project 365 – day 36: and the saga continues

3 March 2010

So yesterday, I found out that my dad did all the booking for our flight to Manila this December (as posted)… not only did he mess up my name, but also put Rockstar Boy as a female, and most importantly…he picked the longest flight back to JFK!!!

We leave the Philippines at 8 pm, and then we have to spend the night in Hong Kong before it flies out to JFK.  This wouldn’t be so bad in and of itself but we arrive in Hong Kong at 10 pm, then leave out of Hong Kong at 9:45 in the morning!  Hardly enough time to de-plane, go to the hotel, sleep, then leave again to come back to the airport –and there are 8 of us altogether (including 2 small kids!).  It’s just going to be a huge mess and extra expense.

This is exactly why I told my parents I would do the booking.  They don’t check the dates or times, and then they yell at me for “criticizing them!”  Sheesh.  Would it kill them to actually look the whole thing over before committing to buy over $8K+ worth of plane tickets? 

So now, my mom has instructed me to try to persuade the airline (Cathay Pacific, in this case) to change our return flight without making us pay $100 for each ticket.  Good luck to me.


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  1. Go you!

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