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project 365 – day 72 to 74: the jury’s out

18 May 2010

One thing I like about jury selection is that you get to judge people based solely on the very few things you know about them!

I can totally kick someone off  just because I don’t like what they’re wearing, or because of the TV shows they watch.  Or that they look weird.

Sometimes I feel like asking what bands they like.  Totally not relevant to the case, but I feel that if they like The Cure, Interpol, or some band that I also like, well I give them more clout. LOL.

I love it.

But only for a few hours….after a while, it gets pretty darn tedious.


project 365 – day 68 to 71: please don’t ruin the movie for me

16 May 2010

Last night, the hubs and I saw Iron Man 2.  I was pretty excited.  I love watching movies, and we don’t do that on a regular basis anymore.  We don’t have a regular nanny, nor have I yet to hire a “stranger” nanny (but I will at some point…) and so when we go out, it’s because we have left the kids with my parents (who live in a totally different area than we do).    As it so happens, the kids were spending the night at my folks, so movie it is!

First of all, the movie is $11.25 each.  Suck.  For Christmas, I got a bunch of movie passes so we’ve been good with watching movies for free for the past few months.  But whatever, I’ll pay to watch Iron Man 2.

So the movie was going great.  I’m entertained.  All of a sudden, this person starts yammering in the front section of the movie theater.  At first, I thought it was a woman speaking some foreign language I don’t know, but then it turned out to be a kid.  With Special Needs.  You can clearly tell this child has developmental issues or some sort of medical problem.  He couldn’t yell out actual words; he just screeched and barked a lot.  Seriously.

So throughout this movie, this kid kept yelling at the screen, yelling at his dad, and being all-out loud in the movie theater.  They were shushed several times, and the man to my right starting cursing him out at some point “Shut the Fuck UP!” (Which I wanted to yell myself).  The dad of the kid yelled back “Shut the fuck up back there!”

ARGH!!!!  It was completely distracting.  I had to will myself to just focus on the movie.  And this went on for pretty much 3/4 of the movie.  I’m all for bringing kids to the movies and doing a family night thing if the movie is appropriate, but if you know your child can’t handle it –DO NOT BRING YOUR KID TO THE MOVIE THEATER!!!  It’s just plain RUDE and UNFAIR to other people.

As it stands, yes I felt bad for the kid, and for the parent who kept getting yelled at.  But at that point, don’t you think you should take your kid out?  You are seriously going to keep your kid in a place where people are starting to yell and curse you out?  C’mon!!  Let people who took the time and money to pay to see a movie ENJOY it!

I was so pissed that I asked for my money back at the end.  I would’ve gotten it too except that the hubs didn’t want to line up and wait for it.

Okay.  Rant over.

I enjoyed Iron Man 2 by the way.  Not as witty as the first one, but I was still entertained.  Robert Downey Jr. was uber-cool, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s shrillness actually worked for her in this movie.  Scarlett was great eye-candy, and Sam Rockwell rocked.  I did think MIckey Rourke was underused, but you can tell he had fun.

The story line?  Well…there’s always going to be something lacking in an action movie, but I didn’t mind the plot at all.  It even reflected the comic book storyline a  little bit!  (I’ve never read the Iron Man comics since I was an X-Men and Spiderman girl, but I’m familiar with the overall story line).

It was a nice set up for the upcoming Avengers and Thor movies. =)


project 365 – day 58 to 67: my alternate life

12 May 2010

I watch the show Fringe on occassion, and I like their premise of an “alternate universe.”  So in a parallel universe, I like to think there is an alternate me whose life is wholly different from the one that I am living. This alternate me has made the choices I didn’t make, and this alternate me is living a life that I can only dream of.

Sometimes, I look at my life and wonder how the hell I got here.  I have become a person that is very different from what I have imagined my “grown up” self to be.

For instance, I’ve never dreamed of becoming a lawyer.  Since I was about 4 years old, all I’ve wanted to be was a writer.  I’ve pretty much held on this dream until I got to college.  College was an eye-opener and completely changed me.  So I like to think that if I was more steadfast and confident in myself, I’d be working as a journalist and would have already been shopping my manuscript around by now.  Either that or I’d be working in a publishing house and editing books.  I’d be travelling a lot, and have more free time to explore creative outlets.  I also probably wouldn’t be married yet.

In my alternate life, I’d probably be living a bi-coastal lifestyle and fly back and forth Los Angeles and New York.  Heck, maybe I would have moved back to L.A. and be in a post-punk band!  Maybe my band would already be touring….

As I sit here in my cubicle, I think of the old me.  I lead such a conservative life now.  I’m a working mother, married for almost 10 years; I work in a conservative, traditional field; all the drama I have is wondering whether or not we picked the right contractor to fix our house and what kind of tile I want for the kitchen.

Man, I feel like such a grown-up.  An ordinary grown-up.

I do appreciate my life and I love what I have and I would certainly be devasted if I were to lose any part of it right now.

It’s just that sometimes, I wonder how different my life would be had I made a different choice back then.  Or rather, if I actually stuck to my guns, thrown caution to the wind, and just stuck to my dreams.

I wish there really was a Hot Tub Time Machine I can hop into.  Or a DeLorean.  Just to see.


project 365 – day 52 to day 57: rambling on…

2 May 2010

I took an entire week off from work.  Part of me was very guilty about that since I have a lot of work to do and my co-workers definitely had to help out.  Part of me knew it couldn’t be helped anyway.  I actually had a major trial that was supposed to go, but since I wasn’t there, it was handled for me.

I was thinking of going back to work last Friday, but decided what-the-hey, what is one more day?  That extra day definitely felt quite decadent and also selfish.  When you are not at work, it feels like one day blends into the other and you have no idea what date/day it is.

So tomorrow is my first day back.  I’m sure I’ll feel like I was never gone.

It’s back to the daily grind.  I will have exactly 12 days before my next trial.  I also have to play catch up with last week’s work that I missed.

But you know, that’s life.  I also feel guilty about worrying about work when it really should be the farthest thing from my mind.  I am still sad.  I’m sure the hubs is still sad, but he doesn’t really show it.   Grief is expressed in many different ways.

For me, all I did this week was eat and think about all the small stuff (i.e., worrying about work, worrying about packing up our house, etc) so that I am pre-occupied.

I also spent an absurd amount of money.  I hired a personal trainer despite my “no-using-my-credit-card” rule.  What can I say, I want to be healthy.  I want to live life.