project 365 – day 28: women who wear make-up to work earn 30% more

19 February 2010

I read this in my Marie Claire magazine.  According to a study (or report?) from the American Economic Review, women who wear make-up (or I guess, make an effort to look better) earn 30% more than women “who can’t be bothered.”

Maybe it’s high time for me to start wearing foundation!

On a daily basis, I do wear make-up going to work.  My foundation is the Bare Essentuals crap (that never looks like it works except on TV or at the store), eye concealer, some rouge, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil (otherwise, I won’t have any eyebrows at all).  That’s about it.  On days that I have a trial scheduled, I do put on the “war paint” as my fellow co-workers say.  So that’s all of the above, plus eyeliner and mascara.  But even then, I usually stop putting on the works by day 4 cuz I’m just so darn tired. 

But tt’s not that I can’t be bothered.  I do care about what I look like and I do want to look professional (and not scary!)  I just feel that while make-up does make me look better (to a certain point; I know it’s not magic), people at work already know what I look like and have seen me at my most tired version.  My youth has been sapped away over the years, especially while at work! 

Damn these fine lines and wrinkles.  Even though attorneys (and defendants!) butter me up by saying “Oh! I thought you were only in your mid-twenties!” I KNOW BETTER, people!

And why is that the only guys who seem to find me attractive nowadays are the ones facing 5 to 10 years in state prison?



  1. I stopped using the bare escentuals make-up awhile ago. It started irritating my skin and it’s really more cumbersome. For work, I just use tinted moisturizer, a bit of blush (when I remember to put some on), and my tinted Kiehl’s lip balm (i love, love, love!). This has been my routine for more than a year and it works fine, for me at least.

  2. I like bare minerals never leave home without it.

  3. I have Bare Escentuals but I’ve yet to use it. I don’t wear much make up either. A bit of powder, a bit of blush, concealer (to hide dark circles under my eyes from all the late nights I’ve been having) and lipstick or lip gloss (which I never remember to re-touch during the day).


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