project 365 – day 34: rethinking things

1 March 2010

I really think women’s brains are busier (for lack of a better word) than men’s.  In my opinion, we think of a gazillion things that probably would not even cross a guy’s mind (e.g., my husband’s).  Things I am currently thinking about straight outta my head (pretty much all at the same time, mind you).

1) Hm..what should I feed the kids for dinner?  Chicken fingers again? Oh, so sad. I wish I were a better parent and cook a fresh dinner for them every night.  Not like they’ll eat a nice hot meal I made.  Those picky creatures!

2) Damn I hate people sometimes.  If you don’t care that you were robbed at gunpoint and refuse to call me, then why should I care about you?!! Fucking bitch.

3) I really should go to the gym today.  But am so tired.  Not an excuse.  It’s a good excuse!  Okay, I’ll go Wednesday…

4) CHUCK is back on! But I haven’t caught up.  So excited!

5) I really, really loved The Girl Who Played With Fire. Contemplating on order The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest from Amazon.uk so I can get it faster…I shouldn’t though, right?  Why pay in pounds when the dollar is cheaper?   Too bad the author died…

6) I so want a banana cream cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory…

7) Did I bring my iPod with me today?  Guess I can’t go to the gym after all!

8) I wonder when we can start this renovation?  I want the actual physical construction part to begin no later than June.  What if we get screwed over? Fucking A…

9)  I so miss playing guitar…with a band…and having fun performing…

10) Is it too late to get tea?


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