project 365 – day 25: brand new horizons?

16 February 2010

We are moving!  I think…

When? I don’t know, but I told the hubs that I’d prefer to move versus renovate our current house.  It’s a big decision I’ve been mulling over.

He said fine.

So the plan is to put up the house for sale at some point this year (yes, in this economy) and just wait until someone buys it.  Whenever that is.  I am fully aware of how long this may be –a house on our block finally sold sometime last year after being on the market for almost 2 years! 2 years!

But I’m optimistic.  I think it’s time for a fresh start.

Then again, I’m still torn about staying!




  1. Good luck to you my dear! I love moving into a new home! I just hate the packing and unpacking that it involves 😛

  2. I’m with Christine. I hate the packing/unpacking also. Definitely good luck selling the house. Besides the actual selling part, probably the second hardest thing is making sure the house is tidy during the showing phase. I heard that’s the suckiest part of all. Specially with kids!

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