project 365 – day 31: fml

24 February 2010

I’ve never heard of the term ‘FML’ until Facebook.  FML means Fuck My Life. 

On occassion, I feel that way.  Like today. 

When I’m scrambing to pay a bill and buying more time with the creditor.  Or realizing that I’m almost 34 with no savings and an almost zero checking account and praying for payday.  Or when I think about the fact that I can’t put the kids in private school (if I wanted to).

Or when I think it’s mighty sad that I can’t even treat my parents to a nice dinner (and not having to worry about how to pay it on credit).  Or the fact that I have to ask them for hand-outs!

WTF am I doing with myself?!  Why can’t I be like my other friends who have their life together and can support themselves and then some?!  I feel like I wasted a perfectly good education on something totally non-lucrative.  What a waste of my parents’ money. 

My birthday is in July and once again, I have not done shit.

Still haven’t written my manuscript.

Still haven’t paid off my bills (I’m getting there though; very close).

Still can’t afford to buy myself a new suit.

Still haven’t done a thing to improve my house.

Still whining about shit.

Same ‘ole… same ‘ole


Oooh! Someone brought in cake!


One comment

  1. Cake! Silver lining. =)

    Just kidding.

    Get your head out from that hole. You’re doing much better than you give yourself credit for. You own your house. You have a beautiful family. You’re doing something you like, getting paid for it, and not selling out like some of your friends (me, for example).

    Now, enjoy that cake. And have two slices coz you can so afford it.

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