project 365 – day 41: i love you

10 March 2010

Other than to my kids, I’m just not an “I love you” person.

I notice lots of other people who say “I love you” to their family, friends, etc after a phone call, or as they’re hugging them goodbye.

I don’t do that.  I can write it via text messages, emails, cards, and letters. 

I just can’t say it verbally to another person without feeling I’m forcing it out of myself.

There’s tons of people I would like to say “I love you” on a daily basis.  My mother, my mother-in-law (who’s not doing so well), the hubs, my dad, my brothers, my friends.

I say it to my kids all the time, so I should be able to say it to others, right?

It’s just three little words after all.

Three words that mean a lot.



  1. How about if I wrestle you down and sit on you? Will you say I love you to me then?

  2. I am the same way!! I feel like it’s over used in our society. When other people say it about EVERYTHING, then I feel like a faker when I say it to the ones I do love. I think it’s all my mind… but alas, my mind is the one I mostly listen to…

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