project 365 – day 32: when something’s too good to be true..

25 February 2010

It usually is.

We’re still working on our plan to renovate our home –this means meeting with architects and contractors.  We met one company who gave us a devasting quote –devasting because it was waaay beyond our budget and means.  Then we met another one who gave us a too-good-to-be-true quote that was $75K less than the other dude!  HUGE difference (although we are mindful that these are just estimates until the actual project begins).

We are meeting with two more companies who will hopefully give us a quote somewhere in between, but the hubs and I are still amazed at that crazy price we got! 

There must be some sort of catch, right?

Well, this too-good-to-be-true quote comes with a respectable architect who has a great background (we are in the middle of checking his references) and has worked in our town (so he’s familiar with the crazy variances, etc.).  The contractor he is working with, however, is a fairly new guy with a small company.  Their time frame is longer than the other company’s, and his company is not a well-known company.  So we’ll see….

The next people we are seeing were referred to us by friends who have actually worked with them.

I’m hoping they will also give us a too-good-to-be-true quote!



  1. Yeah… we solicited quotes for our upstairs renovation. One guy, the one that did our kitchen, gave us a quote that is a couple of grand cheaper than the another guy. However, the more expensive guy included EVERYTHING while the guy we worked with before would require us to spend $8K+ more on the tub, toilet, tiles, fixtures, floor, etc… Even though we know the guy we worked with would have done a great job, we decided the other guy would come out cheaper, and quicker since he works with a whole team (he also has a good reputation). In the end, Luke did all the demolition, framing and insulation, and we had different contractors come in for the drywall, floor, finishing (doors, trims, etc…) and painting. It took longer than planned but in the end we saved $10K.

    • Girlie: we like the quote a lot. It’s crazy because it includes pretty much everything (labor, materials, plumbing, heating, electrical work, drainage, exterior, etc.) but it’s just too low of a price. It’s about a $75K difference from this major company we looked at! We are still looking though…

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