)

Nowadays, she actually cuddles up to him (and not just because he has something she wants –like a cookie or something).  Now, she actually lets him kiss her and hug her without bargaining, lol!  I’m hoping this will blossom into a nice, close, father-daughter relationship.  Maybe he can finally handle her. 

Lil C (who will be 2 years old on Feb 15th) is certainly a handful.  She’s sweet and all that.  Like the other day, she gave me a bunch of kisses and said “Mommy, gorgeous!”  BUT, she’s also a terrible diva who has started to yell (a lot!) and throw tantrums.  She’s such a precocious little girl who knows exactly what she wants.  She will yell “I DON’T WANT IT!” if I put something in front of her that she doesn’t like.  For example, I’ll give her chicken fingers for dinner.  She will yell “I DON’T WANT IT!”  What do you want then?  She’ll yell “RICE!!!” at the top of her lungs.  GAH!!

She’s also picky with her clothes.  “WANT DOGGIE SHIRT!!!” or “WANT BLUE SHOES” (even though she means her brown boots).

She’s also picky with the books I read at night.  “WANT ROBOTS!!” (meaning this counting book with robots) or “NO!! I WANT MONSTERS!” (meaning “Where the Wild Things Are”)

If she’s like this at almost-2, then help me when she reaches her pre-teens…



  1. good luck with that! julia was the same way…she’s actually a daddy’s girl now (so mark still has hope!) but i must say the “girl” attitude is fierce…for us, it got worse at 2 (with the crying tantrums…which we never had with miles)…and now that julia’s 3…it’s a different kind of bad. she actually gives attitude now and it hurts me to say…but i’ve even succumbed to giving her the “silent treatment” just to get what i want…UGHHHH!!! i swore i would never do that to my kid (cause my mom is notorious for that)…but that’s what it comes to sometimes!!! i must say though…when she loves, she really loves…but boy, when she’s in a mood…watch out!!! i guess in the long term this could be a good thing…i would hope to raise a strong independent woman…but i’m totally not looking forward to the pre-teen/teenage years!!! yikes!

  2. Hi. Checked out your blog. realy cool. That is a very interesting topic about girls being closer with thier dads. when I was a baby maby 2 YO. my mom told me she first saw me smile with great joy when my dad went on a business trip for a week. I wanted to ask you, your law school friend Rupal does she ware contact lenses and what color are her Eye’s. Thank you and good luck with your career.

  3. dont know what you’re talking about. calla’s an angel. =)

    pinch those cheeks for me!

  4. Life gave us girls to give our mothers their revenge!

    Mina is a Daddy’s girl though, through and through. When she gets in trouble with me she starts to call on her “saviors” first a “DAAAADDDDYYY!” complete with a fake cry. Then if that doesn’t work it’s “MAAAAMAAAA!”

    Yea. We’re in trouble.

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