project 365 – day 24: my 2-year old

15 February 2010

My petite bean is 2 years old.  I have so many nicknames for her.  My bean.  Jelly-bean (her kuya is string bean :), Silky Bean, Bettina, ‘Petites,’ Tubster, Pumpkin, Porkchop, Potato, Potato-bean, Callie…and the list goes on.

Since it’s her birthday, I’m going all out and gush about her!

She’s brilliant.  Her vocabulary is amazing.  She can says things like “Mommy, you gorgeous.” Conversely,  she can also say “You ugly!  I’m mad at you!”  When she was younger (at about 14 months or so), I was actually concerned that she didn’t seem to be talking as much as her older brother was at that age.  Once she hit 16 months though, her skills just exploded.  Now, you can pretty much carry on a conversation with her (provided she has time to get to know you; she’s quiet the first few times she meets you).

She can sing along to many songs.  Including ones by Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, and Phoenix.  What can I say, she’s an artist in the making.  I’ve tried many-a-times to record her, but alas… one day though, I’ll catch her unawares!

She’s feisty.  Independent.  She likes picking out her own clothes and attempts to dress herself.  She can be such a girly-girl.  She’ll pick up a basket, tuck in her arm, put on hat and say “I go shopping!”  What are you going to buy?  “Coffee!” (She’s picked up a nasty Starbucks habit courtesy of mom).  But she’s also a rough-and-tumble kind of girl –she does have an older brother she looks up to!  I’m making steps into potty-training her and she refuses to sit down on the toilet.  Instead, she insists on standing up to pee like her kuya!  Dolls don’t hold her interest for very long; she loves putting things together, playing with trucks, reading books, and watching the same shows her big brother watches.  They are adorable together.

She’s also quite a foodie.  She loves to try new foods, and will insist on feeding herself.  But she will yell at you for a napkin if something gets on her face or clothes!

Never get between her and a cupcake –she will flat out ignore you!

I’m so happy she’s growing up nicely and hitting all her milestones.  As long as she’s healthy and happy, what more can I ask for?

Happy, happy birthday my baby girl!


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